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Aleppo Is The Gate For Armageddon And The March On Jerusalem. Why A Donald Trump Victory Is A Victory For Jerusalem And His Defeat Will Usher In Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat During the debate, they ask Donald Trump about Aleppo and he says that Syria and Russia are killing ISIS, while Hillary says completely the opposite, that Russia and Syria are not killing ISIS. So which one is correct? Well, its all a play on labels. ISIS, Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham … while they […]

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New Report Reveals That 77% Of The Judges Who Tried The Nazis Were In Fact Nazis Themselves Who Worked To Cover Up Nazi Crimes

By Theodore Shoebat A recently published report reveals that 77% of the judges who tried the Nazis in Germany were themselves Nazis who were working to defend their fellow National Socialists and their crimes. I did a whole video on this news: According to a report: Germany’s post-World War Two justice ministry was infested with ex-Nazis […]

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Muslims In Europe Are Being Caught On Camera Faking Car Accidents And Then Trying To Extort Or Perform Insurance Fraud On The Victim

Private dashboard cameras are common in parts of Eastern Europe because auto insurance scams are very common. However, thanks to Western Europe’s new Muslim arrivals, automobile insurance scams are appearing everywhere. This scene comes from Germany, where a Muslim fakes a car accident with the hope of scamming a German driver. However, the German man, […]

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The Governor Of Iowa Just Made This Warning To All Americans: ‘There Are Major Islamic Terrorists In Iowa, In Fact, There Are Living In Every State Of America. They Can Strike Any Day’

By Theodore Shoebat  The governor of Iowa just made a warning to all Americans that there are Islamic state sympathizers in Iowa, and not just that, but in every state. He also made it clear that this is a serious threat and that they could strike at any day. According to one report: Gov. Terry […]

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