Turkey Is Sending Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslim Terrorists Into Europe In An Islamic Invasion, While Russia Is In Syria Fighting The Islamic Terrorists And Defending Christians

By Walid Shoebat

So lets hear one testimony on Putin’s war action in Syria right from the sources in the front lines in Syria. Americans are unaware that Russia is really fighting a flood of Muslims directed by Turkey. The terrorists funnel from countries like Turkmenistan even as far as the Uighur Muslims from China all intended to settle in Syria to target Syria’s government on behalf of Turkey’s dream to create an Ottoman Empire.

Shoebat.com in an exclusive interview with prominent Syrian analyst, Taleb Ibrahim, who gives an amazing insight from the war front in Syria. He explains that the Russians target both ISIS and the other Islamists who are really directed by Turkey, the nation behind the flood of immigrants into Europe. He explains the history behind the Islamic invasion of Syria which the U.S. supports. It is both compelling and eye-opening.Taleb_Ibrahim

Taleb is Shiite Muslim risking his life and is always under threat. Believe it or not he even understands the Bible better than most here in the U.S., and with his insight he debunks the U.S. media with much fact on the demography of Syria explaining who is who in the Middle East. Pray for him.