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200,000 Christians Take The Streets Of Paris, And Fight Against The Religion Of The Antichrist And The Enemies Of Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat Around 200,000 Christians took the streets of Paris, to fight against the antichrist religion of Sodom and Gomorrah and to fight against the enemies of Christianity. I did a whole video on this event, with my own commentary: ‘ CHRISTIANITY IS AT WAR. WE MUST EDUCATE OURSELVES TO PREPARE OURSELVES FOR THIS […]

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New Report By The FBI Reveals The State Department Coercing The FBI To Fraudulently Fake Documents To Help Hillary Clinton Win The Election

(with permission from the Right Scoop) This is amazing and shows the collusion between Hillary Clinton and the State Department to aid Hillary through coercion. This should spread like wildfire in exposing the corruption. These new documents released by the FBI just this morning show that Patrick Kennedy, a senior State Department official, tried to convince […]

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Muslim Imam Sodomizes Ten Children At Mosque, When Arrested Says ‘I Am Unmarried And I Had Nobody To Vent My Sexual Needs With’

Islam is what it is and does what it does no matter where it goes. We have reported before on how Europe’s “new Muslims” have raped children and then said they did it because they had ‘unfulfilled sexual needs.’ However, this happens commonly in the Muslim world, such as in this case where a Muslim […]

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Germany Makes Demand To Facebook- Shut Down ‘American Hate Speech’ Against ‘Migrants’ Now Or Else You Will Pay

Almost a year ago we reported that Facebook has been acting on threats from the German government to censor posts about ‘migrants’ or else face penalties. Now Germany has taken another step, saying that if Facebook does not start censoring ‘hate speech posts’ made by Americans, they will fine Facebook 55 thousand dollars for each […]

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The Republican Party Has Become Absolutely Evil And Satanic, It Is Filled With Homosexuals And Evil People

By Theodore Shoebat The Republican Party has become absolutely evil and diabolical. For today I discussed this with a lot of commentary: CLICK HERE TO GET OUR 2-DISK DVD SERIES ON CHRISTIAN MILITANCY AND CHRISTIAN WARFARE AND JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY!  CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE […]

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