Down With The Holocaust Denier Obama And Long Live Putin The Hero Of Christians

By Walid Shoebat

Putin was KGB, yes, something that many always bring up in order to condemn the man, but so was Oscar Schindler a member of the Nazi Party. Paul like myself was a persecutor of God’s people, yet God honored the terrorist, while He condemned many of the ‘religious’. If anyone refuses to call a holocaust “genocide” to appease Holocaust deniers is just as evil as the holocaust denier himself. How else can one define Obama and many American politicians who do not want to call the Holocaust of the Armenians a “genocide”?

Anyone dares to refute?

Can anyone find me an American politician who dares to deny the Jewish Holocaust? Why is it then we find many Americans who would not call the Armenian Genocide a “Genocide”?

Here is why. Condemning dead Nazis is easy, the courage is to stand up to the Nazis while they were living. It is easy then to condemn dead Nazis, the difficulty is to condemn the living Islamo-Nazis. There is one thing I know that the Church is filled with the most: hypocrites and cowards.

So many are these hypocrites I see every day. I see them write articles every day calling the Pope an ‘Antichrist’ which is very easy since Catholics do not kill, but to call Muslims “Antichrist” is a different matter altogether, especially for the cowards. “The Cowards” the Bible says will “not inherit the Kingdom of heaven”. (Revelation 21)

And unlike Obama and many before him in the American Administration who refuses to say the word “genocide,” ‘KGB’ Putin proves to be Armenia’s closest ally. He not only provides Armenia crucial economic and military support, including border security, but despite Turkey’s strategic importance, Mr. Putin’s decision to go to Yerevan was a signal to many that ultimately Russia’s allegiances lie with Armenia, which, like Russia, is a predominantly Christian nation.

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“We sincerely sympathize with the Armenian people who suffered one of the most awful tragedies in the history of mankind,” Mr. Putin said in his speech.

All this while Russia is relying on Turkey for the construction of a major new natural gas pipeline that would potentially allow Gazprom, the state-controlled energy giant, to bypass Ukraine in supplying gas to customers in Europe. Yet the U.S. worries about its relations with Turkey? Even the European Union, the falsely proposed Antichrist by many, were closer to the ‘Gog’ of Russia in pressuring Turkey to confess the Armenian genocide. The group who says Russia is ‘Gog’ and the E.U is ‘Antichrist’ has proven to be the most divisive bunch in Christendom. The position on Armenia should refute all the nonsense that permeates the Christian blogs and worthless Prophecy books, it is Turkey and not Russia or the European Union that is the focus of Prophecy.

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While evil Obama and Hillary who run the mightiest military fortress in the world would cower to Turkey, here we have the president of the the tiny nation of Cyprus (Nicos Anastasiades) who refused to bend the knee to Ba’al. So what will the Prophecy buffs say now to their insane idea that “Greece” in the Bible is the tiny nation that joined as the tenth nation (the tenth horn of the Beast) to the European Union?

Mr. Anastasiades, in his speech, called for universal recognition of the Armenian genocide. “It is indeed high time to recognize historical facts,” he said, “as this would pave the way to normalizing relations between neighboring countries and would undoubtedly contribute to world peace.”

Mr. Anastasiades added, “We are here to honor the resilience of the Armenian people.”

Even President François Hollande of France, in his remarks, denounced the repression of ethnic minorities, and condemned religiously motivated killings anywhere in the world.

“Recognition of the Armenian genocide is an act of peace,” he said.

And what about ‘evil’ Rome, who according to many is the very ‘head’ of the beast? Italy recognizes the Armenian Genocide and Obama, had he been an Italian citizen, would end up in jail for three years for not recognizing it.

Even Syria, recognized the Armenian Genocide, but when it comes to the 100 year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the United States is absent. Yet the United States sees Turkey as the ‘friend’ and Syria as the ‘foe’.

And when it comes to today’s events, it was Turkey’s Antichrist Erdogan who has devised a wicked scheme, not the European Union, the Pope or Russia. To all these milk-fed prophecy students, the biblical “Greece” is Asia Minor and not Athens or Cyprus. This is a crowd who always say “its not about knowledge” when indeed it is, for God and Jesus said “my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

The devil, Erdogan diverted international attention from the commemoration of the Armenian massacre by manipulating the set times of history. March 18th, 1915 is the date to celebrate the Muslim Turkish victory against the Christian Allied attack in Gallipoli (Turkish: Çanakkale Savaşı). For the Christian West who lost that battle, April 25th, known as Anzac Day was the day they remembered the tragedy when the naval landings on the shores of Gallipoli ended in devastating defeat and are remembered by Australians and New Zealanders on that day.

The evil Erdogan, who is just just as evil as Obama and Hillary, switched the date to commemorate Gallipoli from April 15th to April 24th, a day the Armenians remember when Ottoman authorities started to arrest Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul. Erdogan then  had the audacity to have the organization of the Gallipoli memorial concert be held in an Armenian church in Istanbul on the 24th in order to overshadow and insult the centennial of the Arminian genocide this year.

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Yet Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Tony Abbott, the Australian prime minister, and John Key, New Zealand’s prime minister, attended the events at Gallipoli as part of the program on 24 April while they boycotted the Armenian rally in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, with only sending dignitaries. Here we have princes and prime ministers celebrating Muslim victories while ‘dignitaries’ pay lip-service to one of history’s greatest Christian genocides, and you think God does not see?

Truth is, there are people who rarely if ever quote the Bible who are more righteous than many who do. Here is one perfect example:

Here is a high-school in America. God bless these:

And what about the Pope? While I am critical of many things the Pope did wrong, here we have the Pope who refused to recant the use of the word “genocide” despite threats and ridicule from Turkey.

Holocausts always reveal the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but perhaps, we all need to first purge the ‘ugly’ within ourselves.