Thousands Of Very Strong And Armed Desert Nomads Form Their Own Private Army To Destroy ISIS (YET OBAMA IS NOT SUPPORTING THEM)

By Walid Shoebat

The problem of tackling ISIS and for the U.S. to defeat it has nothing to do with American resolve, but has more to do with Obama’s past faulty policies insisting to see Bashar Al-Assad of Syria and the Al-Sisi government in Egypt removed which have caused the Muslim Brotherhood agenda to advance in the Middle East. But things are changing and more needs to be done. One major example is a story that is coming out of the Sinai desert in Egypt. Having had had enough with ISIS terror, thirty tribes based in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt have confronted ISIS for killing hundreds of soldiers and security forces, so they have pledged to battle Islamist groups in the Sinai. The thirty tribes united front titled  The Sinai Tribal Federation said it had held its first meeting today to discuss ways to tackle ISIS seeking to topple the U.S.-backed Cairo government.

ISIS is focused on thwarting Al-Sisi’s government and so they focused on depleting Egypt’s security by advancing their terror network into the Sinai, but the Sinai has its hero behind this move: a desert bedouin named Sheikh Musa Aldlh.


Musa Dalah and his son


Sheikh Musa Aldlh recruiting young men to confront ISIS


Tribes training to confront ISIS

Sheikh Musa Aldlh is not without record in defeating ISIS. His tribe “Tarabin” took on ISIS, defeated them  and  liberated  Mahdia village, a stronghold for terror organizations and took control of it coordinating with the Egyptian armed forces.

Aldlh said that “he would continue with the armed forces to purge the Sinai of this epidemic [ISIS], which stung everyone and threatened the existence of the tribes”.

But this victory was only the beginning. Just two days ago, this lone-ranger with other tribes as the spokesman for the Alliance of The Tribes Of Tarabin in northern Sinai said that “all of the terrorists within the scope of the tribes of Tarabin areas has become completely free of terrorist groups … since this victory, other tribes are now joining in to confront Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis terrorist group which is a branch of ISIS”

To defeat ISIS is very simple and is much simpler than what the United States is doing with billions spent on air raids. To recruit the Bedouins or even women to defeat ISIS is a smart strategy, Kurdish women gave a beating to ISIS at Kobani and in Jordan during the seventies when the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists began a campaign for King Hussein’s overthrow, the King recruited Jordan’s Bedouin tribes and even many Palestinians who appreciated the order and prosperity the King had brought to their lives and they were able to completely prevail against the strongest terror infrastructure in the world at the time, the mighty PLO. Arafat was then forced to flee Jordan and was humiliated  disguised as an Arab woman.

The problem of tackling ISIS and for the U.S. to defeat ISIS has nothing to do with American resolve, but has more to do with Obama’s faulty policy to see Al-Aassad and Al-Sisi removed which only gives the Muslim Brotherhood the ability to regain power and with this it is like scorpions giving birth and is how terrorist organizations are made.