Kurdish Soldiers Open Fire On Christian Fighters, A Shootout Commences And Both Kurds And Christians Are Killed

By Theodore Shoebat

Kurdish soldiers opened fire on Christian fighters, commencing a shootout in which both Kurds and Christians were killed. The story proves one thing: the Kurds are not our friends and are not the defenders of Christians at all. According to the report:

Several people have been killed in a clash between Assyrian Christians and Kurds in north-eastern Syria, as tensions rise between the two groups.

Fighting broke out at an Assyrian check-point in the city of Qamishli in the al-Hasakah province; an area divided and controlled in parts by ISIS, Kurds and Assyrian forces.

“The city of Qamishli is controlled by Assyrians, but surrounded by Kurdish fighters. The Assyrians were trying to set up checkpoints and were fired at by the Kurds,” Afram Yakoub, the chairman of the Assyrian Federation of Sweden, told Al Jazeera.

The outbreak of violence was also confirmed by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as being because of the checkpoints, however the two sources have conflicting accounts of the casualties.

Yakoub said at least one Assyrian and eight Kurdish fighters were killed, while Taj Kordsh, a Kurd from the SDF, said “two Assyrian fighters were killed in the clashes and five others were injured.”

He also said that a civilian had been killed.

This is the first known instance of a clash between Assyrians and Kurds over the duration of Syria’s civil war, which began in 2011.

It comes less that a month after three separate attacks in Qamishli increased tensions in the area. The attacks, which targeted two Christian restaurants and killed 18 people, were claimed by ISIS.

I am more worried about the Kurds than I am about ISIS. The Kurds are smarter, they are very well armed, crueler, they have a very deep history of slaughtering Christians (read about the Armenian Genocide), and they have Western backing which makes their evil intentions hidden by a guise of American and European validation. This is not the first time the Kurds have attacked Christian militia fighters.

Five Muslim Kurds, all members of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces (YPG), attacked two major Christian militia leaders, David Antar Gindo and Elias Naser. They first used trickery. They arrived unexpectedly to David’s home, having friendly conversation over tea. The Kurds then invited the two Christian commanders to a secret location. The Christians agreed and in the middle of the journey the Kurds said that the place is so secretive that they would have to be blind folded. They blind folded them.

As they were traveling, the Kurds ambushed them, tied them with rope and commenced torturing them. They executed David at point blank range and shot Elias in the throat. The bullet did not hit a vital area, and Elias didn’t die. The Kurds left him for dead and he was eventually discovered by some good samaritans as he was crawling for dear life.

Assyrian Federation of Germany and the Assyrian Federation of Sweden released this statement on the murder:

On the night of April 22 two local Assyrian leaders from the Khabur area in Syria were taken from their homes and attacked by members of the Kurdish militia known as YPG.
David Gindo and Elias Naser were important leaders for the Assyrians of Khabur with Naser being the leader of the Assyrian militia in the area. It is through his miraculous survival from the attack the perpetrators of the heinous act have been identified.

On the morning of Wednesday April 22nd YPG gunmen ambushed David Antar Gindo and Elias Naser. Tragically, David was killed in the attack, and Elias was in critical condition in hospital at Qameshli, Syria. Days after he was admitted to hospital, Elias Naser wrote out the details of the attack (he was wounded in the throat and unable to speak). From Elias Naser’s testimony, the attack occurred as follows:

On April 22nd, shortly after 23:00, Mr. Elias Naser and Mr. David Gindo arrived at Mr. Naser’s home where they were confronted by five individuals from YPG demanding to speak with them. All five used pseudonyms, three of which were Kamal, Hamza and Dlovan.

The uninvited Kurdish guests sat with the two Assyrian leaders and drank tea, informing them that YPG leaders wished to speak with them about the looting, and that their colleague Riadh Gabriel was already at a secret location for a meeting concerning the matter. Trusting in what they were told, Mr. Elias Naser and Mr. David Gindo agreed to go with the YPG men. On route to the destination they were told that they must be blindfolded because the location of the meeting must remain a secret.

Once they arrived at the location they were tied with ropes and David Antar Gindo was tortured and beaten. The YPG men falsely accused Mr. Elias Naser and Mr. David Gindo of collaborating with ISIS and the Assad regime. These baseless accusations were a pretext to take control of the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians, starting with the elimination of its leadership.

After the YPG gunmen badly beat David Gindo, they took him and Elias Naser to an off road spot near the village of Jumayla, adjacent to the Euphrates damn (also called the Assad damn). The YPG men first executed point blank and in cold blood, David Antar Gindo, and then they turned their guns on Elias Naser. The time was, recalls Elias, around 2:30 am.

Fortunately for Elias Naser, the fatal shot intended to kill him struck him in the throat, and he fell forward as if dead. Though the YPG gunmen shot and kicked him in the body, Elias Naser remained motionless and was left for dead. Passing in and out of consciousness, Elias Naser waited until his attackers had left, freed his hands from the cords that bound him and crawled a distance of 500 meters to a main road where he was taken by a passing car to hospital.

The YPG gunmen also stole a sum of 750,000 Syrian Pounds, 35 AK47s and few PKC machine guns from Mr. Naser’s home.

Presently, Elias Naser is recuperating in a secret location, thankful to be alive but nonetheless mourning the loss of his friend David Antar Gindo.

The Assyrian Federation of Sweden and the Assyrian Federation of Germany condemn the heinous act by the armed wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) which is the Syrian arm of the PKK. The decision to eliminate the two Assyrians is political and aimed at further weakening the Assyrian presence in the area.

It is becoming evident that the Assyrians are squeezed between ISIL and Kurdish political groups eager to occupy Assyrian villages and land. We also call upon Western governments to send direct aid and support to Assyrians in Syria and Iraq.

Assyrian Federation of Germany
Assyrian Federation of Sweden

The Kurds stole 750,000 Syrian pounds, 35 AK47s and several machine guns from David’s home. Why are they stealing the guns of Christians? Because the Kurdish Peshmerga does not want the Christians to be armed. They are using the Christians to help fight ISIS, but once ISIS’ domination is gone, and Syria and Iraq are under the power of Turkey and Iran, the Kurds will side with both of these Muslim powers and conduct a holocaust on the Christian population.

Before Cain killed Abel, “Cain talked with Abel his brother” “in the field” (Genesis 4:8). And thats exactly what these Kurds did before ambushing these two Christian commanders. They came in peaceably, and with false peace deceived the Christians to come with them so that they could kill him. And thats exactly what the Kurds are doing to the Christian people, by making them think that they are their friends, when they are just using the Christians.

The problem with the people in the West who are trusting the Kurds is that they ignore history; they ignore the historical fact that the Kurds were instrumental in the Genocide of the Armenians, the Assyrians, and the Syriac Christians under the Ottoman Empire. They were worked with the Turks to butcher millions of Christians. Never forget what the Kurds did to the Christians.

A missionary eyewitness to the atrocity laments:

the slaughter of the Armenians was a joy to the Turks, a massacre was heralded by the blowing of trumpets and concluded by a procession. Accompanied by the prayers of the mullahs and muezzins, who from the minarets implored the blessings of Allah, the slaughter was accomplished in admirable order according to a well arranged plan. The crowd, supplied with arms by the authorities, joined most amicably with the soldiers and the Kurdish Hamidieh on these festive occa- sions. The Turkish women stimulated their heroes by raising a gutteral shriek of their war cry, the Zilghit, and deafening the hopeless despair of their victims by singing their nuptial songs. A kind of wild cannibal humour seized the crowd…the savage crew did not even spare the children.

The Kurds will commit the same massacres again.