Widows and Orphans top Priority for RC over coming year in Iraq

When ISIS overtook Sinjar, Iraq, many lost their lives. Many families were broken and divided due to this heinous attack. Among those was one family that lost four husbands who were also fathers and bread winners. As ISIS overran the area, they gathered the people into the streets. Their intent was to snatch up women and young girls as they saw fit to take as their own – as “property” to be used as sex slaves.

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The men stood up against this wickedness in Sinjar. The consequence of their courage and bravery in defending their women was the loss of their lives. These men were executed in the streets of Sinjar in front of their families. Many fled the area immediately afterward.

Our team became aware of one such family that fled to Erbil and is currently living in a partially constructed apartment building. When we arrived on scene, the family had just used the last of their food to feed the children. We offered a few days food, and purchased diabetes medication for the Matriarch who is diabetic and was about to run out of her medication. The owner of the property has allowed 4 widows, their 6 partially orphaned children, one married couple, and their 5 children to stay within the building, which they have called “home” for several months now.

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There is no running water, no door, and makeshift “walls” have been constructed. A “cooling unit” has been installed to provide air conditioning. Their current situation is dire. The property owner has given them an ultimatum, as construction is about to recommence at the site. Consequently, these Yazidi refugees have 38 days, as of the writing of this article, to vacate the premises.

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