“We Will Invade Mecca After We Liberate Mosul” Says Militia Fighters At The Battle Of Mosul


By Walid Shoebat

We hear of Battles for Mosul and Battles For Aleppo. These are the latest media attractions. It is as if we are watching a theatre from the time-machine during the times of Islamic expansions and crusader wars. The difference is that instead of arrows and swords we have missiles. Who knows, tomorrow we might get lucky being board of all the grizzly killings at the ISIS coliseum, to be surprised watching nukes fly from Tehran to Mecca. You can even hear such scenarios from the battle fields. From Iraq listen to this Shiite militia fighter telling his dream plans after Mosul:

O sorry, I forgot, you do not understand Arabic. He is saying that ‘Allah-willing’ after they take “Wasel, Halla, Busra, Naseria, Al-Amara and Mosul” then Allah will have them invade Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia to establish the Husseini sect (Shia) over the Kaaba.

If one thinks that Iran entering Saudi Arabia and destroying Mecca is just an isolated fantasy by this Shiite warrior for Mosul, they can easily find a collection of promises from clergy to politician:

“Mecca will be destroyed upon the head of who lives there” one says “the Hashd (Shiite militia) will enter the heart of Saudi Arabia” another says “All shiites must be prepared for the coming battle, we will enter the land of the two holy places [Mecca and Medina]” another says.

The quagmire is becoming complex squabbling who enters the battle of Mosul. Every sect wants a piece of the action so that they can claim a piece of the pie. The coalition is called The Iraqi-American-Kurdish-Iranian offensive to capture Mosul, which has kicked off today. In addition, Turkey also joined by approval from the U.S. (as we said will happen). They have a militia called Hashd al-Watani, commanded by Atheel al-Nujaifi, the former governor of Nineveh. Al-Nujaifi patched together a force of about 4,500 fighters. You hear scant media about this. In reality it is the The Iraqi-American-Kurdish-Iranian-Turkish offensive to oust ISIS.

With five chefs cooking one ISIS dish, we are assured a burnt meal. The chefs who historically were always at each others throats are guaranteed to cook each other instead of ISIS. Turkey might even allow Sunni ISIS to  smuggle itself to Syria to re-join back into circulation as Free Syrian Army. Today we have a quagmire of militias in the battle for Mosul claiming to rid the world from the ISIS roaches while replacing them with Shiite pests.

So the battle begins. First comes the American bug spray:

Then Shiites come in and do to Sunnis what ISIS did to Shiites:

We already see demonstrations today against Turkey’s presence.

So we have American air cover and American ‘special forces’ now involved, so that come November you vote Hillary. Get it? But this one will not be easy for Hillary’s campaign, ISIS dug major trench around Mosul. They expect two months to complete the mission and a delay might just help Trump.

And the U.S. current Administration are telling you that we will definitely have a ‘humanitarian crisis’, which is always induced and included in the coming ‘heroic’ package, all orchestrated for nefarious political purposes.

But its not only the U.S. that is crying to aid the ‘humanitarian crisis’. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned last month of “a new humanitarian crisis, with the launch of liberalization operations of Mosul from ISIS control”.

So how will these major powers solve all these problems? Erdogan said, “We cannot leave Iraq alone under the current circumstances” while his puppet militia gets involved to gain Ottoman interrests.

The U.S. in Syria currently supports Sunni terrorists while it opposes Hezbollah. Yet in Iraq it supports Iranian backed militias like Kata’b Hezbollah. Trump needs to argue in the debate: how does the U.S. morally justify being against Hezbollah in Syria while it supports another Hezbollah in Iraq?

Such a question busts the myth that Obama is involved in the Middle East to simply remove thugs, tyrants and terrorists. The reason the U.S. is against Hezbollah in Syria is because that specific  Hezbollah is pro-Assad, while the Kata’b Hezbollah in Iraq has no Saddam Hussein to fight against since that was a ‘mission accomplished’ when Saddam Hussein was removed. The only mission left to ensure a Muslim superstate (or Muslim mini states) is the removal of Syria’s leader.

The U.S’s flowchart is easy to explain. The goal is to destroy Russia’s sphere of influence. How this is done is simple: create sectarian divide, cause death, mayhem and much suffering, create an opposition to the regime you intend to change, arm them, change the state into an eternal mess, destroy your opponents [Russia’s] ally and its ‘mission accomplished’.

We have seen this from Afghanistan then Iraq, then Libya and the last one is Syria.

But the key to do all this must include a plan to keep the average American naive. The current U.S. Administration has the power to destroy nations while spreading a simplistic media narrative by daily feeding it repeating the misinformation until it becomes fact.

With majority Americans unable to differentiate between Sunnis and Shiites, Obama can continue his foreign policies so that hell breaks loose. If in doubt that this is the case, just ask: what are the set of noble principles behind killing over 300,000 people? That, by the way, does not include rendering millions homeless, while destroying infrastructure that will take decades to rebuild with an immigration problem that is fracturing Europe at the seam? Indeed, we have a captain chaos at the White House.

And as we see, that Shia will now abuse the Sunni population for supposedly supporting ISIS. There will be more media and politicians calling for the need to establish calm, peace and brotherhood between Kurd, Shiite, Sunni, Tajik … It is here where the U.S. miscalculates by using their simple captain chaos flowchart.

To bring calm between Sunni and Shiite requires the top Sunni and Shiite superstates: Turkey and Iran.

Bringing these two mini-superpowers closer simply fulfills what politicians hate to quote, the Bible, where the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (who is a Turk) allies with Persia (which is ran by religious Shiite Azeri Turks). These western chess players do not consider that they too lack in understanding how ancient these conflicts and alliances are. A typical American loves Japan despite decades old WWII, while the Muslim still hates the Crusader for the Jerusalem wars despite that these battles are centuries old.

Reality is that the war by Iraq’s Iranian backed militia is a war on Sunni Wahhabists (including Saudi Arabia) more than it is a war on ISIS.

So how could such strange factions unite against ISIS? Turkey and Iran both have always had a war (or a cold-war) against the Kurds. However, Turkey’s war on the Kurds is in Turkey and in Syria, but when it comes to Iraq, the Kurds there are allied and are backed by Turkey. Turkey has “Good relations” with Iraqi Kurds as this chart by the BBC shows:

Graphic: Kurdish groups, Turkey and the Islamic State

All this advances Turkey in Iraq.

But to the U.S., it is simply a turf warfare with Russia’s supporters while demonizing Russia and reviving the cold-war with it.

The major players, the U.S., Russia, Iran, and Turkey will fight to protect their interests. Iran and Russia are committed to preserving Mr. Assad’s rule while Iran and the Turks are committed to crush Syrian Kurds’ nationalist aspirations, all the while American masses are being duped to believe the short narrative that killing ISIS “is moving forward”.

The trillion dollar question is this: how will Sunnis, Kurds and Shi’ites who have formed an uneasy alliance against ISIS will face the daunting task of drawing up an effective power-sharing formula in Iraq, a major OPEC oil producer?

This will not be easy and will escalate for certain.

So we will see civil wars continue to rage in Syria and in Iraq, even escalating, in which former governments are being reduced to armed factions, pitting Shiites against Sunnis, militias against militias …

So what will happen when the dust settles? Turkey, with its military and economic stature and with its past Ottoman Empire domination of the Middle East, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization membership will be the perfect hegemony to be called on in order to bring order to the region. This will allow Turkey to control northern Iraq in the future.

Saudi Arabia will be the one hurt the most. Its influence is declining in withholding oil supply since U.S. frackers succeeded the Saudis as key swing producer, which can rapidly bring on new productive capacity as prices move above the frackers’ break-even costs of about $50 a barrel. Saudi decline will advance Iran’s threats which will escalate in the next couple of years. And now you know why these Shiite militias say ‘next year in Mecca’ while Turkey says ‘next year in Jerusalem’.