UK Muslim father living on welfare benefits for over a decade says he’s not responsible for breeding 11 future welfare parasites because Allah wants it

By BI: A father of eleven who has been claiming benefits for the past ten years says he doesn’t believe in using contraception – even though he admits the government pays for his children’s upkeep. Mohammed Salim (photo below) and his wife Noreen, 40, from Rochdale, receive £27,000 a year in child tax credits and “job seeker’s” allowance, even though he has no intentions of finding a job.


UK Daily Mail The 58-year-old Muslim said he doesn’t believe he has been irresponsible for having so many offspring. They had their eldest son in 1991 and another ten followed, with their ages now ranging between 24 to seven years old.

Mohammed said he has no regrets about having a large family, even though, in his words, ‘it is the government who pay for their upkeep, food and clothing’. And he admits the family shopping bill comes to £300 a week. We are feeding 13 people. £500 a week is not enough, the costs are there, we are having to stretch and stretch. Rather than going up they want to shrink them down.

Mohammed's brood

Mohammed’s brood

‘Having 11 children isn’t irresponsible, we don’t believe in contraception, we are following god’s first command, he said “go forth and multiply”,’ he told Channel 5’s On Benefits: 26 Kids And Claiming documentary.

Mohammed, whose family of 13 lives in a four-bedroom house and often travel by mini-bus, once worked as a teacher but has been on benefits for the last ten years.

He said despite his qualifications he can’t get work and any roles that are available pay less than what he currently gets in handouts. He said: ‘I have got qualifications and real work experience but it is the system. I have been forced onto the dole.


Mohammed said he is a ‘workaholic’ who had ‘never shied away from hard work’ but in his ten years of seeking employment, he is yet to have any luck.

He said he can’t find a role that would suit his lifestyle and pay enough to support his family. He explained: ‘I have been told to do taxi work but the hours I would have to put in to get a reasonable wage, I can’t do it, especially with young children.’

Along with the weekly shopping, Mohammed said they have to fork out on modern gadgets for their children as they all want iPhones. ‘I have a big family, I am on benefits, there is a worry there but god always see us through.’ (But British taxpayers are the ones who are supporting you and your herd)