Turkey Betrays Russia By Building Military Alliance With Ukraine (Prophecy In The News)

By Walid Shoebat 

We have maintained that Russia’s relationship with Turkey will eventually erode (Daniel 11:44) and this week the news received by Russia is that Turkey is already betraying her by going to bed with Ukraine.

“Turkey and its littoral Black Sea neighbor, Ukraine, are striving to build a strategic industrial alliance that could include cooperation across a variety of military programs” says Defense News.

Turkey’s betrayal of Russia includes an elaborate buildup of a military alliance with Ukraine. The Ukrainian delegation bringing together 130 companies visited Ankara earlier this month to discuss future cooperation where the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding to pave the way for future joint projects to promote full cooperation. 

A senior Turkish official said that the cooperation between Turkey and Ukraine is a full-blown program which includes missile defense and armor technology including tanks, planes and satellites. He said that Turkey has ambitions on the design, development and manufacture of fighter jets and tanks, engines and building its own fighter aircraft and missile programs.


A Defense Adviser to the Turkish Government, said: “Ukraine can be a suitable partner for many of the programs which are still under formation”. The conditions exist to create Turkish Alliance with Ukraine to run joint programs and earlier this year Turkey and Ukraine held high-level meetings, and agreed to enhance trade and investment between the two countries. 

As it seems this ‘bad news from the south’ will not bode well in the north. “This [the Turkish-Ukrainian partnership] will certainly echo in Moscow, and not in a pleasant way,” said one Vienna-based Russia analyst.

Ukraine opposes a planned Russian-Turkish natural gas pipeline, the Turkish Stream, which replaces a long-planned South Stream project that would have carried Russian gas to Europe across the Black Sea. Russia is Turkey’s largest energy supplier.

“It looks increasingly difficult for Turkey to maintain its policy to balance relations with hostile neighbors Ukraine and Russia,” the Russia analyst said.

As we stated before and for two decades; Turkey is and will always be speaking with forked tongue. Its Antichrist aspirations and future plans must be monitored and studied. The key for its rise is also the key for its final downfall is Islam when the most powerful nations of Russia and the West destroy him (see Ezekiel 28:7-8) and few focus closely to Daniel 11:44, that “news from the north” (Russia) will trouble the King of the North (Turkey/antichrist).

Shoebat.com has reported last year that the adhesive or the pitch that Turkey needs to rebuild its dream is Islam, but this very pitch is its downfall in which Islam will cause Turkey’s ziggurat to tumble. Given that Turkey and Russia share a geography in which there are many current conflicts which represent a direct challenge to the Russia-Turkey and even China-Turkey relationships. Such relationship like the Islamist uprisings and Syria supported by Turkey and Russia’s interests in the Tartus naval base, (its only Mediterranean proxy naval opening) or the crisis in Ukraine will put a strain on this relationship, especially after the establishments of an Islamic alliance which will contradict Russia’s and China’s interests. Although the Muslim nature of the Urumqi riots in Xinjiang’s China and the death of Uyghur-Turks sparks major rift in Turkey’s China relations, leading to a boycott of Chinese goods and China not wanting to loose the Xinjiang region. The Xinjiang issue continues to rankle, Turkey adopting its Islamist heritage, that with a rift with Russia will cause it to eventually crumble.


But what few focused on is that: eventually it is religion that is the main drive in world affairs, not economy. The Soviet collapse was the earthquake that divided Orthodox Christian from Muslim. The Muslim Tatar in Ukraine’s Crimea is already complaining about Russia who is expanding their borders into the Ukraine while the Muslim is expanding his.

Everybody witnessed that in the Crimean referendum the most vocal ethnic group that voted against Ukraine’s union with Russia was the Muslim Tatars who have ruled Crimea for many centuries, sometimes falling under Ottoman rule, which extended all the way to Crimea. Mr. Davutoglu publicly came to the Tatars’ defense as former Ottoman subject/allies. (1)

The Almighty by Russia taking the Ukraine is perhaps removing the only buffer between Turkey and Russia and is setting up the launching pad for Russian airstrikes and submarines cross the Black Sea into Turkey to defeat it.


But perhaps a history lesson is crucial to explain all this. There were two major wars were fought between the Russian and Ottoman empires in the 19th century. The Tatars even had a republic after the Soviet rule (1921-1944) until Stalin deported 238,500 Tatars to Central Asia because they had cooperated with the Nazis during the German occupation (1941-44) of Crimea. That elevated the Russian ethnic profile on the peninsula, until Sergey Khrushchev annexed the region of his native Ukraine in 1954 and Putin undid that annexation last year.

History and religion, not economy, are the keys to understanding human destiny.

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(1) The Armenian Mirror Spector