RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE claims that Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are amassing on the Afghan border for a huge invasion of Central Asia

By BI: Thousands of Islamic State fighters, aided by the Taliban, are on Afghanistan’s northern border ready to march into neighboring states, Russian intelligence officials have revealed. Central Asia is a place of long-standing geopolitical confrontation. Now it turns into another ISIS active front, aimed at terrorizing the region, stealing resources and land, while subjecting the populace to barbaric Islamofascist rule.


The situation is worsening in Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Xinjiang Uyghur Region of China. (Just think…millions more Muslims will be hightailing it out and heading straight for the welfare sucker states of Europe)

UK Express  Moscow’s spy chief Alexander Bortnikov warned fighters from the Taliban, many of whom have pledged allegiance to ISIS, were heavily armed and prepared to pass through porous border controls.  According to our estimates, citizens from more than 100 countries are currently fighting in the ranks of terrorist structures and the recruits constitute up to 40 percent of their forces.


“The escalation in tensions in Afghanistan has brought on serious dangers. There are numerous criminal groups included in the Taliban movement on the northern borders of this country right now. Some of them have also began operating under the Islamic State flag, which has led to a sharp rise in the threat of terrorists invading Central Asia.”

The jihadi hate group could be trying to open up a new front to the north of its territories after being pegged back in Syria by Russian airstrikes. The invasion would be a swipe at Vladimir Puitin as it would take them into the former Soviet states of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, which are still beholden to Moscow.


They would also secure control of lucrative drug trafficking routes taking raw opium from Afghanistan to be sold as heroin on the streets of Russia and Europe.  ISIS has been looking to grow its presence in Asia and has active cells in India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

Putin earlier this month called the situation in Afghanistan “close to critical” and called on other ex-Soviet nations to be prepared to act together to repel a possible attack by ISIS.

The Islamic terrorists have been heavily battered by Western and Russian airstrikes, with some experts warning  its economy is ailing and its command structure close to collapse. (Yet they continue to expand their influence in other countries)

The brutal jihadis have previously announced their intentions to take over the world and subject everyone to their Islamic Sharia Law.