ITALY: School forced to remove pig bench at a playground because Muslims find it offensive

By BI: First, Muslim supremacists demand and get crucifixes removed from some schools in Italy. Now, a harmless children’s bench built around a plastic pig had to be removed from the playground at a school in Rovereto after several complaints from Muslims.


Ilgiormale  It’s a harmless plastic pig modeled after the much beloved Peppa Pig cartoon character, loved by children everywhere. But the parents of Muslim children in the school complained that the plastic pig would contaminate their little child terrorists-in-training, because Muslims can’t eat pork, so it was finally removed.

The conservative Northern League organized a press conference in front of the kindergarten to demand an end to religious intolerance by these uninvited Muslim invaders.

Italy should follow the example of Switzerland (below) and install pig trams all over the cities.