BREAKING: Russia Is Now Deploying To Syria All Of Its Northern Fleet And Much Of Its Baltic Fleet In The Largest Surface Deployment Since The End Of The Cold War


By Walid Shoebat

Reuters just reported:

Russian warships off the coast of Norway are carrying fighter bombers that will likely reinforce a final assault on the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo in two weeks, a senior NATO diplomat said on Wednesday citing Western intelligence.

“They are deploying all of the Northern fleet and much of the Baltic fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War,” the diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

“This is not a friendly port call. In two weeks, we will see a crescendo of air attacks on Aleppo as part of Russia’s strategy to declare victory there,” the diplomat said.

This is an alarming piece of news which gets to support what we have been warning about that the region could soon implode. And its not only in Syria. Twice last week—and possibly a third time—U.S. Navy ships on patrol in the Gulf of Aden were attacked by sophisticated cruise missiles. The American warships were not hit, but they did have to fire SM-2 and Sea Sparrow defensive missiles and use Nulka anti-ship missile decoy countermeasures to disable the incoming weapons. The Houthi attack utilized cruise missiles—variants of Silkworm missiles, weapons Iranians are known to use. In response, the U.S. ships destroyed three radar stations along the Red Sea Coast in Yemen. The radar sites helped guide the missiles, and they too were operated by Iranians.

What we see here are the major players, the U.S., Russia, Iran, and Turkey will fight tooth and nail to protect their interests. Iran and Russia are committed to preserving Mr. Assad’s rule while Iran and the Turks are committed to crush Syrian Kurds’ nationalist aspirations, all the while American masses are being duped to believe the short narrative of a war on ISIS.

But the wise can see the mess is already on the horizon. How will Sunnis, Kurds and Shi’ites who have formed an uneasy alliance against ISIS will face the daunting task of drawing up an effective power-sharing formula in Iraq, a major OPEC oil producer? Syria too has a milieu  of sectarian divides.

This will not be easy and will escalate for certain with civil wars continue to rage in Syria and in Iraq.

So is this gong to lead to Armageddon? Not yet.

Most Christians do not understand how the west will play the Armageddon game. They think that Europe as a whole, and Russia as a whole, are destined as goat nations. But what they ignore is the refinement process which might run a decade or two. We find a verse or two in scripture on how the righteous will refine through fire and we simply shelve these verses. A verse in Scripture speaks volumes. While Russia will suffer, it will in the end triumph. The northern parts of what was Russia will shine while the southern parts that are Muslim will not. God from the time of Russia’s communism was allowing the evil and in the end using it to refine that nation, separating it sheep (north) from goat (Muslim C.I.S).

And Europe is no exception. It too is coming up next in a major way. Just as the split began when the Pope and Ronald Reagan called for Russia to reform, Russia changed course from Communism and is reviving its Christian heritage, while the U.S. and Europe declined into more socialism.

With God, this adhesive trying to make an anti-Russian alliance will fail. We already see that certain nations destined to be sheep are simply being disobedient to NATO thumbing their noses to them. An example of this is Spain. Spain just got in trouble from NATO and is getting reprimanded by the U.S. It was slammed for “betraying its NATO allies” allowing Russian Navy vessels to refuel in its North African territories. According to the U.S. Spain’s actions “undermine NATO’s solidarity” against Russia wanting to isolate the Russian Navy and wants a “cohesive strategy” to deny Russia access to warm water ports.


The Russian submarine ‘Novorossiysk’ doing its stop Ceuta ‘gas station’

So will the U.S. succeed in stopping Spain and other European countries from aiding Russia?

Never. Not in NATO’s wildest dreams. Despite all the skirmishes in the Middle East, Russia still maintains a strategically crucial Mediterranean base at the port of Tartus in Syria. To sustain an overseas presence, Moscow has no choice but to establish a sustained logistical connection and have forces in place to defend itself. The Crimean Peninsula reinforces Russia’s hold on its only warm-water base at Sevastopol on the Black Sea, and naval projection on the Black Sea gives Russia access to the Mediterranean to the ports of Latakia and Tartus on the Syrian Mediterranean coast.

The other dilemma is that European nations need Russia. It is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, and the second largest producer of oil. All this makes Russia vital for the world’s energy security.

Also, if a World War erupts, Europe cannot, for example, fully defend itself from outside threats like Turkey which is currently eying Syria and Iraq and spewing Muslim immigrants into Europe. Greece is in dire need for Russia and has used Russia to counter its enemies in the past, especially from the Ottomans. Malta, an EU member has also played host to Russian ships while Greece continues to maintain friendly relations with Russia also being member of both NATO and the EU. Also nuclear arms control, at least in the Euro-Atlantic area, is not possible without Russia. Any western policy that does not engage Russia will only strengthen Moscow’s turn, especially that Russia established a Eurasian Economic Union securing the third most voting shares in the Chinese led Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank.

NATO will fail to maintain its united front regardless of NATO allies vehement criticism of Moscow’s actions. While certain central and eastern European countries feel directly threatened by Russia, others do not regard Russia as their main security problem especially France. It is more concerned about instability on NATO’s southern flank. Also, external situations could change this view of Russia. Today we have Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria and Turkey’s expansions. There are also the “color-revolutions”, which Moscow views as a form of Western warfare.

The immigration crisis in Europe headed by Turkey will turn the situation around. It has strained relations within the European Continent. The bombing campaign in Syria has demonstrated Moscow’s rapidly increasing capabilities in positive ways. Many European countries still resist strong measures to strengthen NATO while others remain reluctant to increase military spending. Italy, are cutting back, France is reverting to its traditional skepticism toward the alliance which it sees as American policy and an infringement on its sovereignty.


France needs Russia and Russia needs France. France’s agriculture has suffered significantly from the EU’s political decisions to boycott Russia. In response, French farmers have been setting their produce on fire and blocked roads with tractors in protest at their government’s policy against Russia. The farmers complained that EU sanctions on Russia have hit their potential export markets depressing prices. In France, farmers showed real solidarity to stop the ban on Russia. They demonstrate bringing their tractors along with them.


France is the EU’s largest grain grower and exporter and without the French-Russian connection, Europe will starve. Russia is also a non-GMO largest grain grower in Asia.

Considering that 80% of Russians living in Europe accounting for 16 percent of the continent’s population. Russia is not some foreign entity to Europe. It is as a major European player by virtue of geography and demography alone.

But so is Turkey. It has a similar standing in Germany which has always been historically a goat nation. Turks account for 22.1% of Germany’s foreign population and Germany is home to most of the flood of additional Muslims Turkey is sending to Europe. It is not unlikely that a Muslim-Turk someday soon will rule Germany playing the Obama card while he claims to be Christian he will be bidding for Turkey.

So now that Spain and other European nations are by U.S. standard, traitors to NATO, its insistence on pointing out the traitors will continue to divide Europe over its policy towards Russia and will make U.S. efforts in that regards flimsy. This will show that a NATO alliance is just as flimsy as the United Nations.

Eventually, the world will see that U.S and NATO propaganda is simply hyping up Russia as one of the gravest threats to humanity. This will not succeed.

Years ago Americans were fooled by their leaders to go to war in the Middle East. This is no more and is why Donald Trump gains popularity. Europeans as well as Americans are learning quickly that it is not what a politician claims that worries them but what tyrannical powers these politicians seek that is more terrifying. They know and ask, that if the U.S. really cares about Crimea, as they claim, why then doesn’t the U.S. also care about the Gibraltar? The Gibraltar is controlled by Britain when it truly belongs to Spain. Another case-in-point is the Ceuta enclave. It is controlled by Spain while it is really claimed by Morocco. Yet the daily bickering continues exclusively against Russia.

As one analyst, Danielle Ryan points out, the British officials are kicking up a fuss. They complain over Russian ships docking 20 miles away from their own. Yet the Russians are docked at a port which Spain believes rightfully belongs to them, all the while the British use a completely unrelated territorial dispute, Crimea, to back up their claim that the Russian ships have no right to be there.

The real dispute in the Straits of Gibraltar is between two NATO countries themselves, the UK and Spain. A spokesperson for the Government of Gibraltar told the Express that Spanish ships were “harassing” US and Royal Navy assets operating in the area. The matter became so tense earlier this month that the Royal Navy fired warning shots at a Spanish vessel that had approached a US nuclear submarine off the coast of Gibraltar. Whew. No wonder everyone’s finding it more convenient to make Russian ships the issue.

The lesson leaned according to Ryan is this:

Moral of the story: NATO ships and planes can dock or land pretty much anywhere, at any time, without question  and territorial disputes are only important if they involve Russia, but not when they involve NATO members themselves.

Got it?

This world of rebellion will eventually succumb to God where He will divide between two sides. The world will always in the end have good triumph over evil. From all levels be it government to social, God is always victorious in the end. Evil will all end from the rampant disobedience of women taught from church pulpits, the disgusting men seeking men phenomenon, priests seeking children, the rejection of God’s simple manna and man’s current lack of frugality, the love of caviar, play toys, love of money and power …  it will soon end. But first the world will shake like an earthquake.




So what will happen when the dust settles? Turkey, with its military and economic stature and with its past Ottoman Empire domination of the Middle East, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization membership will be the perfect hegemony to be called on in order to bring order to the region. This will allow Turkey to control northern Iraq in the future.

Saudi Arabia will be the one hurt the most. Its influence is declining in withholding oil supply since U.S. frackers succeeded the Saudis as key swing producer, which can rapidly bring on new productive capacity as prices move above the frackers’ break-even costs of about $50 a barrel. Saudi decline will advance Iran’s threats which will escalate in the next couple of years. And now you know why these Shiite militias say ‘next year in Mecca’ while Turkey says ‘next year in Jerusalem’.