German Chief of Police Union says “all hell has broken out in Muslim asylum seeker camps”

By BI: Police are overwhelmed by the exploding crime and violence including mass brawls, robberies of local stores, rampant rape of women and children, even exploitation and sex slavery in the camps.

Between the different Muslim sects (Sunni, Shia), there are violent conflicts over dominance. Security personnel apparently have no control over Muslims who show no respect for German laws which they know are weak to begin with. The so-called ‘refugees’ understand that no matter how violently they behave, it will not affect their asylum status and they will never be deported.

This is what the Augsburg asylum center in Germany looks like a few days after Muslim “refugees” arrive And very soon, these Muslim savages will be put up in government-funded housing throughout German residential neighborhoods. Where are the  leftist sympathizers and their welcome wagons now?

Hysterical ‘Syrian’ Muslim invaders, very few of whom are Syrian as you can see, illegally occupy a government building for a week making demands on the government that has so generously taken them in. You reap what you sow, Germany. Enjoy the destruction of your civil society.