GERMANY finds it now has to teach Muslim economic asylum seekers how not to behave like savages

By BI: It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. The Mayor of Hardheim has drawn up a set of ‘Rules for Refugees’ that include: “Don’t pee in public” and “Don’t eat food in the supermarket before you pay for it.”


Express Mayor Volker Rohm leaves no stone unturned, with his list for the new settlers in Hardheim, south Germany. Hardheim is now home to 1,000 economic invaders being housed in a former American military barracks. Officials in Berlin have questioned the necessity of instructing the new arrivals how to behave, but the town insists the guidelines will stay on the local community website.

Under the heading “Welcome to Germany” are rules Muslims must follow to live in the civilized world:


  • * We perform our necessaries exclusively in toilets, not in gardens and parks, not hedges and behind bushes.”
  • * Under the heading ‘helpful instructions and guidance,’ Young girls should avoid giving out their mobile phone numbers on Facebook and not feel forced into “marrying anyone.”
  • * In Germany people live side by side with many freedoms. There is freedom of religion for all. Women may lead a self-determined life and have the same rights as men. One treats women with respect.
  • * In Germany, one respects the property of others. No-one enters no private property, gardens, barns or other buildings and harvests no fruit or vegetables not belonging to them.
  • * Germany is a clean country and should remain so! Dispose of rubbish or waste in designated trash cans. When you are out you take the garbage to the nearest trash can and do not just throw it away.
  • * You pay for the goods in a supermarket in Germany before opening them.
  • * In Germany, water is used for cooking, washing, cleaning. Also, it is used here for the flushing of toilets. There are public restrooms that are accessible for everyone. Using such toilets, it is common to leave them clean after use.
  • * For cyclists there are also rules to keep them safe and not endanger others. Do not ride on pavements, do not ride three to a bike, repair punctures and do not use your feet to brake.
  • * Pedestrians use the pavements or, if none exist, walk in a line on the side of the road, not in the middle of the road and certainly not side by side.

And this is what Muslim refugees have to say about the rules: