The Islamic Government Of Sudan, Which Is An Ally Of Obama, Throws Christian Man In Prison For Filming Documentary On Christian Persecution

The Islamic government of Sudan, which is connected to the Obama administration, threw a Christian man into prison for making a documentary on Christian persecution. According to a report:


A Czech man named Petr Jasek has been imprisoned in Sudan for filming the persecution of Christians in the country, according to Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

So far, diplomacy’s efforts to have 52-year-old Petr Jasek freed have been in vain. He was thrown into prison in Sudan in December and may face trial in March, the Prague Monitor reports.

Petr Jasek’s video is being used as a major piece of evidence against him. In the video, a man is seen describing how he got his burn wounds. While Jasek said the Christian man was violently attacked by Muslims, the man has denied such an incident. The man claimed the accused had just misinterpreted his words because he got the injuries from a car accident, the report relays.

Jasek’s case is difficult because Sudan’s legislation is inspired by the traditional Islamic Sharia law. In addition, he has reportedly been accused of crossing the state border illegally.

The diplomats who have tried and failed to broker Jasek’s release say they are not sure what sentence will be handed to Jasek.

A spokeswoman for the Czech Foreign Ministry said they have been working on the case, but declined to release more details to avoid affecting the upcoming trial in Khartoum.

“I can only say we have been dealing with a consular case in Sudan,” ministry’s spokeswoman Michaela Lagronova said.

Petr Jasek came to Sudan with the aid of U.S. group Voice of Martyrs to help Christians in the Islamic country.

Malik Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama, is working with the Muslim dictator, al-Bashir, who supports the same terrorists who massacred the people in the Nairobi mall. And here is a photo of president Obama with Malik Obama:

Barack Obama with Malik Obama

Barack Obama with Malik Obama

The attack on the mall in Nairobi was done to purge Kenya of any Western influence, and Bashir, in his work with the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), is making the same type of extinguishing. On the 24th session of the IDO’s trustees Omar al-bahsir stated that “the IDO filled a gap of the western organizations that were thrown out of the country.”

Both the al-Shabaab terrorists, and the Obama family, want the nation of Kenya to be under Sharia code.

An article on al-Arab newspaper, stated that Obama’s cousin, Musa Obama, said that he “studied Sharia in Medina”, called “upon the Arab and Islamic states to put more effort toward aiding the Kenyan Muslim brethren, especially since there is much support coming from Western nations and Western churches,” said that his organization, the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, “gives scholarships to study Sharia in Medina [Saudi Arabia].”

Musa Obama in his efforts to thwart the efforts of the spread of Christianity in Kenya

(On the left) Musa Ismail Obama from an article on al-Arab, discussing the Obamas efforts to thwart the spread of Christianity in Kenya

He also stated “that despite the fact that Barack Obama hasn’t visited his tribe in Kenya since his election in the United States, there is a continual communication between him and several members of his family and his tribe in Kenya, of which the Kenyan prime minister is also a member.”

So, we know for a fact that Musa Obama studied Sharia in Medina, that his organization gives scholarships for Muslim youths to study Sharia in Saudi Arabia, for the purpose of dechristinizing and extinguishing Christianity in Kenya where the majority of people are Christians. Musa Obama, Sarah Obama (Obama’s grandmother) and Sayed Obama (Obama’s uncle) are lending scholarships for youths to enter the three major Sharia schools in Saudi Arabia, Umm al-Qura, the Islamic University in Medina, and the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.

Now, we have al-Shabaab terrorists executing a slaughter of people in a Nairobi mall, and when we look into what this group is, what we find is that they are a result of youths being sent to these very same universities in Saudi Arabia, including the one where Musa Obama studied.

In the sixties and seventies, the major conduit of wahabism into Somalia, was the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood bringing in Islamic schools into Somalia. Somalian youths were then given scholarships for three major Islamic universities–which were the exact same schools that the Obamas fund African students to attend, and specifically the extremist Sharia education programs within them–Umm al-qura University, the University of Medina, and Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.

The Gulf Issues Centre For Strategic Studies describes these institutions as “the spring of Wahhabism”, and further writes:

[Wahhabists] grew up in the Wahhabi and Salafi schools which imbibed radical ideas in the Islamic University in Medina, Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, and the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. 

A 2010 African Policy Briefing for the International Crisis Group, in writing on the history of wahhabism and the al-Shabab group in Somalia, places its significant growth with Somalian youths being recruited into Umm al-Qura University and the University of Medina, the same schools to which the Mama Sarah Obama Fund brings Kenyan youths to study Islamic Sharia:

Saudi Arabia – flush with petro-dollars after the oil shocks of the 1970s – was particularly instrumental in promoting Wahhabism. and Islamic charities sprang up in all the major urban centres and even in the remote countryside. Well-funded madrasas (religious schools) Thousands of Somali youngsters were brought to Saudi universities – principally Medina and Umm al-Qura – to study Wahhabi jurisprudence (fiqh) and missionary work (da’wa).

The two named universities are the ones which the Obamas are heavily associated with. Moreover, Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, is the executive secretary for the Islamic Da’wa Organization of Sudan, which is working to make Africa Islamic, the same goal of the two named universities’ da’wa programs.

The Foreign Policy Council attributed the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Somalia substantially to these same three universities:

After Somalia’s independence in 1960, Egyptians opened secondary schools in many of the country’s towns. In the 1960s and 1970s, Saudi religious and educational institutions—especially the Islamic University of Medina, the Umm al-Qura University in Mecca, and the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh—joined al-Azhar in offering scholarships to the graduates of these institutions. This development has parallels with the entrenchment of radical Islam in nearby Sudan via the establishment of the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood, the precursor to the currently-ruling National Congress Party (formerly the National Islamic Front).

These are the same three schools to where the Obamas are now sending youths to learn Sharia. What the Muslims did in Somalia, the Obamas and al-Shabaab are already doing in Kenya, and the consequences are the same.

It was from this very Islamism that al-Shabaab arose, and, furthermore, the report parallels this rise to the founding of the National Congress Party in North Sudan, which is ran by Omar al-Bashir, the same Muslim dictator who Barack Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, is working with to make Africa fully Islamic and free of all Christianity. 

Malik Obama’s animosity toward Christianity is expressed in his recent attack against Walid Shoebat, in which he said that “Shoebat defected from his faith in Islam”.

This goal to replace Christianity with Islam in Kenya by the Obamas, was expressed by al-Arab in their interview with Musa Obama in the World University Ruff in Nairobi:

Muslims [in Kenya] suffer from the monumental Christianization aided by Zionist expansionism that infiltrates the nation.

Malik Obama and Omar al-Bashir were in a meeting together for the Islamic Da’wa Organization, in which Bashir said:

that the enemies of Islam who attempt to impose hegemony and make a siege and to encourage plots (and evil measures) towards Sudan will fail, stressing that Sudan rejects such methods of domination, despite the blockade that has been practiced upon it by the plotters of evil that bypassed Sudan with the help of Allah and the [Sudanese] determination.

Al-Shabaab, as well, wants to purge Kenya of all Christianity. When they were slaughtering people in the Nairobi mall, they lined civilians up, and executed them after deeming them non-Muslims because they could not “name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother or recite passages from the Koran”. There was one man who was Muslim who was spared after he recited some verses of the Koran.

Lets not forget that Kenya is 83% Christian, so we know that this massacre was done specifically to kill Christians. In 2011 it was reported that al-Shabaab decapitated a Christian in Somalia named Juma Nuradin Kamil.

But no matter, the world cares more for sodomites in Russia than Christians being massacred.

There is a very significant figure in the Nairobi mall shooting, Hassan Mahad Omar, also known as Hassaan Hussein Adam “Abu Salman.” Hassan is the unofficial mufti and ideologue for al-Shabaab, and their terrorist attacks are linked, directly and indirectly, to his fatwas.

Hassan teaches Islamic doctrine and has a degree from an Islamic university in Saudi Arabia, which means that he is interlinked with the three major Islamic universities to where the Obamas are sending Islamic youths to study Islam and Sharia.

Al-Shabaab, the group who slaughtered the people in the Christian majority nation of Kenya, and the Obamas, are associated with the universities which gave rise to the ideology of al-Shabaab, and both are striving for the same goal: an Islamic Kenya where Christianity would be outlawed.

Is it any wonder, now, that Obama prevented the revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood dictator of North Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, and that he is giving weapons to the jihadists in Syria?