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Satan-Worshipping And Crystal Meth Addicted Homosexual Meets Up With Other Homosexual Satanist Via Hookup App For ‘Dirty, Sleazy Sex Session,’ After He Murders Him, Shaves His Flesh With A Cheese Grater And Eats It With Chopsticks, Then Tries To Dissolve The Body In Acid, Says ‘Satan Told Me To Do It- It Was A Fetish’

Stefano Brizzi is a crystal meth addicted satanist and homosexual who wanted to meet a like-minded man online for ‘dirty, sleazy sex.’ However, he had a lot more in mind, because after they had their hook up on the homosexual dating app Grindr, he murdered the other man and then meticulously prepared his body, shaving […]

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CDC Warns Regarding Disease In The LGBT Community

By Walid Shoebat While the sexual revolutionaries taunt us of their political victories in gaining more “freedom” more “budget” and more “money” as the means to promote their perverse agendas, here comes God and curses them to self-destruction. The last few days the CDC sent a litany of serious warnings. Scientists cannot anymore cover up the new […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Town And Make The People Miserable, But Now It Is Finally Liberated

By Theodore Shoebat In 2014, ISIS terrorists invaded the ancient Christian town of Bartella, in Iraq. In one report from that time it says: Three other nearby villages were also attacked overnight and Thursday, local police officials told CNN. Two of the villages — Bartella and Tall Kayf — are predominately Christian. Hundreds of Christian […]

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Evil Muslim Woman Harasses, Targets Old Landlord With “Discrimination” Lawsuit, Now State Of New Jersey Attorney General Is Trying To Destroy His Business

We have been saying constantly that the governments of the West are allowing and promoting Islam for political ends, and they do not care about and will attempt to destroy their own people. In a disgusting example of Muslim deceitfulness, a Muslim woman went to William Greda, an old landlord, inquiring about an ad for an […]

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Muslim Man Runs Up To Random Teenage Boy And Girl Walking On Bridge, Repeatedly Stabs The Boy In The Back And Throws The Girl Over The Bride, Media Covers Up The Whole Ordeal

The girl was rescued and survived with serious injuries, but the boy died on his wounds on the way to the hospital. The only thing that makes this worse is that the media has covered up the entire attack, as though it never existed: The 16-year-old boy was on Sunday evening, along with a 15-year-old […]

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Muslim Rapes And Violently Sodomizes Woman For Twenty Minutes, Swedish Court Acquits All Charges Against Him And Gives Him Fifteen THOUSAND Dollars For His Time In Prison

In Sweden, it pays to be a rapist. At least, that is the message Swedish courts sent in a recent ruling where four Muslims gang raped and violently sodomized a Swedish woman for twenty minutes. When they were caught, three of them received only three years in jail, but the fourth one was acquitted of […]

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