Archive | October 7, 2016

Germany Is Now Working To Create Its Own EU Military Force, Major War Is Coming

By Theodore Shoebat Germany is now working on creating its own EU military force, a sign that major war is on the way. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Despite Britain’s move to block an EU army, a growing number of experts believe a recent German defense paper shows Berlin […]

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‘The Muslim Invasion Is A War Run By The European Union Meant To Wipe Out The West’ Major Hungarian Intelligence Operative Exposes Islamic Invasion

Laszlo Foidl is the former Director of Operations for the Hungarian Intelligence Services. In his most recent interview, he calls the Muslim invasion of West a part of “fourth generation warfare” using massive population movements to morally, culturally, and then finally topple physically governments who, as he says, will not submit to the will of […]

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‘Keep Your Barbaric Ways In Your 7th Century Homeland’ Canadian Patriots Stand Up To Islamic Invasion Of Their Nation

For Americans, Canada is a nation known for hockey, maple syrup, and extreme “hate speech” laws. Yet even some Canadians are tiring of watching Muslims take over and subvert their society, and so are risking fines, punishment, and jail time to speak out again the Islamization of their nation. In this case, 40 anti-Islam posters […]

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