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“We Will Invade Mecca After We Liberate Mosul” Says Militia Fighters At The Battle Of Mosul

By Walid Shoebat We hear of Battles for Mosul and Battles For Aleppo. These are the latest media attractions. It is as if we are watching a theatre from the time-machine during the times of Islamic expansions and crusader wars. The difference is that instead of arrows and swords we have missiles. Who knows, tomorrow we might get lucky […]

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Eight Muslims Repeatedly Gang Rape Four Underage English Girls, Brag ‘White Girls Are Slags And The Only Thing They Are Good For Is Sex’ And Threaten To Burn Their Houses Down While The UK Government Tries To Cover It Up

Eight Muslims have finally been convicted of raping a group of underage English girls and then threatening to burn their homes down. However, what is the biggest scandal is how the UK government tried to cover up the whole ordeal: Eight members of an Asian sex gang in Rotherham were today convicted of sexually exploiting […]

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Muslim Terrorists Kidnap American Christian Missionary, Make Him Take Off His Clothes At Gunpoint And Take Him Away And Now Nobody Knows Where He Is

American missionary Jeff Woodke was working evangelizing Muslims in Africa when Muslim terrorists stormed his home at night and kidnapped him. They forced him to take off all his clothes down to his underwear, and they took him away and now nobody knows where he is: A California church is now praying desperately for the […]

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Muslim ‘Anti-Radicalism Advisor’ For UK Government Arrested For Multiple Rapes And Then Threatening To Murder The Victims If They Said Anything

Muhammad was (among many things) a mass murderer and a rapist. Since Muslims call Muhammad’s life the perfect image of Islamic piety and devotion for Muslims to follow, it should come as no surprise when they rape and murder too, because they are just acting in the image of their prophet, such as with this […]

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Muslims Take Fifty Christians And Force Them Into Brutal Slavery, A Group Of Christians Come In And Rescue Them, They Then Cry Out: “Who Is This King Of Glory? The Lord Strong And Mighty”

Fifty Christians in Pakistan were enslaved by Muslims, being forced to remain imprisoned making bricks. Within these very brick kilns, Christians have been forced to endure all sorts of inhumanities and atrocities, such as rape and other sadistic tortures. While this violation of human rights goes on, our organization, Rescue Christians, has been working on the ground […]

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