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Thousands Upon Thousands Of Nazis Take The Streets Of Kiev In Ukraine, Praise Nazism And Express Their Hatred And Rage Against Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands upon thousands of Nazis took the streets of Kiev in Ukraine, praising Nazism and expressing their absolute hatred for Christianity. They shouted praises for Stephan Bandera, a Ukrainian Nazi responsible for the butchering of 100,000 people in Poland. Anyone who praises Nazism and Nazis, are expressing hatred for Christianity. The story […]

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More Scenes Of Paris Destroyed By Muslim Invaders- They Are The Terminators Of Civilizations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if so, how much more a video. Something which I have discussed before but I cannot emphasize enough is the visual destruction of the Western world through the eyes of those lived on the ground. This video contains more scenes of the destruction of Paris […]

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Muslim Parents Take Their 40-Day-Old Baby And Try To Sell Her On EBay For $5000 USD

Human life in Islam, especially that of the most vulnerable, is never valued at a premium but comes at a discount. Children, the elderly, the weak and the lame are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by fellow Muslims seeking personal gain and then discarded. This is not something that is culturally unique, but follows Muslims […]

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There Is A Major Global Conspiracy Being Designed By World Elites, To Destroy Christianity And Butcher Every Christian On Earth

By Theodore Shoebat There is a major global conspiracy being designed by world elites, to destroy Christianity and murder every Christian on earth in an international genocide. I made a whole video discussing this, with in depth commentary and with a clip at the end showing illustrations of the coming world tyrannies. In the second […]

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