Islam Is Now Taught Mandatory In German Public Schools And Universities

By Walid Shoebat

Islam is now being incorporated into public school lesson plans and university disciplines all throughout Germany where religious groups and the state have always shared deep symbiotic relationships, the government has taken drastic measures to put Islam on the same legal footing as Christianity and Judaism. And that’s not just a matter of legal abstraction, but of real, material change: the faith is being incorporated into public school lesson plans and university disciplines. Revolutionary as it sounds, the approach is extending constitutional rights and protections where it was Judeo-Christian religions only but now it extends to Islam.


And the stupid excuse for this? By giving kids a basis on their religion, they think that they can help them not to fall prey to radical discourse. Germany believes that religions contribute to the well-being of society.

This evolution came as result that Germany’s birthrate is the lowest in Europe. Just for not obeying the simple command “be fruitful and multiply” the German society and lawmakers, instead, brought in the labor force to do the work assuming that Muslim guest workers, brought in as temporary workers from Turkey and other countries, would eventually return home. But Muslims stayed, and their numbers grew: some 4 million Muslims live in Germany, making Islam the country’s fastest-growing religion.


It was Wolfgang Schaüble, while interior minister in Angela Merkel’s administration, who first called for Islam to be taught in schools after declaring publicly for the first time that “Islam is part of Germany” in 2005.

And so was Nazism part of Germany and the Germans, like Muslims think of Allah, thought Nazism was ‘great’. But this was only before the Allied Forces defeated Germany in May 1945, ending World War II in Europe. The Turks also thought Allah was great until the Ottomans were defeated and Islam was shelved for decades to rot on the sidelines. It seems that the West wants to repeat the same experience to  romanticize with Islam.

Five years after the 2005 declaration, the German Council of Science and Humanities, a highly regarded advisory body to the government, recommended that Islam find its way in universities so that imams and teachers of Islam could be trained in Germany and in the German language, just as Catholic, Protestant and Jewish theologians are. Most of the imams at Germany’s roughly 2,800 mosques are imported from the Antichrist nation of Turkey, the nation that recently started to beat Saudi Arabia in mosque building worldwide and of course, under Obama they built a grand mosque in Maryland, USA.

The main lesson that Europe will learn in the future is that being fruitful and multiplying fixes the whole problem with preserving their country. Also, the process of being fruitful is a lot of fun.


The Christian Science Monitor