Execution By A Bazooka: Watch For The First Time Crazy Muslims Execute A Victim Using A Bazooka

By Walid Shoebat

ISIS has found a new horrific way of killing a Muslims who is accused of fighting against them. This Muslim from Abu Haman in Syria, named Ibrahim Shradideh, admits that he used an RPG in fighting against ISIS and killed two of them.

Therefore the ISIS terrorist told his fellow Islamo-Nazis that this Muslims is an enemy of Islam and that because he killed two ISIS fighters with an RPG that he would be executed in the same way. They quoted the Quran to justify this:

And one who attacketh you, attack him in like manner as he attacked you. (Q:2:194)

And now you know why they burned the Jordanian pilot because they assume that airstrikes burn Muslims.

TERRORIST: Listen here, what’s your name?

VICTIM: Ibrahim Shraideh.

TERRORIST: Where are you from?

Victim: Abu Haman

TERRORIST: What have you done?

VICTIM: I have fired an RPG

TERRORIST: how many brothers of ours have you killed?


TERRORIST: You killed them?


TERRORIST: Ok very well, that’s not a problem.

TERRORIST to group: He’s an enemy of Allah. He killed to brothers with an RPG and by Allah’s will he’ll be punished the same way with an RPG.

Another Terrorist: The one who begins the mischief is the evil-doer.

The victim was a member of the AlShaitat tribe from the town of Abu Hamam in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province while the executers were ISIS from Tunisia and Morocco. The 80,000-strong Shaitat clan rose up against the terror group after its lightning offensive across Iraq and Syria last summer. Alshaitat clan belongs to what is termed as Sahawat.

Sahawat literally means “awakening”, which is who ISIS dislikes the most and accuses them of being formed by Americans. The term “Sahawat” brought itself to the forefront when ISIS did not recognize borders to Damascus expanded; the organizations that are against it formed what is now called as Sahawat or “Sahwaji” for the members.

The jest of it all is that Islam in its purist form is anti-tribal since all Muslims are one tribe (nation). So many proud tribes resisted ISIS and worked with the U.S. prior to Obama’s pullout. Now they are accused of standing by the “filthy crusaders” and are butchered by ISIS.

And so, the Sahawat are viewed as traitors by ISIS and are randomly executed in public squares to force people to think twice before working against ISIS.