Muslim Nations Will Always Try To Ruin Christian Nations But Christendom Has God On Their Side And Will Always Win In The End

By Walid Shoebat

Muslim Turkey always meddles with Christian Armenia and Christian Greece. When it comes to Armenia’s nuclear energy, Erdogan’s Islamist government has suddenly turned western liberal, objecting that Armenia’s advance into  nuclear energy is ‘bad for the environment’.

When Turkey says it has a “zero conflict policy,” in reality, this means, zero conflict with conditions: to do what they deem fit for their interest and never for the interest of Christians.

Firstly, there is a conflict between two South Caucasus countries regarding territorial claims between Christian Armenia and Muslim Azerbaijan.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said yesterday that it will do everything possible to achieve peace in the South Caucasus and that Azerbaijan is “a fraternal country for Turkey and Ankara will always support this fraternal country”. “Turkey will continue supporting Azerbaijan as not only the economic projects, but historical roots connect us,” Davutoglu said.


Photo Erdogan giving unity message on visit to Turkic ally Azerbaijan

As a result of the ensuing aggressive war by Azerbaijan in 1992, Christian Armenia defeated Azerbaijan and occupied 20 percent of that country, including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

The two countries signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Russia, France and the US are currently holding peace negotiations and Russia’s government approved granting a $270 million loan to finance the extension of the operation life of the Armenian Metsamor nuclear power plant in Armenia.

This seems to be upsetting the Muslim nations of Azerbaijan and Turkey, of course.

Earlier, Russia (Armenia’s main blood life and support) and Armenia signed an intergovernmental cooperation agreement on extension of the Operation Life of the second power unit at the nuclear power plant.


Metsamor nuclear power plant in Armenia (Source: Getty Images)

The Armenian nuclear power plant (Metsamor) was built in 1970 and after a devastating earthquake in 1988 in the town of Spitak it was shut down, but in 1995, despite international protests, the plant’s operation was reactivated, moreover, a second reactor was launched.

But of course, Muslims ‘turned all of the sudden environmentalists’ from all over the region they say the seismic activity in the region turns the operation of the Metsamor nuclear power plant into an extremely dangerous undertaking, even in case of building a new model reactor.

New, old … it matters little, Turkey does not want Christian Armenia to advance.

“Outdated Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant is a threat of radioactive contamination for Turkey,” the Minister of Environment and Forests of Turkey Veysel Eroglu said which the website of CNN Turk reported.

Yet during a press conference with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday Turkey will not call off its plans to build nuclear power plants despite the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan and despite that the region is prone to severe earthquakes.

“I have already said that the earthquakes are possible anywhere, and our country is located in a seismic area. We take the necessary measures to ensure that those facilities that we are building would be the most safe,” he said.

So Armenia with the aid of Russia, according to the Turks, ‘cannot take the necessary measures’, while only Muslim Turkey can?

Of course, Erdogan thinks he has a direct line to Allah and could control earthquakes while when it comes to Armenia, Allah must have said is ‘doomed’.

Photo: Metsamor nuke plant threat to region – Turkish minister / Armenia

Metsamor nuclear power plant in Armenia is a real threat to the region, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz said.

The conflict between Muslim Turkey and Muslim Azerbaijan is not only restricted to Christian Armenia but any Christian nation in the region. The cold-war is brewing also in the volatile and oddly forgotten frozen conflict between Turkey and Cyprus. And while the focus is usually by the world condemning Israel or Turkey condemning the Armenians for simply observing their holocaust, where is the focus on Turkey’s nearly 41-year occupation of Cyprus and where are the ‘genuine peace partners’, a trait that Turkey has not exhibited over the past four decades when it comes to Cyprus.

Perhaps a short lesson on history will help folks on the importance of them Greeks. When Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974, the second wave of that invasion titled by the Turks as Atilla II, was launched by Ankara as peace talks between the two nations were underway. This shows that Muslim nations cannot be trusted, especially when they ‘call for peace’, what they always mean is ‘preparation for war’. It is no wonder why God’s wisdom says “when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction will come”.

The findings of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom details how the Turkish occupation authorities in Cyprus threatened the very existence of Christianity in the occupied territories.


Greek Cypriot prisoners taken to Adana camps in Turkey, 1974

But just as tiny little Israel saved the U.S. on many occasions, tiny little Greece saved the West on becoming totally Islamized. Had the United Nations succeeded in the failed 2004, Annan Plan which Turkey supported an ill-conceived plan to guarantee the removal of Turkish occupation troops, except that the proposed system was dysfunctional in that it gave the apparent veto powers granted to the Turkish Cypriots and the fact that disputes will be resolved by non-Cypriots effectively gave Turkey veto power over Cyprus. Had this peace-plan succeeded, the entire EU’s foreign policy, sanctions on Iran, the designation of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, peace and energy cooperation between Israel and Egypt … would all have been blocked by Turkey. Give any Muslim state veto power and the world will become Armageddon, overnight.

Greece has veto power while Turkey doesn’t and is what kept the West from making so many blunders and kept Turkey at bay from entering the European Union.

All this, while many Prophecy fanatics announced that when Greece joined the European Union in 1981 as the tenth nation, these sensationalists denounced it as “the tenth horn of Antichrist’s confederacy”.

Yet, low and behold, it is Greece today that is threatening to use its veto power to stop the sanctions by the West against Russia which such sanctions will weaken the blood life of Armenia. It was Greece’s veto power that prevented Europe from being Islamized by Muslim Turkey and Muslim Albania’s entry to the European Union. It was Greece that vetoed Macedonia’s entry into NATO and the E.U.

The Macedonian Muslims are largely the descendants of Orthodox Christian Slavs from the region of Macedonia who converted to Islam during the centuries when the Turkish Ottoman Empire ruled the Balkans.

The Christian Greek, like the Jew, have long memories, while the American has a short memory span and quickly forgets Japan’s evil. A nation like Greece, because it carried its cross and suffered, its rememberence of centuries of persecution it endured from the Turks, makes it immune from the sicknesses of western appeasement.

But no matter what evil tries to do and despite Turkey’s attempts to subdue the Armenians or the Greeks, mingle Christians and Muslims, and the Christian ethics somehow will rub-off, no matter what Islam tries  to do. I am a product of such culture where critical thinking caused me to dump my Quran for the Bible.

Today, the Turkish-Cypriots elected a more moderate community leader, Mustafa Akinci since they are clearly fed up with Erdogan.  The Turkish-Cypriots who cross the line of occupation every day to work in the Republic of Cyprus or claim Republic of Cyprus passports, thus EU citizenship, are not clamoring for Erdogan and want an end to the Turkish occupation and a better life.

In fact, all Cypriots – Greek, Turk, Maronite, Latin and Armenian, are more motivated to reunify Cyprus, but of course, the devil will attempt to obstruct all paths to peace as his mission of course, is to weaken the nations (Isaiah 14:12).

Here, get a flavor of how music can be sublime when the Greek and the Jew get together: