Donald Trump Is Most Likely Going To Be The President Of The United States

By Theodore Shoebat

Donald Trump is most likely going to be the winner. You can reference the polls all you want, the polls do not mean anything. In 1936, the Literary Digest asked ten million people if they were going to vote for either Landon or Roosevelt. 2.4 million people responded to the poll, with the majority choosing Landon. You could have believed that poll, but you would have been wrong. The problem with polls, now and then, is that they are fixated only on a select group of people. Back in the day, polls asked those who owned a telephone or car, which did not constitute the general population in that era. Today, the polls focus on registered voters. They do not take into account those who have not voted in 20 or 30 years, or who have never voted. These people are going to be coming out in the droves to vote, not for Hillary, but for Trump. Hillary is already subject to the perceptive that she is a fossil of the old elitist establishment.

Here is what sets the demarcation between Hillary and Trump: Hillary is an ugly old woman, and Trump is a celebrity. This is truly the bottom line as to what separates the two. Trump has celebrity status. Hillary simply clings unto whatever is left if her husband’s fame. There are people who’s vote is intellectually or morally based; they will vote against Hillary because she receives foreign money, because she is close to terrorists and tyrants, because she advances abortion or sodomite marriage. But most people do not vote with their minds, they vote with their bellies. They vote with their emotions, their desires, they vote for what excites them, and a celebrity as big as Trump will do just that. Why do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor? Because he had good policies? Yes, people were tired of democrats, but what fired up the disdain for the democrats was the fact that a celebrity was on their side.

The same thing happens in the Christian industry. In the United States, its not what you know, but who you know. This reality is so true that even God Himself needs a celebrity for people to listen to him. This is why churches in America bring football players, actors and singers into their churches, to mass up large crowds. A celebrity has to come, so people can listen to what God has to say. But the reality is that the interest of the people does not lie in God, but in a celebrity; the celebrity in the church, then, becomes the idol, and the use of the term ‘God,’ is only a canard used only as to not appear as a sycophant or the worshipper of a mortal (although, this is so obvious it is impossible to hide).

In addition to this, I must say that another factor to keep into account when making predictions for presidential elections is messianism. Whoever is perceived as a messiah, coming to save us from the great tyrant who will destroy us, will win. Whoever has the greatest air of a messiah, or who is seen as a messiah without people calling him one, will take the victory. Look at the crowds of Hillary and look at the crowds of Trump — you cannot compare the two. And not only that, but observe how there is a subculture that is forming around Trump, while Hillary has absolutely no subculture forming around her. Look at the Trump followers: the big red hats, the feelings of  suspenseful anticipation, that Trump will cleanse and save America from all of its problems; look to social media and you will see it filled with memes and statements portraying Trump as some sort of roaring lion who will simply growl and his enemies will fall down before him, as some sort of savior. Obama had a similar thing happening with him, with people looking up to him like a messiah, while McCain — being the old and boring geezer that he was — had absolutely no major cult following. And who won? Obama. But, in the days of Obama’s first election, even with all of the messianism that was being seen on youtube, the height of popularity and influence for social media was not as big as it is now.

Social media is currently at its apex, and it will only grow stronger. Alternative media is bigger now than it ever has been. The forces that are helping Donald Trump now more than anything, is not mainstream media outlets, but internet media. Why do you think Trump had more respect for alternative media than he did for the conventional media outlets? Trump was smart enough to utilize the alternative media, because it was an untapped resource, ignored by prior candidates. By doing this, he has motivated the masses immensely, he has shown that he is on their side, that he is one of them. Politics, you can say, can be described as a form of secular mysticism, in that the key to political victory is to obtain the perception from the masses that their candidate has transcended the distance between himself and his followers, and is now one with them. This is, in fact, the essence of populism. America, being a secular (a product of the enlightenment, really) and not a Christian nation in the most authentic sense of the term, has arrived to a condition where the deity is now up in the podium and no longer in the alter, and so instead of working to be one with God, they strive to be unified with a secular leader who is going to make them “great,” who is going to cleanse the society. If you do not believe that there is any messianism, ask yourself, is there an Indian prophet saying that Clinton is sent by God to clean America? No. But there is one saying the same thing for Trump:


And if you do not believe me still, look at these photos and ask yourself, would such people be this excited to see God?












There are many more examples I can pull up, but I will stop here. I doubt the women in these crowds would express this much excitement for their own husbands. Do I want Hillary to win? No. But what I am trying to do, is not to dissuade you from voting Trump, but to think. To think outside of the system that people have been conditioned into believing. People put all of their faith in one man, to change a nation, when the power is truly in them to change their country. If people change, the country changes. Candidates are merely a reflection of the society. Why do you think Trump will attend some superficial prayer meeting in one event, and carry the sodomite flag in another? Its because he is, in a way, submitting to the ways of the people, because it is the people that dictate his actions, and not him. Now you have some sodomite bathing himself in pig’s blood in support for Trump, and people are acting as though its just great:



Trump is paralleling the populist organizations of Europe, like that of Le Pen and the AfD in Germany, who both use sodomites to promote their movements. How can a movement be holy or virtuous if it is using sodomites has their acolytes? So, will Trump do good? I believe, of course, that he will do some good. But, I fear that the evils of populism will cause some great evil. Nothing good can come from the worship of government.