Watch This Massive Demonstration By Christians In Los Angeles Marching Against Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat

I know that some of you might think, oh well, the title of this article was deceptive, this is just another Armenian rally to remind us of the genocide, I’m out of here.

But wait for just one minute. No, there was no deception here, Armenians are Christians and rallying against Turkey is rallying against Antichrist. When one sees this massive rally through the streets of Los Angeles on Friday  (remind you, this is not the Bible belt) to snub Antichrist Turkey and to remind them we do not forget what Antichrist Turkey did to the Christians, I don’t know about you, but this gives me much hope: America and Armenia are “sheep” and are not “goat” nations while Turkey is “goat” through and through and is the nation of Antichrist.


“Shame on Turkey” the crowd yelled as the massive crowds walked the 6-mile march which began at Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue in ‘Little Armenia’ and ended at the Turkish Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard. What a blessing to see that God has sent to Los Angeles the largest population of ethnic Armenians in the USA and out of all placed in the heart of L.A. So don’t tell me that God is not filled with surprises.

This gets to show, that having Armenians in America is a blessing to both, the Armenians as well as America. Now you know why we all must have hope, why we must fight the good fight, not be the lazy servants, and why this nation will eventually stand against the Antichrist.

Some personal views from Armenians in the demonstration might help us understand:

And just if you do not agree with me, here, take my biblical challenge (its free of charge) and get a better perspective on why America will fight against the Antichrist and why there is so much confusion  and lack of understanding biblically on this issue, read [HERE].

So the title is correct and it all adds up, Christians demonstrated against Antichrist, whether they know that Turkey is the nation of Antichrist or whether they agree with me matters little, God in heaven is in control and He looks downstairs and smiles. So if you are a Muslim Turk, your screwed. But there is hope for you: join the Armenians and always remember, the land you occupy is Christian territory.

God Bless Armenia. God Bless America. Please help us rescue more Christians, CLICK HEREand gather your treasures in heaven while God blesses you on this earth and always thank Him that you live in America, the greatest country on God’s green earth.