President of Turkey’s fascism against critics is getting INSANELY OUT OF CONTROL

Photographer: Nikolay Doychinov/AFP via Getty Images

Photographer: Nikolay Doychinov/AFP via Getty Images

By RS: The President of Turkey’s obsession with his critics is getting so out of control that a woman from the opposition MHP party was detained by police and her party headquarters raided by Erdogan’s government for simply making an innocent ‘grey wolf’ party hand gesture at him while he was greeting the public:

TODAY’S ZAMAN – A Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) provincial official was briefly detained for making a “wolf” sign, a Turkish nationalist hand gesture associated with her party, while President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s convoy was passing in front of the party’s building in the western province of Uşak on Wednesday.

According to the Cihan news agency, Seher Kayıhan, MHP deputy chairwoman for the central district, flashed the hand sign through the window of the MHP headquarters while the presidential bus was passing in front of the building and Erdoğan and his wife, Emine Erdoğan, were greeting the public. The MHP bureau was then suddenly raided by Erdoğan’s police bodyguards and she was detained and taken to the Uşak Police Department. After giving her statement, Kayıhan was released and called to testify to a prosecutor on Thursday.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Kayıhan stated: “I greeted Mr. President, who we thought is supposed to be neutral, with the sign of the grey wolves. I don’t think there is anything abnormal about this. However, they reacted to our greeting by raiding our district office. … What type of hand gesture is expected from the MHP other than a grey wolf?”

The symbol, which is formed by touching the ring and middle fingers to the thumb, leaving the index and little fingers erect to suggest the head of a wolf, has long been associated with the nationalist MHP.

Seher Kayıhan was then referred for ARREST but she was released pending a trial. Is that not insane? And all over this innocent hand gesture, which is displayed below:


Erdogan is clearly a meglomaniac, and that perhaps is the understatement of the year.

In another article today from Today’s Zaman, we find out Erdogan is also publicly attacking a journalist for making a joke on Twitter about him meeting with bus drivers:

CNN Türk presenter Nevşin Mengü on Thursday joined a long list of foreign and national journalists who have been publicly singled out and attacked by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for their statements, Twitter posts and news coverage.

Mengü attracted Erdoğan’s ire after she shared Erdoğan’s weekly program on her Twitter account and made some comments about it.

Erdoğan’s weekly program among other things includes a meeting with bus drivers in Ankara. Referring to the president’s earlier meetings with taxi drivers and muhtars (village headmen or elders), Mengü wrote: “Bus drivers and the presidential system, these two are inseparable. It is like two drivers cannot be on the same wheel. Muhtars, taxi drivers, bus drivers: holy trinity!”

Mengü was also referring to Erdoğan’s aspirations to switch Turkey’s parliamentary system to a presidential system and being the first president under the presidential system.

Speaking at the general assembly of the Bus Drivers’ Federation in Ankara on Thursday, Erdoğan targeted Mengü, without mentioning her name, accusing her of belittling bus drivers and the presidential system.

“She even goes further and spits hatred, calling muhtars, taxi drivers and bus drivers a holy trinity. Who are you insulting? It is the nation itself,” Erdoğan said, adding that the journalist is actually revealing her own “disgrace” with her remarks.

It is very common for Erdoğan to single out journalists and target them publicly for their criticism of the government or Erdoğan.

While she didn’t get arrested (that we know of), she was publicly attacked by Erdogan for making a simple joke on Twitter about him.

Erdogan takes being petty to a whole new level. Whether an innocent hand sign or a joke on twitter, there is no one that this man won’t attack or arrest because of it. He is evil and his transformation of Turkey is nearly complete.

Just wait until he gets his new ‘presidential system’ – at least that’s what he calls it. It will effectively make him a dictator or king so that there will be no opposition to stand in his way. He already acts like a ‘god’ among his people, as demonstrated above. All he needs is a position of power that reflects his god-like ambitions.