Archive | October 23, 2016

Five Thousand Nazis In Switzerland Take The Streets, Praise Nazism In The Largest Nazi Gathering In The Nation’s History

By Theodore Shoebat Five thousand Nazis in Switzerland organized what is now being called the largest Nazi event in Swiss history. I did a whole video on the significance of this:   According to one report: Police in the canton of St Gallen are under fire for allowing a music festival for right-wing extremists to […]

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New Signs In The Sky Worry Christians Who See That The Tribulation Period Begins On September 23, 2017. Is This True?

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) Will the Tribulation begin on September 23, 2017 when we all see the constellation Virgo with the sun rise directly behind it? After all jupiter in the constellation enters the womb of Virgo and stays there for approximately 9.5 months. Before I answer, let me remind about the responsibility of answering such a quest. […]

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Make No Mistake, There Would Be No Winner In A War Between Russia And America, But America Would Emerge As The Greater Loser

As the possibility of a third world war involving nuclear weapons with Russia approaches at the same time as the upcoming American presidential election, it is important to understand how serious this matter is. A conflict with Russia would cause massive damage to the entire world, and in a real sense, there would be no winner. […]

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