The Baltimore Riots Are All Pre-Planed Anti-White Cop Haters Ushering In The Era Of Lawlessness In America

By Theodore and Walid Shoebat

If you think that lawlessness is only restricted to Syria and Iraq think again as you watch Baltimore burn. We obtained the most crucial scenes to prove that this is not about “Black Lives Matter”, but simply that “White Lives, Especially Cops, Do Not Matter”. Evil always presents the reverse of the truth while the truth sayers are the ones who get accused of racism. Lawless mobs always accuse the other side of the very thing they are guilty of. One criminal is hurt while carrying out his crimes and cops have to pay the price to keep the peace.

So lets see, first we have the Mayor of Baltimore who says that the city Provided “Safe Spaces” For Protesters to destroy if they “chose to”.  In agreement with this mentality is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader which the Black community’s struggle against police brutality in the U.S. has received support from that powerful source. Perhaps the rioters should move to Iran where they would be welcomed by Ayatollah including this evil mayor who allowed “safe spaces” for “protesters” to destroy:

On MSNBC a local councilman said they knew hours in advance that they were planning a “Purge” riot, referencing the horror movie.

Then the very media which for months encouraged this racial divide and then you have the very media attacked, just because the camera man was “white”:

How about this one, it just came out, one white man is thrown out of a store and then gets sucker-punced and then stomped by the black mob (see after 6 seconds):

And so, after all the planning by the city and the mob, the game began. And as usual, it started by black protesters throwing huge bricks and bottles at police. The police are forced to retreat:

Then attacking police cars:

Then I listen all day to the very media who encourage racial divide and police hatred, sit there and monitor the riots complaining “where are the cops to protect the businesses and private property?”


Well, you want to spread racial divide, cop hatred, hurt cops … you got what you asked for. The photo above says it all, even the white sympathizer was being attacked by a ‘Black Lives Matter’ who simply expressed that “White Lives Do Not Matter” by wielding a knife about to stab him.

Confusion stems from ignorance and ignorance stems from disconnect from God. Our view is, the wicked will always be wicked and the Cop is there to keep peace. But how can a cop keep peace without at times using a piece?

Obama has always supported a race war. All of the violence in society comes from one view: complete freedom of speech and assembly. Freedom is not for everyone and some speech and some assembly, like that of these despotic mobs, should not be given freedom. To use the words of Joseph De Maistre,

But of all monarchies, the hardest, most despotic, and most intolerable is King People.

The era of lawlessness has already come. In America someone invented the idea that skin pigment is important, that there is folks who are “white” while others are “black”. I only see pink color, yellow color, latte color and mocha latte color. Why is the world around me all color blind? And why do I see so many heartless people, not only mobs, but folks dressed up in suit and tie who come on CNN to tell us that there is “black” and then there is “white” when all of us bleed red? There is the drug addicts (rioters) and then there is the drug-pushers (media). The latter is more guilty than the former. Welcome to the era of lawlessness in America where the instigators are vultures on TV who dress up looking like real folks.