Archive | October 28, 2016

Make No Mistake About It, Nazis Are Infiltrating The Conservative Movement

By Theodore Shoebat I believe truly that there are Nazis are infiltrating conservative circles. The problem is that most do not want to see it. Its the devil you do not know that you should worry more about than the devil you already know. I did a whole video on this: To Learn More About […]

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ISIS Has Abducted Almost Ten Thousand Innocent People And Is Preparing To Use Them As Human Shields As Iraqi Forces Close In On Mosul

ISIS’ power has been in decline, and right now Iraqi forces are assaulting the ISIS stronghold of Mosul. However, ISIS has been expected this and in response has abducted almost ten thousand innocent people and is preparing to use them has human shields as a part of their “defense.” ISIS has also threatened to murder […]

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America And EU Are Building Up Troops And Planning War Games Clearly Directed At Russia In The Baltic States- This Is What We Have Been Warning You About

Earlier this year, a major NATO general advised that World War III would start in May 2017 over a conflict between the EU (Germany) and Russia over the Baltic States. Most of the controversy circulated around the placement of a large “missile defense” system conveniently situated in Riga, Latvia, which just under 11 hours by […]

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