‘Leader Of Al-Qaeda Branch U.S.’ Barrack Hussein Obama Allows Another Major Al-Qaeda Affiliated Terrorist To Visit U.S. Capital In Washington DC

As might as we start calling Barrack Hussein Obama by what he is, an Al-Qaeda affiliate. Why else would a Syrian terrorist chief be shielded from the UN terror list by the US despite its links to ISIS and Al-Qaeda and then is allowed to visit DC for four days? Who was he meeting with? How was he allowed entry?

This on top of the two dozen Guantánamo detainees poised for release under Obama deals.

Labib al Nahhas, a major terrorist, reportedly had no trouble entering Washington on a European passport. The State Department refused to speak on “visa records.”
Labib al Nahhas is chief of Foreign Political Relations at Ahrar al-Sham which is the main partner with Al-Nusra, the sister of Al-Qaeda. He arrived in the US capital for a visit lasting a few days in December, according to McClatchy DC news. The report cites “four people with direct knowledge of the trip.”

Yes, this camel grease monkey is terrorist Labib Al-Nahhas


Labib Al-Nahhas with other camel grease monkeys. The trimmed mustaches and beards are not be confused with the America loving Amish.

عن مقال النحاس

Al-Nusra’s flag (Al-Qaeda) with Ahrar Al-Sham can be seen together on the battle fronts


Ahrar Al-Sham terror training camp

But Ahrar al-Sham, despite all the volumes of evidence is “not among US-designated terrorist groups.”

Yet, in Washington, Ahrar al-Sham’s links to recognized terrorists are well-known. In fact, the US shielded the group from the United Nations’ blacklist.

The reason the Obama Administration refuses to designate Ahrar Al-Sham as terrorist is that NATO does not mind working with terrorists so long they are against Bashar Al-Assad and Russia. This is why on May 11, Washington blocked a Russian proposal to the UN to delegitimize Ahrar al-Sham along with another group called Jaysh al-Islam over their regular violations of the Russia-US brokered ceasefire. The US’ decision was also shared by Britain, France and Ukraine.

To allow such a terror-leader entry into the United Staes was not by accident. Ahrar Al-Sham was part of Obama’s $500 million plan to supposedly combat Bashar Al-Assad and ISIS forces in Syria. Obama created  an elite force called “Regiment-30” branch of Ahrar Al-Sham. Even the U.S-appointed Ahrar-Al-Sham’s Regiment-30’s main leader proved with ironclad evidence the link with Al-Qaeda’s Al-Nusra. Its code-named Abu Iskandar sent out an official appeal, including airing an explosive T.V interview, confirming they joined the notorious the Al-Qaeda sister, terrorist Al-Nusra Front which carried out massacres against Christians in Adra and Maaloula in Syria:

As soon as the U.S-backed Regiment-30 was dispatched, their commander Nadim Al Hassan and his deputy Farhan Al Jassem, along with 18 others (this would be third of the U.S. trained regiment), were “abducted” and re-educated by the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria. Al-Nusra was designated by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization and are known for massacring Christians.

Despite Pentagon’s denials, last year one of Ahrar Al-Sham’s First Lieutenant Abu Iskandar, reveals receiving the best U.S. training. He declared his appeal to Al-Nusra, which Shoebat.com obtained the group’s document of its unity agreement with Al-Nusra terrorist group to join forces:

tm30-1 copy

The pertinent part of the plea states:

“The leadership in Regiment-30 is calling upon (and for the second time) our brothers in Al-Nusra to stop these exercises [abducting Regiment 30 operatives] and stop the bloodshed and to keep our unity [agreement] intact“.

team30-2 copy

This plea to keep a “previous unity agreement”, cemented between Regiment-30 and Al-Nusra, was also exposed from sources coming directly from the Middle East. Jenan Moussa, an Arab journalist, who was able to penetrate the headquarters of the top ranking official in the U.S. appointed Regiment-30, Lieutenant commander Abu Iskandar, reveals an amazing tale showing how this U.S. appointed team was again begging Al-Nusra terror front to keep its previous arrangements and promises in preserving the unity coalition agreement that the two had made. The clear evidence from the U.S. appointed commander spilling the beans on everything, his intentions to only use the U.S. and his previous agreement to join forces with Al-Nusra and more can be watched here. Shoebat.com translated most of the interview showing the pertinent lines.

Jenan first introduces the scene by stating:

” … they were showing me all the weapons provided by the U.S.  … it is the first time that a journalist was able to get to the headquarters [of Regiment-30] which is located in Northern Aleppo”.

Abu-Iskandar speaks of when Al-Nusra had attacked and abducted ten from Regiment-30 operatives on July 12, 2015 adding that: (see 1:50)

“we had arranged previously with Al-Nusra and agreed never to combat each other and we would never give any information to the allies about Al-Nusra. We are not the arm of the U.S. in Syria and we are not against Al-Nusra Front, the opposite is the truth, they [Al-Nusra] are our brothers and we personally know them … they might accuse us of being agents of the West but we are agents for our country … we are both the same sons and both sides Al-Nusra and ours who were killed are [Jihadi] martyrs …”

Jenan then asks about the detail for the collaboration and arrangements between Regiment-30 and the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front (begin at 4:17). Abu Iskandar replies:

“We are forced to make arrangements with all other fighting groups [including Al-Nusra] and we say that before we came here a week ago that we met with Al-Nusra, and four months ago we met Al-Nusra, which in turn expressed admiration for the [U.S.-led Regiment 30] program. In fact they welcomed us … our arrangements with Al-Nusra is to collaborate militarily. We are not only 54, we are thousands … We were then shocked why they kidnapped Nadim, our leader … we are not 54, we are thousands, we have ground troops on land helping us.”

The “thousands” revealed by Abu Iskandar are “defensive forces” added in by the leadership of Regiment-30. “Al-Nusra released four already” says Abu Iskandar, emphasizing that the broken unity between Al-Nusra and Regiment-30 was simply a skirmish and that both sides mended their differences.

Jenan then asks to reveal what type of weaponry Regiment-30 is using, adding that “information has been revealed that some of your weapons [provided by the allies] are now in the hands of Al-Nusra. What did they [U.S] provide you?” Abu Iskandar denied that any weapons fell in the hands of Al-Nusra and that Al-Nusra released all whom they kidnapped.

Jenan then asks (at 8:11) “Don’t you think that the Americans just dumped you here to die?” Abu Iskandar smiles, and Jenan adds “what can 54 do against all these huge numbers of the other extremist sides, especially that you are agents of the U.S. you have been already honed in on.”

Abu Iskandar replies (see 8:30):

“The Americans, you in the media keep talking about them, the Americans are only part of this alliance. They did give us aid and lots of services, but the bigger enemy [besides the U.S.] is Bashar who is defunct politically”.

Al-Nusra is known to behead Christians. Obama is known to support its sister Ahrar Al-Sham. So why can’t I say “Leader Of Al-Qaeda Branch U.S.’ Barrack Hussein Obama”?

After all, the world is turning upside down isn’t it?