Archive | October 31, 2016

Woman In New Mexico Gets Sexual Enjoyment By Watching Men Rape Her Daughter, She Drugs Her Daughter With Meth, A Man Then Rapes Her, And They Dismember Her To Very Small Pieces

By Theodore Shoebat A deviant woman in New Mexico says that she enjoyed watching her daughter getting raped by other men. She and her boyfriend drugged her with meth, and he raped her. They then strangled, dismembered and burned a her. Here is the report: Officers were called to a disturbance at Arroyo Villas Apartment Complex […]

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Muslims Take Nine People And Throw Them Into A Giant Pit Filled With Oil And Burn Them All Alive

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslims took nine people, and threw them into a put filled with burning oil, burning the victims all alive. As we read in one report: The Islamic State terror group has reportedly burned alive nine of its fighters by throwing them in trenches containing burning oil as punishment for fleeing the […]

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ISIS Is Now Taking Toys And Small Things A Child Would Grab In A House And Is Boobytrapping Them With Deadly Explosives To Try And Kill Small Children

ISIS never ceases to find new ways to torture even the most innocent people. In a new revelation, ISIS has been discovered boobytrapping children’s toys and other small objects a child would grab in order to try and kill small children according to a recent report: The teddy bear, garish but cuddly, is propped on […]

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540,000 Christians Demand That The Pakistani Government Release Christian Woman Sentenced To Death For Preaching Against Islam

By Theodore Shoebat 540,000 Christians are demanding that the Pakistani government release Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, from being executed for preaching against Islam. Lets hope that this pressure makes the government of Pakistan release this woman from this evil and tyrannical violence. Here is the report: A global petition in support of Christian mother […]

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After Two Years Of Islamic Oppression, This Christian Town Is Finally Free To Go Back To Church And Worship God

By Theodore Shoebat After two years of Islamic oppression, the largest Christian community in Iraq, in the town of Qaraqosh, is finally free to go to church and observe the Faith. The altar was desecrated and vandalized, yet the zeal of the people is still animating: The church was blackened and ruined, but the Faith still […]

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Muslims Accuse 9-Year-Old Christian Boy Of Desecrating A Koran, Police Arrest The Boy And Torture Him For 4 Days Straight And Then Try To Put Him On Death Row

According to the reports, it appears the Muslims who accused him had no proof- they did this just for spite. They hate Christians and wanted to see a Christian die. The boy was eventually released, but not after pressure from international Christians aid groups. No Koran copy was ever found. The boy and his family […]

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