Archive | October 30, 2016

Donald Trump Bows Down To The Homosexual Agenda, And Waves The LGBT Flag After Being Paid Over A Million Dollars By The Homosexual Elite

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump has bowed down the homosexual religion and agenda, waving the “LGBT” flag in Greeley, Colorado, after being paid over a million dollars the homosexual elite. I did a whole video on this: This is the evil for which God has destroyed entire nations. This will not be taken lightly by […]

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The Government Of Pakistan Sentences Christian Woman To Death, Muslim Mobs Are Now Declaring: “It will be a war if the accursed Christian escapes. We are united to guard the honor of Allah, we are His servants”

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim mobs are pushing the government of Pakistan to execute capital punishment on Christian Catholic woman, Asia Bibi, after she has already been sentenced to death the State. They are now declaring: “It will be a war if accursed Asia escapes. We are united to guard the honor of Rasool Allah, we are […]

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