Watch Theodore Shoebat School The ‘Bible Answer Man’ Dr. Michael Brown On His Own Show On The Church’s Stance On Homosexuals

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By Theodore Shoebat

Ever wonder why American society is so infected with sodomites? Reality says it is not the disease (the sodomites), but the disease coming from modern theologians.

Listen to this debate (more like an Inquisition of Theodore) where Theodore schools one theologian claiming to be a ‘Bible Answer man’ by running his mouth on a radio show called Ask Dr. Brown who throughout the show kept asking “where in the Bible does it say ….?”  and “why doesn’t Jesus do it Himself (punish sodomites)” which is the typical question these belabor mouths ask, when in reality the question should be “where in my modern interpretation of the Bible does it say …?”

Dr. Michael Brown (they call them doctors these days when they are really the disease) thinks his Christian milk-chockolate flavor has a monopoly wherein the entire Christian world should heed to his modern interpretation of Scripture. Listen to how a “lazy servant” ignores centuries of well tried and attested sets of laws and ethics that has worked succeeding in fighting this evil as we see in nations with apostolic-succession churches in Russia and Poland. Had his brand of modern Americanized Christianity been in effect when the Maccabees killed heretical Jews for burning incense to Jupiter, Brown would have blasted the Maccabees and defended the rights of the evil Antichrist, Antiochus. To Brown, centuries of the best theologians, Church fathers, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon’s Wisdom, Elijah And Jehu  is ‘out the window’ and Jesus all of the sudden instead of defending the rights of the sheep, would simply love pedophiles, zoophiles, human traffickers, drug traffickers … you name itwithout first considering the rights of the victims. Notice how this lazy servant never once mentions the victims. It is the signs of the times. I thought during the dialogue, if this guy could only shut his trap for a moment. If this man’s speech was made of rust, his silence would be made of gold. All Brown asks throughout is that “why doesn’t Jesus Himself punish the sodomites?” as if God did not command in both Old and New Testament we have the authorities carry out justice. It is the sign of the “lazy servant” we see plaguing the church in the ends of days. Here is the video:

Protect your children. It is not difficult for an apostolic succession Christian well grounded from wonderful church history to spot the leaven which is simple: this modern theology presumes that someone changed the interpretation of Scripture. They always love to blame two: Constantine and Augustine. It seems that someone with the last sounding name “teen” is their devil. Here is one Catholic who also nails Dr. Brown’s silly and simplistic mind: