Aleppo Is The Gate For Armageddon And The March On Jerusalem. Why A Donald Trump Victory Is A Victory For Jerusalem And His Defeat Will Usher In Armageddon


By Walid Shoebat

During the debate, they ask Donald Trump about Aleppo and he says that Syria and Russia are killing ISIS, while Hillary says completely the opposite, that Russia and Syria are not killing ISIS. So which one is correct?

Well, its all a play on labels. ISIS, Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham … while they differ and at times fight each other, they are all birds of a feather, since they are all Muslim Jihadis who want not only Syria, but a march towards Jerusalem.

To Americans they see beyond the labels, they see a generic name-brand, regardless of the rebel group’s name, it is all simply soda to them. They are no longer buying into these labels. So when Trump says “they are killing ISIS” he means the whole lot, anyone with a Caliphate mindset and he is absolutely correct, while Killary hones in on tricky labels to deceive the American masses.

The world looks at Aleppo’s destruction and is told “see what Russia did”?

Yet they do not think that Aleppo is the district where Dabiq is, the area where Islam predicts its version of the apocalypse where Armageddon will commence towards Jerusalem.

The whole thing is human insanity gone wild. It is like a cloud of deception hovering over the world coming from the powers of the prince of the air. It is madness.

Whoever dreamt that today we see an ‘all-out war’ or ‘rumors of war’ getting so close between the U.S. and Russia over Syria, and it could all commence in order to boost Al-Qaeda which is guised under the name “Al-Nusra Front” including all other Jihadis?

A decade ago we had a war on Al-Qaeda and today we are Al-Qaeda’s allies? Complete madness. Trump, while he behaves as King David did, with all his sin, is definitely the answer for Jezebel. But will he win? He should, but he has the prince of the power of the air against him.

And with Russia and lately Turkey heavily involved, Dabiq could soon become an orgy for self-fulfilled Muslim apocalypse, which the Muslim theologian can easily twist the text of their prophecy to proclaim that Allah is in control.

In fact, Erdogan entered Syria on August 24th, on the anniversary of the Battle of Dabiq. This is Islam’s Jihad, the Gate To Jerusalem. This is what the Muslims write with calligraphic graffiti on their walls:


The calligraphy graffiti says: “Syria Is Our Gate Towards Jerusalem”

Westerners need to search Twitter using Arabic and click translate to comprehend how the other side sees things, instead of reading their daily news in english, or listen to sound bites from a debate.

“The rebels are at the gates of Dabiq” announces one media watchman. “Euphrates Shield gains villages in Aleppo and moves forward towards Dabiq” announces another watchman. Others cry out “The Crusaders are at Dabiq” alluding to Russian and the U.S. presence in the region as fulfillment of Muslim prophecy.

Russia has moved its S-400 anti-aircraft system into Syria to its air base near Latakia, and its S-300 system to its naval base at Tartus to protect its only entry passageway in the Mediterranean. The rebels have no air force.

So whom did Russia bring in this heavy equipment for?

It was to combat Turkey or even the U.S. Russia which Russia is also moving its aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, into the Mediterranean. Vladimir Putin is doubling down in Syria.


To the Muslim, it is all coming to fruition. It all started when five years ago, Obama declared that Assad (Arabic for Lion) “must step down”.

Assad, being from the Levant, of course, ignored the Cushite Eunuch, Obama. He alongside Russia went on to crush what the U.S. calls “rebels” when any sane mind can see that these were Islamist terrorists mostly allied to Turkey.

The Cushite Eunuch, Obama, to prove he was not castrated by pleasing the Arab anti-Shiite Wahhabists, decided to draw a “red line” in the sand after he slandered Assad, claiming that Assad was using chemical weapons, and that if he does it again, the Cushite would summon his American jeanie, the U.S. Air Force, to strike the lion and clip his wings. It came close.

But when the Eunuch readied military action in 2013, the American people rose up and roared, “No” to the Eunuch, when Congress refused to authorize U.S. military action and the castrated Eunuch finally backed down. Then came the Russian Bear, Putin stepping in to save the lion’s fortunes.


So who do we blame for all this destruction and death of a quarter million people in the region? Who else is at fault but the U.S. Administration including the Jezebel Killary?

Now we are on a brink of a major battle. We have 10,000 troops — Syrian, Iraqi Shiite militia, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Afghan mercenaries poised for an attack on Aleppo, backed by Russian air power, Assad, the Lion, may be on the cusp of victory in what seem to become the bloodiest and most decisive battle of the war.

This will even rise the civilian death-toll much higher.

Hillary actually lied. The Russian Minister for Defence, Sergei Shoigu, has published an assessment of Russian military actions in Syria. In the space of one year, he confirms they have liberated 586 localities and more than 12,000 square kilometres of territory, put to death around 35,000 Muslim terrorists, including more than 2,700 from Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. He opposed these results to those of the United States, who, while they claim to be fighting terrorists, are in fact supporting them against the Syrian Arab Republic.

So instead of the U.S. winning Syria as an ally, the Russian bear ended up consuming much flesh with the greatest Russo-Egyptian military exercises since the time of Gamal Abdel Nasser to combat the jihadists, notably in the Sinai desert.

What is even crazier, we have generals discussing the war scenario. US Generals, of course, following in the footsteps of Jezebel Hillary and the Eunuch, have revealed that the situation has never been so serious since the Korean war.

All generals agree that a confrontation between the United States and Russia would be brief, but of an amplitude never before equalled in History. General Mark A. Milley affirmed that the opposing Navy and Air Forces would cancel one another out while Ambassador Charles W. Freeman, Jr. warns against taking action. The United States and Russia have so far managed to avoid nuclear war.

The Kurds took advantage and re-occupied Jarabulus in the North of Syria while Turkey refuses to withdraw its troops from any territory all the while the Israeli army attacked the area adjacent to the occupied Golan Plateau.

The other stranger thing is that Israel, like the U.S., even prefers Al-Qaeda when in August 2014, Israel threw out the United Nations Disengagement Observer Forces (UNDOF) and replaced them with jihadists from Al-Qaïda, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had his photo taken with some of the 500 jihadists being treated at the Ziv Medical Centre.


Today we live in a world that we cannot logically explain what we witness. Maybe it is perhaps that Israel knows what we do not know, since it recognizes that the U.S. is causing trouble and preferred to see Al-Qaeda next door instead of U.N troops.

The Israelis even aided the Jihadis by artillery against Syrian territory. All what Israel and the jihadists have to do is open a corridor between the Syrian demilitarised zone and the Chebaa farms and the war will extend to South Lebanon.


Lebanon is of course an interest of France. France is Lebanon’s protector of the Maronite Christians and they reject any war in Aleppo.

And while the conflict between Russia and Turkey reached its height this year, now we find Putin, the Russian bear, and the Anatolian dog, Erdogan, as strange bed fellows signing a deal to carry Russian natural gas under the Black Sea and through Turkey to Europe.

In his remarks Erdoğan said he has full faith in the normalization of relations between the two countries. According to Erdoğan, he and Putin even discussed possible cooperation in Operation Euphrates Shield. 

How is that possible, when Russia and Turkey’s Euphrates Shield have opposite allies? Russia is at war with the Free Syrian Army and Turkey is the best ally of the Free Syrian Army. So how do we explain this?

If anything, we live in an era of complete confusion where no analyst can make sense of anything anymore.

Perhaps I can make sense of it all. Perhaps the reason we see such strange bed fellows is that a deal was struck where the U.S., Turkey, the Kurds and the FSA working with even with the Assad coalition, Russia, Hezbollah, Iran … and they all want to first rid the world of Wahhabi ISIS first, then try to find a resolution.

All this will open the doors further for Turkey to encroach further into Syria to establish ‘peaceful’ Islam.

Congress would never authorize a war with Russia or Syria, nor would the American people sustain it.

The FSA (Free Syrian Army) can never defeat ISIS and al-Nusra Front, let alone bring down Bashar Assad and run the Russians, Hezbollah, Iran and the Iraqi Shiite militias out of Syria. It is impossible.

The world will soon yell loud and clear to stop the killing, the carnage, the war and get the best terms for peace, and Turkey will enter in as a peacekeeping force.

But no matter how we look at it, the Caliphate is on the horizon, where Syria will have a puppet accepted and approved by Turkey and by this opening the gateway from Syria to Jerusalem.

Whether Jezebel wins or Trump wins is now up to the American people. In their hands lays a piece of destiny. Here we have a David, with all his sins, and in addition perhaps a lack of spiritual faith too, but he sure beat the hell out of Jezebel last night.

The study of prophecy is also a study to find the answers for our spiritual walk and our eternal destiny. It must therefore include, a study of history and geography. And while we look at the map and see where is Syria, the corridor the Antichrist enters to defile the promised land, we must also look towards the only corridor to eternity: Jesus Christ, and to Him we pray He appoints the one fitting in accordance to the hearts of the masses.



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