Muslims, Well Trained And Armed, Ambush Police Officers, Murder Five Police Officers, Injure Thirty More Officers, In Well Orchestrated Attack To Purposefully Help Usher In The Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat

Well trained and armed Muslims in the Macedonian city of Kumanovo attacked police officers, killing five officers, and injuring thirty officers. The Muslims went into a rampage, burning down multiple homes as well. This was a very well orchestrated and calculated attack that is being done for the purpose of causing so much violent tension that it will lead to instability. This societal friction will be a part of an attempted Islamic takeover of the Balkans, all for the purpose of helping Turkey take control of the Balkans, that will empower the revival of the Ottoman Empire. This type of violence has been being predicted on since last year.

Interior minister Gordana Jankulovska told reporters late this Saturday that the police were attacked with automatic weapons and bombs.

Jankulovska wept as she esteemed the five martyred police officers as “heroes who gave their lives today for the Republic of Macedonia.”

She also said that the “terrorist group,” had entered Macedonia from an “unspecified neighboring country,” and wanted to “use the current political situation to perform attacks on state institutions.”

Twenty of the Muslims have already surrendered, but the battle is still going on because numerous of the terrorists have refused to give up, with some of the jihadists being killed in battle.

The Macedonian security forces have cut off entrances from the Muslim Albanian section of the city, where two million Albanians (30% of Macedonia). Our Balkans correspondent, Lazar, sent us several photos and videos.

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Here is a video showing the police coming in armored vehicles to fight the terrorists:

Here is a photo documenting the recent terrorist attacks in Macedonia, and how they were unresolved:

kum 10, thanks to our Serbian correspondent, Lazar, has been predicting since last year the coming of an Islamic uprising in the Balkans. Lazar foretold to us that this was going to happen, and its all being done under the orders of Turkey.

Both ISIS and Turkey are working with Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to establish an Islamic state the Balkans, and ultimately in all of Eastern Europe. Turkey is doing this with the ultimate intention of eventually controlling the Balkans in its efforts to revive the Ottoman Empire.

While the media is making the current riots and protests in Kosovo as just a secular nationalist cause, once we look below the surface, what we find is that these upheavals and revolts are of the same nature as the revolutions in Syria and Egypt.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Lazar, a Serbian Special Forces veteran, on this entire situation that all Christians must focus on. We did a whole video with footage and photos proving that the protests in Kosovo are truly Islamic:

Make no mistake about it: the current upheavals that have been happening are not peaceful protests, they are part of a wider jihadist movement, that wants to create an Islamic state in the Balkans. The media has been currently silent about this current situation, just as they were silent about the Islamic connections of the Egyptian and Syrian revolutions when they first began.

We are going to see Turkey capitalizing on the Jihadist sentiments of Islamists in the Balkans, using them to help restore Turkish power in the region. Russia will eventually get involved since the Russian government must control that region in order to keep Turkey in check.

Serbia and Greece are the Israel of the Balkans: as Israel balances out the Middle East and keeps the Muslim nations in check, Serbia and Greece keep the Muslims of the Balkans in control. If Turkey wants to dominate the Balkans, it is going to have to inculcate its power over Serbia and Greece; this is why Russia is so important because it will prevent this from happening.

Islamic violence will spread from Kosovo and it will spill over into Serbia, and then eventually into Macedonia, Montenegro, and then into Greece. All of this violence and chaos will stir the Eastern Orthodox nations to form a single Eastern Orthodox confederacy that will be headed by Russia.

This Christian confederacy will truly be a revival of the Christian Byzantine Empire, only this time its power will not be in Greece (as it was in ancient times) but it will be transferred into Russia. The new Christian confederacy will be here to fight against the Islamic confederacy that will be headed by Turkey.

It will truly be a holy war, a Crusade — the New Crusade — and it will lead to the establishment of Christendom, and it will be ruled by Jesus Christ.

I notice how little coverage this story has gotten, and so I decided to write a song (sung in a Country and Western tone) about American indifferentism. Its called, I don’t give a damn:

Well I was drinkin’ my coffee in the early morning,
I heard the news,
People were dying, and how many souls were lost, nobody knew
There was women crying, and good Lord, lots of mourning

I thought to myself whether or not it happened in America
Maybe in Mississippi, or Tucson, Arizona
It happened in a country that no one ever heard of,
In a little place called Macedonia

Well all I have to say is sorry,
If it didn’t happen in the good ol’ U S of A,
I don’t give a damn.

Well them terrorists got their guns,
And opened fire on a crowed of officers,
And you were sure that the killers were Muslim
And you can be sure that not one of those cops made a run,
Because thats what they do,
They stood their ground and were sure,
That justice was going to get his due.

The fight was going down, and most of the enemy already flew
But sorry to say,
If it didn’t happen in the good ol’ U S of A,
I don’t give a damn

Them good ol’ boys got on their pick up trucks
Locked and loaded,
Ready to get lethal,
On armored vehicles,
Holding up their guns,
And not for fun,
But to defend what was now gone.
You better believe they were mad as hell
Cause victory was won
And the air was full of shells.

But sorry to say,
If it didn’t happen in the good ol’ U S of A,
I don’t give a damn.

Politics went out the window,
No more wives should become widows
And no more lives should become shadows,
In the glowing dawn
Those brave men didn’t fight for their lives,
They fought for something greater,
They fought for God, they fought for love,
And in the end there was so much blood,
Cause them good ol’ boys put themselves on the line,
They stomped their foot to the ground, marched to glory,
And let their valor shine
They made the call, they stood tall,

They lowered their eyes, and bowed their knees before the good Lord up on high,
Not for pension, not for women, and definitely not for attention,
They said no to shame, no to fame, and didn’t care about pay,

Oh I forget to mention,
If it didn’t happen in the good ol’ U S of A,
I don’t give a damn

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