Muslims See Christian Man Carrying A Bible, They Ask Him If He Is A Christian, And When He Says Yes They Take Him, Lock Him In A Room And Torture Him For Two Days

By Theodore Shoebat

In Libya, Christians are not safe; Libya has become one of the most dangerous countries to be a Christian in. Recent stories that are being reported by Amnesty International reveal this reality. Charles, a 30-year-old Nigerian Christian, recounted his story as to what persecution he has suffered while living in Libya. Muslims saw him carrying a Bible, they asks him if he was Christian, and when he — never wanting to deny his Faith — said yes, they kidnapped him, locked him in a room and tortured him for two days:

In Zuwara, sometimes young men would come to our house to steal our money. They would come with guns. As a black man, I cannot go to complain to the police. I went to complain at the police station twice but they did not believe me. They refused to listen to me. They call us slaves. I am a Christian and that’s why the men would always come to our house and attack us. We were three Christian Nigerians living in the same house. They would come, teal our money and flog us.

I can’t complain to the police about the Christian issue because they don’t like us. Even in the streets, armed men would ask me if I am a Christian. I cannot deny my religion. If you say that you are a Christian, they tell you to go to one side. If you are a Muslim, they allow you to continue and go. I have a cross tattoo on my arm but I used to hide it. In October 2014, four men kidnapped me. They were driving in their car. They kidnapped me because they saw that I was carrying a bible in my pocket. They took it from me; they also took my money and my telephone. They locked me in a house and wanted my family to send them money for my release. I was kidnapped there for two days. During those two days, they were torturing me, beating me. I managed to escape at night, through the window.”

Another Nigerian Christian spoke of how horrible it is to be a Christina in Libya:

Libya is full of cruelty. It is not hospitable to foreigners, especially to black men. They see us as slaves. I was living in Kremiya in Tripoli in July 2014. I saw a rocket, which exploded near me. Thank God I was not injured. Because of the fighting in Tripoli I came to Zuwara. I started to work in a car wash. Area boys would come to molest and harass me in my house. They used to beat me. Libya is a country where Christians shouldn’t come. Any Libyan boss will ask you if you are Muslim or Christian. If you say you are Christian, then you are in trouble. He will not pay you. He will beat you more if you complain about anything.

Gaddafi was keeping this country in control, and now that America had him killed by the Muslim mobs, Christian blood is being shed. And this is all done in the name of “freedom.” If this is freedom, then to hell with freedom. What we need is Christendom, a Christian state, that will see to it that all such evil doers, with their evil religion, are destroyed.