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Italian Government Shuts Down Illegal Mosques And Tells Muslims To Obey The Law, Muslims Freak Out And Have Massive Prayer Demonstration In Front Of Coliseum, Italian Government Stands By Its Word And Doesn’t Back Down

Good for Italy for standing up to the Muslims. Likewise, it is fitting that Muslims should pray in front of the Coliseum. After all, it was a place where many Christians were martyred out of hatred for Christ, and how more fitting that Muslims, whose religion hates Christ, should make their disrespectful petitions as close […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Area, Remove The Crosses And Declare That All Christians Must Take The Mark Of The Beast, They Slaughter The Christians That Refuse, The Christians Then Take Up Arms, Rise Up Against The Muslims And Defeat Them In Major Victory. The Christians Raise Up A Giant Cross And Praise Jesus Christ As Their Lord And Savior

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat This is a must read and must see; for the beginning will give you joy; but the ending will shock every Christian who loves Christ and the Bible to see what the goals of Antichrist are all about. Trust me, it will shock you. I start with the video clips […]

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Remember That Muslim Who Raped A Little Boy Because It Was A “Sexual Emergency?” The Courts Overturned His Conviction- ‘He Didn’t Realize The Boy Was Saying No’

Aamir A., the Muslim who raped a 10 year old boy You read that right. That Muslim who grabbed an violently sodomized a little boy earlier this year because it was a “sexual emergency” is now free. They overturned his conviction for rape because ‘he didn’t realize the boy was saying no’: An Iraqi refugee […]

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Muslims Take Six Men, Put Them Into A Giant Baking Oven And Cook Them Alive, They Then Take Two Hundred And Fifty Small Children, Put Them Into A Giant Dough Kneading Machine And Mash Them To Pieces, They Take Several Hundred More People And Shoot Them All In Mass Executions, They Roam The Streets And Butcher Any Christians They Find

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, around the area of Adra al-Ummaliya, committed a horrific massacre. They took six men and cooked them alive in a giant oven, they then took 250 small children and forced them into a large dough kneading machine and kneaded them alive; they executed hundreds more and also roamed the streets and […]

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Muslim Man Riding On Bicycle Sees Two European Women, Pulls Down His Pants And Starts Pleasuring Himself In Front Of Them, Police Will Not Arrest Him Saying ‘He Did Nothing Wrong’

Cologne was where Muslims not even a year ago sexually assaulted over a thousand European women and girls on New Years Eve 2016. Now in that same city, a Muslim man was riding his bike when he saw two European women he liked. Unable to control his feelings, he got off his bike and began […]

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