Terrorists From Syria Following Sharia Islam Are Carrying Out Plans To Poison The Water In The U.S.

FlorBy Walid Shoebat

No, we are not discussing Chlorine and industrial fluoride as thyroid disrupters. We are talking about  terrorists striking at water systems which is a real threat. Indeed, there is a long history of such attacks. Water infrastructure can be targeted directly or water can be contaminated through the introduction of poison or disease-causing agents. The damage is done by hurting people, rendering water unusable, or destroying purification and supply infrastructure.

“Water treatment plant hacked, chemical mix changed for tap supplies” as posted by The Register on  March 24, 2016 is all presumed to have occurred on the U.S.

The “hacktivist” group with ties to Syria compromised Kemuri Water Company’s computers. The computer forensic experts from Verizon subsequently concluded:

Our endpoint forensic analysis revealed a linkage with the recent pattern of unauthorised crossover. Using the same credentials found on the payment app webserver, the threat actors were able to interface with the water district’s valve and flow control application

Hacktivists had manipulated the valves controlling the flow of chemicals twice – though fortunately to no particular effect. It seems the activists lacked either the knowledge of SCADA systems or the intent to do any harm.

But Jihadists are persistent and have been planning to poison water supplies for years. In the ISIS Manifesto which we translated from Arabic on September 2014 gives Islamic jurisprudence from the highest of authorities as translated by ISIS in Syria and Iraq:

It takes pages to provide all the rulings from the top Muslim jurisprudence. One example is from Al-Sarkhasi #4111/1:

” قال السرخسي نقلا عن محمد بن الحسن (شرح السير الكبير 4111/1):
(قال: ولا بأس للمسلمين أن يحرقوا حصون المشركين بالنار، أو يغرقوها بالماء، وأن ينصبوا عليها المجاني ، وأن يقطعوا عنهم الماء، وأن يجعلوا في مائهم الدم والعذرة والسم حتى يفسدوه
عليهم، لأنا أمرنا بقهرهم وكسر شوكتهم؛”


“Sarkhasi said, quoting Muhammad ibn al-Hasan in his “The Explanation of the Major Hadith” #4111/1:
He said: “There is nothing wrong for Muslims to burn the infidels fortresses with fire, or to drown them with water and poison them and cut off their water, and to make their water bitter by pouring blood and menstrual blood and poison until they spoil it for them because we were ordered to belittle them and to break their unity”

There is much more to translate from this 26 page document littered with horrific declarations and is strictly pointing to the United States from mass killing to spreading disease to utter destruction of human life in masse.

If Islam throughout history instructed the women to collect blood from their menstrual cycle and throw it in enemy waters, how much more should the west consider the threat especially that Muslims were carrying out plans to poison waters in the U.S., France, Spain and Canada.

A few months ago, the French Army had to guard water facilities around the French capital while scientists carry out tests following the theft of equipment used to guard against chemical attacks, including protective suits, from a hospital.

One British chemical specialist said that a terror attack on its water supply is a reality:

“Either by injecting a toxin into a pipe system, or by putting a large quantity of a toxic into a reservoir, the terrorists could pose a major threat.”

Even the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said a chemical or biological attack was a real possibility.

More uncertain, however, is how significant such threats are today, compared with other targets that may be subject to Muslim terrorist attack, or how effective such attacks would actually be. Analysis and historical evidence suggest that massive casualties from attacking water systems are difficult to produce, although there may be some significant exceptions. At the same time, the risk of societal disruptions, disarray, and even overreaction on the part of governments and the public from any attack, may be high.

The chance that terrorists will strike at water systems is real but poorly understood by water managers and the public.

As an example of the economic and human chaos even moderate disruption or contamination might cause, an outbreak of Cryptosporidium in Milwaukee in 1993 killed over a hundred people, affected the health of over 400,000 more (MacKenzie et al., 1994; Smith, 1994) and cost millions in lost wages and productivity. That outbreak, completely unrelated to terrorism, gives some sense of the vulnerability of modern water systems to similar undetected, intentionally caused, contamination events.

The typical scenario for a terrorist attack on domestic water supplies involves putting a chemical or biological agent into local water supplies or using conventional explosives to damage basic infrastructure such as pipelines, dams and treatment plants.

A conference, Early Warning Monitoring to Detect Hazardous Events in Water Supplies, held in May 1999 in Reston, Virginia, concluded that terrorist use of bio-weapons can, under some circumstances, pose a significant threat to drinking water. While most biological warfare agents were developed for the purpose of aerial dissemination, some can be effective if digested, and some of these are stable and soluble in water.

No easy estimate of the true risk of water-related terrorism is possible. The fact that there are numerous examples of actual and planned attacks on water systems in the past suggests that the risk is real. And if the Bible needs to remind:

“A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” (Revelation 8:11).

“The name of the star is Wormwood” the Bible says. “A third of the waters turned bitter” the Bible adds.

Whether this is a prophet of doom who is possessed by the devil turns one third of humanity into creeps; or an actual asteroid; outer space warfare; or a nuke; or allegory pointing to some devil who will spoil the rivers and reservoirs; one thing is for sure: the Muslim world fits and plans to carry out all the above.

The day will come when we will say “told you so”.