Archive | October 8, 2016

Sweden Is Becoming One Of Europe’s Biggest Exporters of Islamic Terrorism Thanks To Their New Muslim Arrivals

Sweden used to be a land known known for its peaceful, almost idyllic way of life. However, since they have imported massive numbers of Muslims into their land, Sweden has not only become the “rape capitol” of Europe, but is fast becoming a major exporter of Islamic terrorism: Gothenburg is where much of the recruitment […]

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Muslim Terrorists Surround Bus With 50 Christian Converts From Islam And Prepare To Murder Them All, Suddenly Massive Dust Storm Surrounds Them And The Christians Are Able To Escape

Coincidence? You be the judge. Personally, this was a miracle from God after their baptism, allowing these newly baptized safe passage in this life to live anew as Christians having passed from their old life as Muslims: One of the new believers named Rizwan said the group was about to conclude a mass baptism for […]

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ISIS Takes Young, Starving Children And Cuts Of Their Limbs For The ‘Crime’ Of Begging For Food

Islamic Shariah Law is brutal and unforgiving to all. In a recent act of brutality, ISIS has been taking young children from the streets and dismembering them for the ‘crime’ of begging for food because they are starving on account of ISIS’ destruction of their society: The Islamic State’s vicious brutality is ongoing in the […]

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