The Antichrist of Turkey Erdoğan Is Mimicking Hitler Invading And Ceasing Control Of The Media

By Walid Shoebat

Erdoğan of Turkey is mimicking what Adolf Hitler did when Hitler took power in 1933 attempting to eliminate the multi-party political system and bringing about the demise of newspapers and outlawing the media turning them over directly to the AKP Party as did Hitler with the Nazi Party. And just as the Nazis established control or exerted influence over independent press organs, Erdoğan is literally invading the press by force.

Erdogan loosing it

The freedom of press is over in Turkey since Erdoğan became president in August last year and now an Ankara court on Monday appointed an Islamist board of trustees to manage the Koza-Ipek Group, effectively seizing its 21 companies, including its media operations. Police officials arrived at Koza İpek Holding‘s headquarters on Tuesday to formally notify the executive board of the holding that it had been replaced with a board of trustees appointed on Monday. International journalists have been arrested and deported, while about 20 are currently detained on a variety of trumped-up charges.

Police teams enter Koza İpek Holding HQ after seizure decision

Police officers seen in front of the Koza İpek Holding headquarters in Ankara on Oct. 27. (Photo: Cihan)

So who did Erdoğan appoint to run the stolen Koza Ipek Holding? Lawyer Hasan Ölçer, an Islamist, was appointed to oversee the management of three companies of the Koza İpek Holding. Ölçer represented Salih Mirzabeyoğlu, the leader of the militant Islamic Great East Raiders Front (İBDA-C) group, as well as the Venezuelan criminal known as Carlos the Jackal, who is currently serving a life sentence in France for the 1975 murder of an informant for the French government and two French counter-intelligence agents.

Mirzabeyoğlu was sentenced to life in jail on charges of “attempting to forcefully change the constitutional order” but was released in 2014 after serving 16 years following a retrial.

In a 2011 speech in İstanbul in defense of Carlos the Jackal, Ölçer described him as a “symbol of the honorable struggle against imperialism and Zionism.”

Lawyer for radical Islamist group leader ’Carlos the Jackal’ appointed as İpek Koza trustee

Lawyer Hasan Ölçer is seen in this undated photo. (Photo: Hürriyet website)

To understand how Erdoğan is turning to the Hitler of Turkey one must pay close attention to his usage of a peculiar word: mankurts. When Turkish academics wrote a letter to warning German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the increasingly authoritarian tendencies of Erdoğan saying that her visit could be read as showing support to this government and Erdoğan, Erdoğan became Hitlerian calling them “mankurts”  which means: enemies made slaves.

Erdoğan’s use of Mankurt is reminiscent of Hitler’s call for Nazi allegiance to the fatherland. Mankurt is a philosophical tale about what can happen to people if they forget their motherland, language, and history.

Mankurt stems from a Kazakh legend is about a cruel way of making a man forget everything but basic activities and thus becomes an ideal slave. A fresh raw camel hide would be put as a cap on the thoroughly shaven head of a captive. The slave with his hands tied and with a large wooden stock around his neck preventing him from reaching his head would be left in desert for several days. Once the hide would start drying it would shrink and bind to the head, thus making a hoop and “squeezing” all sanity out of the man.

What is worse, the hair is not always able to grow through the camel’s hide so it often curls back and the strong Asian hair would penetrates the scalp again causing a pain beyond endurance. Removing completely the camel’s hide from the scalp is not always possible and those mankurts are so ashamed of having such a headgear that they are always wearing a cap, day and night and would not doff it for anything in the world.



If the man happens to survive the torture, he would be recuperated and become like a dog to his master, not remembering anything from his past, even his own name nor his own mother.

Today the word mankurt is often used in the Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union of Turkic kinship (AzerbaijanUzbekistan,TatarstanKazakhstan, etc.), condemning Muslims who speak only Russian. It is also being heavily used in Turkey in reference to the wholesale adoption of Western approaches to world politics and the zeal for entry into the EU manifested by sections of the educated elite.

Erdoğan is now using this word for his opponents but this is a perfect metaphor for how he has enslaved the media in Turkey. In his war with his enemies, so many newspapers have been seized and turned into quite the opposite of what they were — they have become the slaves of their capturer. Look at the Sabah newspaper, for example, to follow this tragicomic story. Once, it was the most liberal newspaper in Turkey. It was first seized by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), a public institution, and then it was sold to Erdoğan’s supporters. It is now the official mouthpiece of the ruling party.

Yesterday, the government made its boldest move in the creation of new mankurts in Turkey.


Erdoğan has not lost his marbles as many are claiming. He, like Hitler is driven by an insatiable appetite for power. Ever since he moved into a lavish 1,100-room palace in Ankara last year, Erdoğan has been moved by an out-of-control urge for grandeur. This is the man who leads the second largest army in NATO and borders Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Even though Erdoğan nominally had to give up the post as the AKP chief when he became head of state last year, he has remained the de facto leader of the party and the government. The Turkish constitution says the president has to be impartial and to keep out of party politics, but Erdoğan has no intention to keep out of the fray. Erdoğan seeks to establish a new system that will not include the checks and balances that limit the power of the president as in the United States and in other countries asking his voters to give him the parliamentary power to “change set laws” and make whatever changes he wants. So now Erdoğan is resorting to foul play to ensure an AKP landslide by taking over the media and converting his opponents to Mankurts.

The story of Turkey is the story of the unrepentant soul. From the time when Islam consumed Turkey that nation never repented for anything it ever did. When European Parliament joined Pope Francis in urging Turkey to recognize the 1915 massacre of Armenians as a genocide, it only prompted another rebuke from Ankara amid mounting diplomatic tensions over the century-old dispute.

The truth is that such a historic categorization would finally prove that Turkey’s Ottoman ancestors were in the same category as Nazi Germany and a string of dictators from Stalin to Pol Pot. Turkey is one of few  nations on earth (after Japan) that vehemently denies allegations of a systematic killing.

Erdoğan continues the acts of deception with his plans to send Muslims to Europe. During the Pope’s visit Erdoğan shows the Pope some artifacts, a rare video can be seen here (start at 1:26):

What related to Erdoğan’s plans to invade Europe can be seen when he shows the Pope the Tughra which I have been talking about for a while which is the Royal insignia of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (review video at 1:26).


The Tughra which is at times the Name of The Sultan Or The Bismiallah (In the Name of Allah) . The extended two circular artistic parts represent the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.


The extended two circular egg-shaped artistic parts in the Tughra above represent the Black Sea (the smaller bulge) and the Mediterranean Sea (the larger bulge); the two are to be ruled and protected by the Ottomans.

The extended two circular egg-shaped artistic parts in the Tughra above represent the Black Sea (the smaller bulge) and the Mediterranean Sea (the larger bulge) while the vertical squiggles according to the Tughra Analysis and Form explains that these represent ship sails heading to Europe:

“The three vertical letter “alef” (III) with what appears three looking squiglies represent ship masts with the sails going westward to invade and conquer the west [Europe].

This strictly resemble the Muslims flooding into Europe. It resembles what Revelation 12 regarding the woman (the church) being flooded by the gushing forth of Muslim nations from the mouth of the red dragon to dominate Christendom. One must be tuned in the spirit of Prophecy to understand. This is “a ship”. The Bible speaks of the Antichrist destroyed by “The east wind”:

“But the east wind will break you to pieces far out at sea. Your wealth, merchandise and wares, your mariners, sailors and shipwrights, your merchants and all your soldiers, and everyone else on board will sink into the heart of the sea on the day of your shipwreck.” (Ezekiel 27:26-27)

This is how Antichrist loses against the ships of Chittim (Europe) which mimics what happened in history  at the Battle of Lepanto:

He put his vivid red coloured flagship, the Sultana, at the centre of the deployment: no one should overtake it. Meanwhile, the east wind had dropped and now it was blowing, even if slight, in favour of Christians. This was also interpreted as a sign of divine favor.

Prophecy is not only fulfilled once. These ships, just as in Lepanto, will “sink into the heart of the sea” when the “Ships of Chittim” (Europe) will finally retaliate. This depiction is similar to John’s flood which will be “swallowed by the earth”. The wind changed at the Battle of Lepanto as well. It all fits, like a glove. To understand this in much more depth (click here).

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