Muslims Kidnap 227 Christians And Demands For $100,000 Ransom For Each Christian Held In Captivity

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Syria, all members of ISIS, kidnapped 227 Christians and they are demanding for $100,000 ransom for each Christian held in captivity. In total, the amount is $23,000,000, an amount that almost no one in the region can afford.

Nuri Kino, worker with the A Demand for Action group, said:

In February, in northeast Syria, in the so called Khabour area, 30 villages were drained from their Christian population by Islamist rampage. Over 220 of these people are still kidnapped by the Islamic State … There is a gradual ethno-religious cleansing in the Middle East. It started in Iraq and has now come to Syria and we do not know when it will happen in other countries. There is an ongoing genocide in these countries.

Jean-Clément Jeanbart, the Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria, said:

In my country, Syria, Christians are caught in the middle of a civil war and they are enduring the rage of an extremist jihad. And it is unjust for the West to ignore the persecutions these Christian communities are experiencing… What horrors must ISIS commit before the world will take greater action to stop the murderers?… Syrian Christians are in grave danger; we may disappear soon.

Jack Zayya, an Assyrian Christian who survived ISIS and is now living in Lebanon, spoke of how ISIS forced his children to watch beheadings:

Our children saw many beheadings… We were obligated to watch public executions. What kind of world is that for kids to grow up in? They were always scared.

If the US just allowed Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad to rule without touching the traditional order in the Middle East, none of this nightmare would have been happening.