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Muslim Man Rejects Islam, Finds The Catholic Faith And Declares It To be The Truth

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man from Iran and left Islam, only to ultimately find the Catholic Faith and declare it to be the truth. I did a whole video on this beautiful story:   According to the report: Sohrab Ahmari, an editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal in London, grew up a Muslim […]

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The American Government Suspends Justice Roy Moore For Standing Up For Christianity, And For Refusing To Bow Down To The Homosexual Agenda And Accept Homosexual “Marriage”

By Theodore Shoebat The American government has suspended Justice Roy Moore For refusing to bow down to the homosexual agenda and not accepting homosexual “marriage.” As we read in one report: Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended from serving the rest of his term for refusing to allow probate judges to […]

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Obama Administration Tries To Copy Sweden, Proposes Plan For Americans To “Adopt” And “Sponsor” Muslim Immigration To The USA

In a new low reached by the Obama administration, he is working on a plan whereby US Citizens would be able to, just like Sweden, “sponsor” a Muslim to come to the United States by paying for his transportation, food, housing, and other resettlement costs: Americans might be able to bring a refugee to the […]

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Small Michigan Town Council Votes NO To Mega Mosque, CAIR Sues Them And Now The Justice Department Is Forcing The Town To Build The Mosque With Taxpayer Dollars In Largest Settlement Ever

$1.7 Million Dollars- that is how much that Pittsfield Township, MI is being forced by the US Justice Department to pay a group of Muslims to build a 70,000 sq foot mega mosque after being sued by CAIR when the zoning board voted against permitting the monstrosity to be built: A Michigan township will pay […]

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Caught On Video- Watch As Evil Muslim Goes Into Ancient Italian Churches And Destroys Them Out Of Absolute Hatred

Italian Churches have released the security camera footage of a Muslim man who went into one of four ancient Italian Churches and embarked on a rampage of destruction. Thankfully the man was eventually caught, but not after causing serious destruction to each church. There is only reason why he would do this- because Islam is […]

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US Government Caught Red-Handed Paying UK Firm HALF A BILLION Dollars To Create Fake Al-Qaeda Propaganda Films

In another explosive story, the US Government has been caught red-handed paying over 500 million dollars to the public relations firm Bell Pottingers to create fake Al-Qaeda propaganda films between 2007 and 2011. Not only that, but the report reveals that the US government had been working on creating such propaganda with the same company […]

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