MAJOR SLAUGHTER OF CHRISTIANS: Muslims Attack And Butcher Over Seventy One Christians To Quench Their Thirst For Blood

By Theodore Shoebat

A major massacre of Christians took place within this month, in which Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria executed a major attack, butchering over seventy one Christians, including a pastor.

In this week, the Muslims set fire to Christian homes, and then they murdered the pastor, the Rev. Luka Gwom of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) in the town of Foron, Barkin Ladi Local Government Area (LGA).

One of the members of his church’s congregation, Paulina was also murdered by the. What makes this story even more sad is that Paulina had just gotten married two weeks before her martyrdom. On May 11th, the Muslim bandits led a vicious attack in Plateau state’s Riyom LGA. One Nigerian Christian, Gyang, wrote on the attack:

The jihadists, in their quest to eliminate Christians in Plateau state and their thirst for blood, have succeeded in killing Christians and burning their houses… They are right now attacking Rim, Bangai, Gwon, Wereng, Ringya and Sopp.

The attacks continued on, leaving another seven Christians amongst the martyrs on May 14th, and before this — on May 4th — a “mass burial” was conducted for for twenty seven more Christians in the area of Barkin Ladi. One local said:

I was at the burial of the Christians killed in the Foron attack, and we counted 27 corpses

In the village of Vat, another seven Christians were butchered by a band of Muslim raiders, and amongst the slain were women and children. According to Gyang:

“I was at Rim yesterday for a burial when a large number well-armed Fulanis came to attack the village… This led to the killing of two of our community members on the farm. You’re aware that we in Riyom and Barkin Ladi LGAs have been under siege and invasion. Lives have been lost almost every day, and [there is] no serious action from any quarter by the government. But we are still faithful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As Two Christians were returning from a funeral for two Christian martyrs, they were suddenly ambushed by Muslims and killed. They were leaving a funeral for martyrs, only to be martyrs themselves. Gyang went on to recount that “four other Christians have just been killed in Kwi, in the Riyom Local Government Area.” He also said:

Fulani Herdsmen have continued with their invasion of Christian communities here… The village of Shonong is under attack. Six Christians have also been killed in Kwi, Torok, and Rim, all in Riyom.

In the villages of Shonong and Torok another six Christians were butchered, and in the villages of Kapwen and Rim, four more were murdered.

All of these massacres are the result of one thing: the denial of the Trinity. You have all of these superficial deviants walking about, treading upon the rotting fields of modern theology, who say that theology does not matter, what you believe does not matter. They say, “The Trinity is irrelevant,” or “Theology is irrelevant.” This is the talk of deceivers who are worse than heathens.The heathen is born a heathen, and he knows no better; he can be taught. But these people, who speak with such common and jejune talking points, they are deliberate deceivers.

Arius denied the Trinity, and so great was the damage of his heresy, that it caused St. Jerome to write:

Cut off the decayed flesh, expel the mangy sheep from the fold, lest the whole house, the whole paste, the whole body, the whole flock, burn, perish, rot, die. Arius was but one spark in Alexandria, but as that spark was not at once put out, the whole earth was laid waste by its flame.

Arianism never died, it only continued on through the heresy of Muhammad, and look at the trail of blood that it has made, and look how warm the blood is from all of the martyrs that are made every day!