Antichrist Turkey Advancing Its Laser Guided Weapons In Preparation For Armageddon And A War With The West

By Walid Shoebat

If science fiction uses laser beams, handheld ray guns and spaceship-mounted turbo-lasers, such futuristic weapon of choice is not only going to be definite but blasts of energy from laser weapons has become a reality. And these days the Antichrist of Turkey has set in motion plans to get the ball rolling: Turkey wants to go laser.


An article by Rufiz Hafizoglu from Azerbaijan reveals that “Turkey intends to develop the defense industry, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, the Turkish TV channel TRT Haber reported May 5. He said that Turkey’s goal is to become independent in the defense industry. Turkey’s defense industry has focused on developing and manufacturing its own products in recent years. The country succeeded to reach 54-percent self-sufficiency in defense industry sphere. Also previous reports indicate that Turkey aims to produce a laser weapon, the prototype of which is ready. The proposal to create such a weapon was put forward by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey in May 2013. Turkish navy will be equipped with these weapons. Reportedly, Turkish government has allocated 120 million TRY to produce the weapon. The project was approved by Turkey’s Defense Industry Ministry. The work within the project will last for six years. Two models of the laser weapon will be created at the first stage. The weapon will be tested in the Black Sea.”


So Turkey will go laser by 2019. To understand the sophistication of such weapon, here is one video:

In an article by George Friedman, a geopolitical expert, in The Smithsonian we read: “My expectation is we’re going to see a fragmentation in China because of internal social stresses, and the weakening of Russia. Three powers are emerging on the periphery of Eurasia. One is Japan, which is truly the center of gravity of Asia; it’s the second-largest economy in the world. Unlike China, Japan does not have a billion people living in sub-Saharan-type poverty. It is unified. It has the largest navy in Asia. Second is Turkey, now the 17th- largest economy in the world and the largest Islamic economy. And whenever Islam emerges into a coherent political entity, which it hasn’t done for a century, Turkey is almost invariably at its center. Turkey has by far the most powerful and effective military in Europe and is going to be a major Mediterranean power.”


And if one views where the Islamic revolution is hottest, we find that an Islamic two winged Caliphate dragon already is in plain view, with Turkey as its missing head. And once this head is established, the view becomes clear, it is the head that was wounded, the dragon that is emerging and the final missing link for a global Islamic revolution has now been healed.


What Friedman also includes in his research is what becomes a scenario, not only when the ‘Star-Trek’ becomes no longer a work of fiction, but that the Armageddon of what many secularists consider ‘biblical myth’, becomes a true reality as Friedman stated:  “The center of gravity of American military power is in space. Everything from navigation to communication to intelligence satellites operate in space. If any power were to knock out the United States, it would have to knock out those assets. If the Japanese and Turks were to take on the United States, that would be the place they would have to strike first, to blind us, to cripple us. I would expect the war to start there. It seems like science fiction, but one wonders how somebody in 1900 would have felt about a description of what World War II was going to be like.”

Indeed, geo-political experts worth their salt know that: “Japan and Turkey” are the upcoming danger, and not China, as amateurs express. And when one views the trend of how sophisticated the military has evolved, we can see perhaps why the Bible described asteroids falling from heaven or Antichrist causing fire to come down from the skies, eyes and tongues melting in their sockets while men are still standing … All this, including a litany of verses to what seemed vague for centuries. Yet these were etched in Scripture, perhaps documented by how John understood them at his time from his ancient perspective. Now, and all of the sudden, such verses become reality, that World War III is not like anything we have ever seen before and is perhaps why God says that the days will be shortened lest no flesh will be saved.

It is perhaps as Friedman says “how [could] somebody in 1900 would have felt about a description of what World War II was going to be like?” So how about World War III?


The lasers that Turkey seeks to develop are tight rays of photons generated by the excitation of atoms in a liquid, gas or solid; or electrons in a beam which can shoot faster than any projectile and can deliver energy at the speed of light while reaching targets with absolute precision without running out of ammunition.

Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative was very interested in photonic weaponry, which envisioned satellite-borne lasers zapping nuclear missiles out of the sky, was derided as “Star Wars” and canceled in the late 1980s, of course, is because no one wanted to believe that the devil or Antichrist exists. Perhaps this is why God said “”How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations!” (Isaiah 14:12)

“Weakened the nations”? What nations? Just three words from Scripture and now we can see how volumes can be written on how liberalism, socialism and Islam seek to weaken all Christian societies and is perhaps why God said that he will cut those days short. Friedman predicted that all this will commence by 2050. While Friedman is a geo-political expert, what he misses is that God is in control and the time could be sooner.