The Russian Orthodox Church Have So Much Zeal For The Cross That They Are Constructing The World’s First Underwater Orthodox Church Inside The Black Sea

By Walid Shoebat

You might think that Russian are crazy, but the Russian Orthodox have so much zeal for the Cross that they are constructing an entire Christian Orthodox Church, even a Temple as they called it, under the waters of the Black Sea near  Sevastopol. The news was announced by the press service of the Sevastopol deanery of the Russian Orthodox Church.


Local divers has laid a three-meter cross for the underwater church within a hundred meters from the coast of Cape Fiolent on the twenty-meter depth.

'Будущий настоятель Храма архимандрит Тихон'

In a press-service reported that around the cross “will be built the world’s first underwater temple, which will be named the name of Saint Nicholas — patron Saint of sailors”.

“The underwater church will will have icons inside – just like in a real church. Most probably they will be bas-reliefs of icons in stainless steel or stone,” RIA Novosti cites him as saying.

Before the summer season ends, divers also plan to install a table and massive concrete candle holders near the cross. Archimandrite Tikhon also wants to turn the underwater spot into a kind of museum of Crimean history with fragments of ammunition and military ships on site. The exhibits would date back to two of the largest and lengthiest military defense operations in the area – in 1854-1855 and 1941-1942.