Prepare For Antichrist: Turkey Declares War On Christianity, All Of Turkish Schools Are Training Muslims On How To Murder Christians, Muslims In Turkey Are Now Beheading Pastors While Protected By The Government


By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

In a fascinating article yesterday by Turkey’s Abdullah Bozkurt, titled: “Turkey’s Erdoğan goes after the pope and the Vatican” where he exposes:

“It is clear that Erdoğan has unleashed a beast in Turkey that now rears its ugly head“.

The Apocalyptic tone from someone who probably never studied St. John should have us pay attention. And the enemy that Erdoğan is unleashing his fury on is the Vatican:

The ongoing tension between Turkey and the Vatican at the political level that has been simmering beneath the surface for some time is largely attributed to the hatred and animosity long harbored by the xenophobic Turkish Islamist pack led by the top Islamist, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, against Christians in general and the Holy See in particular. This is yet another underreported development in Turkey that needs to be studied, analyzed and carefully monitored.

The exposé reveals Erdoğan is setting up Turkey with its religious and public institution for persecution at a grand scale. The article reveals horrific killings even beheading of Christians where now Erdoğan has released the offenders while nothing is being said in the media, exactly as it was during the Holocaust.


He also explains:

This rampant anti-Vatican and anti-Christian narrative is being fed to millions of people, generously funded by the state resources available to Turkey’s Islamist rulers, from public schools to media outlets, from state-run mosques to mushrooming Islamist associations.

Does this anti-Vatican sentiment sound familiar?

Islam teaches an anti-Vatican eschatology, which is no longer hypothetical and personal, but is arising the fury of persecution at an unprecedented scale not just throughout Turkey, but in the West as well.

Perhaps this is a perfect segue to introduce even a more crucial revelation. One could take this anti-Vatican narrative and apply it to what we have seen in many well-funded churches in the west, who teach similarly, and for centuries painting the Vatican as “Antichrist”. So was the Vatican the Antichrist during all these centuries from Islam to the Reformers?

Get ready for a bombshell! What perhaps will be shocking to most who carefully studies what we reveal here, is that St. Paul so clearly and prophetically warned that anyone who prematurely proclaimed who the Antichrist is, are themselves “deceivers” and followers of the very spirit of Antichrist.

Let me explain what I mean. Today we find in the U.S. absurdity of absurdities! People busy themselves saying that “Obama is the Antichrist” and now that this has been proven false, since Obama is already on his way out, I already find 444,000 hits on Google arguing over Donald Trump with theologians articulating while self-proclaimed experts even adding Trump’s name to ‘666’.

Billions are prepared to have short stamina creating low-level and belligerent mindsets that use fragmented logic to produce an assembly line quickly producing the type of people we see in the Alt Right or in Alt Left, or Muslims who all conclude the Hitlers were saints and that the saints were Antichrists.

It is rather shocking how as a Christian I wake up daily to see societal infestations as if the Archangel Michael defeated Satan casting him out where his minions possess millions upon millions in the earth.

Today’s mindsets cannot even comprehend quick self-examination, a Jesus-style question that if Vatican has been the seat of Antichrist, historically speaking, the success rate of Antichrist predictors has been 0% and scriptures clearly teach that all who prematurely proclaimed the Antichrist are themselves “deceivers” and therefore, heretics.

Are you shocked? Wait till you see how the ancient Church prophetically describes the Antichrist’s followers, pin-pointing the great deceptions we see today with utmost accuracy (much more on that later).

We will also cover much on how to prevent yourself from ever becoming prey and how to completely get inoculated from ever falling into any of Antichrist’s traps and deceptions. Just make sure you do not skip a line and read slowly and carefully even if it takes you days. I guarantee you will find this compelling and eye opening.

So lets get started. Time is short. Are you ready?

One great work that sifts through all the confusion is a five centuries old work by St. Robert Bellarmine titled On Antichrist. It was translated last year for the first time from Latin by Ryan Grant. It reveals all the different false arguments in St. Bellarmine’s time during the reformation that he debunks with clarity and solid proof. Interestingly, today such old and faulty arguments making Vatican Antichrist still lurk even five centuries later where in churches we are daily being fed the very exact confusions that St. Bellarmine exposed half a millennia ago.


This makes studying this work crucial to understand the problems and the solutions to kick the habit once and for all. At an initial glance I rejected some of St. Bellarmine’s conclusions, but refusing to be an island, I pondered to only conclude that St. Bellarmine is the more learned man. He referred to so many examples from the primitive church fathers, other saints who were closer to the apostles than he or I. The summary of his finds reveal one major salvational point: false theories regarding Antichrist sets a trap for the false accusers to follow the spirit of Antichrist whom they espouse to be revealing. To say that Trump is the Antichrist and be wrong constitutes slander. Yet the slanderer thinks nothing of it, since in his mind Trump, being a public figure, should make him free game. But this is not so with biblical standards, slander is still slander. Therefore, God gives this person up to deceive and continue to being self-deceived, even to be of the spirit of the very Antichrist they supposedly expose. To God slander is a major offense.

Most today are unaware that the reformers, as a whole, did not view Antichrist as an individual but as an entity (the successive popes), which St. Bellarmine clearly and solidly refutes from scripture and history itself has already proven this to be false. While I will not ponder his refutation why Antichrist is not an entity, since such an erroneous idea has dissipated in our time and most today realize by now, the reformers were in error on this point since scripture clearly reveals “the man of sin” in 2 Thessalonians II is not a ‘series of men’, but a single individual. To lump up several popes was done to continue pointing at Rome as The Antichrist.

St. Bellarmine’s refutation to all who declared ‘apostasy’ and ‘Antichrist’ prematurely was even specifically addressed by Paul who prophetically foreknew that such phenomenon would arise. To St. Bellarmine, Second Thessalonians 2 is key to solving all controversies dealing with heresies and is why its etched the way its etched in Scripture. Most end-times enthusiasts today skim through the chapter to argue rapture theories. But the chapter itself is all prophetic, as every single verse in scripture is “God breathed” (prophetic) where Paul calls such claimers who prematurely pronounce the Antichrist as “deceivers”:

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”

“Let no man deceive you by any means” means just what it says, that there will arise genius sophists, who will deceive many, proclaiming who the man of sin is, and that the Day of the Lord is at hand. But Paul warns that we ought not be alarmed until the apostasy “revolt comes first” and that whoever misses pointing the Antichrist are themselves deceivers. Paul warns of sophists “Let no man deceive you” and “by any means” these spin artists proclaim who the Antichrist is; Antichrist will not come UNTIL “there come a revolt first“. This renders these sophists as deceivers of the camp of the workers of iniquity whom we see so many today. Ever wonder why in Matthew 7:23 such prophecy deceivers tell Jesus: “Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name” and Christ says “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”

In fact, these heretics who come to Jesus were part of that very “revolt” which is the great falling away or the great apostasy of the church. The context is so clear “revolt” must come first “and” with it, is the man of sin revealed, both together “and the man of sin be revealed” making the Antichrist the causer of this revolt.

Has such “revolt” happened when Constantine supposedly ‘paganized the Church’ during the fourth century as many today claim? No past historical theory works, therefore Constantine is innocent regardless of whatever claims these sophists slander Constantine with.


Scripture has the clue. Even a close look at the rest of the verses makes it even clearer:

And then [when the falling away happens] that wicked one shall be revealed whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth; and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming, him, Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders … (2 Thess 2:8-9)

“And then that wicked one shall be revealed”? This “then” comes right immediately after the great apostasy.

But this extremely essential chapter brings another major factor: the Church. So long that we do not have the Antichrist, therefore the true church has not yet fallen into apostasy. The text means exactly what it says, that these Antichrist proclaimers are themselves deceivers, followers of the spirit of Antichrist because these falsely accused the true church which has not fallen yet.

Continuing in reading the chapter reveals that such warning was so crucial that Paul emphasized:

That you be not easily moved from your sense, nor be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by epistle, as sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at handLet no man deceive you by any means“.

Why would Paul warn of a spirit (demonic uttering) as in “God told me” or “word” or even “epistle” as in a false apocryphal gospels, insisting “let no man deceive you by any [of these] means”?


The emphasis by St. Paul on “an epistle as sent from us” was prophetically referring to such deceptions arising in the future after St. Paul’s departure. One example is when John Wycliffe made the first english translation for the false Gospel of Nicodemus promoted by Wycliffe and by the heretical Bogomils and the Cathars who also taught all sorts of heresy, yet these are still supported today by the very Rapture Ready crowd. Therefore, these who deceived for centuries saying that the revolt has come are completely apostatized since they are “deceivers” who accused the true church of being apostate.

Focusing on what these term “rapture” while missing this, reveals much as to how such spirits function. It is no wonder why today we have two camps, one prematurely ushers Armageddon, while the other simply focuses on running the marathon. It is no wonder why this rapture-ready camp looks at the other asking: why are you not learning the Bible and teaching prophecy and the Left Behind series like us, while the other camp looks at them and exclaims ‘it is because the ones who are left behind ignored you to work out their salvation with fear and trembling in hope to be taken into the Lord’s barn’.

It is no wonder why today we have two camps, one fascinates the simple minded with signs and wonders by prematurely ushers Armageddon, while the other simply focuses on running the marathon. Therefore, Paul’s warning “by an epistle” was regarding all sorts of supposed lost gospels. In slam, it is the Mahdi who will supposedly reveal the ‘lost gospel’ shedding doubt that it was God Who “come in the flesh,” which is the very spirit of Antichrist that even permeates many so-called Christian scholars today.  

The immense deception we see today as reflected by St. Bellarmine even reveals how such end-time theories developed, even at his time they had date-setters by the so-called reformers, which he easily refutes. Nothing is new under the sun when it comes to the workers of iniquity. The key, he reveals, is that Antichrist will come to deny several truths, especially the Trinity and the Eucharistic sacrifice. The first, out of the six examples, which St. Bellarmine shows, is how even way before his time, the “mystery of iniquity already worketh” just as we see today attacks on the doctrine of the Trinity. So crucial was Paul’s warning in already predicting these false epistles promoted by the first so-called “reformers” that St. Bellarmine gives an example of the the oldest so-called ‘reformers’, the Samosatens who ended up denying the Trinity by promoting “Premonitions of Christ” and the “Apostleson”.


Denying the Trinity and that “The Son” is God, is a hallmark of the spirit of Antichrist (1 John 2:22). The Samosatens (Paul Of Samosata) therefore, preached a twisted ‘end times’ confusion. A theology similar to today’s Hebrew Roots and the Oneness Pentecostals and many other so-called ministries growing leaps and bounds; all heresies that should be recognized when they deny the Trinity.


Paul of Samosata is not to be confused with Paul of Tarsus, the apostle. Samosata was a greedy bishop of Antioch. Today we have Pauls of Samosata galore like T.D. Jakes in the above photo.

And if many think they are immune, think again, more than half (51%) of modern Evangelicals today believe that the Holy Spirit is a force, not a personal being. This is Trinity denial. Add Islam’s anti-Trinitarian heresies to all the other movements and the number is a whopping majority, all ready for the grand deception from signs and lying wonders to believe in lost gospels where the so-called scholar is ever ready to pave the way. Is it no wonder why Sabellianism, the first of the anti-Trinitarian controversies is reviving today by many promoters of end-times prophecy movements? Sabellianism, which is a form of Modalism, basically said that the Father is the Son is the Spirit. In other words, it denied the individuality of the Persons in the Trinity. Today we have a growth in all sorts of Trinity denial with proclamations of all things Antichrist: Islam, Hebrew Roots, Oneness Pentecostals, Mormonism, Christian Science, Armstrongism, Christadelphians, Unification Church, Unity School of Christianity, Scientology, Dawn Bible Students, Living Church of God, Members Church of God International, Unitarian Universalist Christians, The Way International, The Church of God International and the United Church of God.

The evidence that the anti-Trinity movement will be the doctrine taught by the Antichrist himself is clearly revealed in 1 John 2:22: “whoever denies that Christ [God the Son] came in the flesh” he is “Antichrist” since he “denies the Father and the Son” .

What we see arising is anti-Trinitarianism, which is becoming the most prevalent doctrine paving the way for the Antichrist. One needs to put on their spiritual thinking cap to comprehend what Paul is warning about. This would mean that movements, for example, the Hebrew Roots, which denies the Trinity, while claiming to expose a coming Antichrist, are themselves transformed into the very spirit of the Antichrist whom they supposedly expose. Thinking “as wise as serpents” isn’t easy when one is isolated from the good root and is why Christ forewarned us of these impending times that satan will deceive the very elect if he can.

This formula (that who exposes Antichrist prematurely) is true regardless of how much Bible Prophecy these share in their exposés since they are historically inaccurate and are filled with slander. This is also true regardless if they proclaim the name of Jesus’ for Muslims too proclaim Jesus. These will be part of the great deception. Islam’s Antichrist is our Christ and our Christ is Islam’s Antichrist. This goes for the rest of these heretics. Should all these cults be given a break because these expose an ‘Antichrist’? Today we have a growing Alt Right movement which is in reality an Alt Left. The two are birds of the same feather since both ‘Alts’ believe in Eugenics. How these “Alts” popped up so quickly should be an alarm that as time moves on, confusions will increase by the mix of oxymoronic labels where charity dissipates and the love of many shall wax cold.

Therefore, no matter how much we see “forms of godliness,” or rabbinic dress, stop and just ask yourself a Jesus-style question: if Messianic Judaism is the way to go in emulating the primitive church, how could their theology degrade through the Hebrew Roots Movement transforming us so far backwards to Christianity’s oldest enemy: Arius?


I will give only one example out of thousands just to make my case here on why one should avoid any teaching that questions the Trinity. And if you think you are being smart by digging into all the supposed scholarly exposés think again, even the brilliant Sir Isaac Newton fell for the “Comma Johanneum” controversy and ended up denying the Trinity. The Comma revolves around a verse in 1 John 5:7 etched in both the King James and the Douay Rheims translations which scholars have shed much doubt on its authenticity:

And there are three who give testimony in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost. And these three are one. (1 John 5:7)

So the scholars decided:

The scholarly consensus is that that passage is a Latin corruption that entered the Greek manuscript tradition in some subsequent copies. The Comma and the question of its authenticity have particular bearing on the development of the theological doctrine of the Trinity, which is central to most mainstream Christian denominations.

Destroy this verse, so they think, and the foundation of Christianity is finished, especially amongst who seek to be called ‘educated’ Christians. Sounding educated is more of a social pressure which was and still is immense in the West.

This is the battle between saint, on the one hand, versus revisionists, scholars, textual proof, manuscript proof, heretics, schismatics, educators, the media, internet, politics … all who claim to use human reason.  They use anything to denounce the Trinity and destroy the soul. Muslims are heavily picking up on this and their production of their Mahdi (possibly Antichrist) will soon jump on this bandwagon as they already are to supposedly reveal lost gospels which Paul warned us about in the past “epistle from us”.

Now as I stated, a problem like this is designed to expect from the simple Christian a reaction and a response to all their nitty-gritty arguments, books and endless references arguing the different points ad nauseam. Enter this and be swept in the stampede, all the way to the muddy waterhole where the lion lurks on the wait.

These are the devil’s tactics to bring the simple to his waterhole. All a Christian needs to know is that the goal of evil is to destroy the doctrine of The Trinity, the successive teaching from the primitive Church fathers and proper interpretation of Prophecy.

This is why we see the so-called scholarly push newer bible translations. Bibles supporting the Comma as authentic are found in the most widely used translations of the New Testament before 1881. The fact that for centuries that the Comma was etched in our bibles should already tell us that God the Holy Spirit intended it to be there regardless of some faulty manuscripts written by Arian heretics. The devil will always guide you towards the heretics. It was the English Revised Version that was the first to be published without the Comma to supposedly revise (there is that word again ‘revise’) the Douay Rheims and the King James versions.

But God is ahead of any trick by satan where He already deals with scoffers and anti-Trinitarian Judaizers prophetically revealing their heresy while exposing the anti-Trinitarian attacks from the Book of Isaiah. Few focus that prophecy reveals Christ Himself addressing the Trinity controversy during His second coming admonishing the Jews in Israel for denying it and following the Antichrist “Hear ye these things, O house of Jacob” (Isaiah 48:1) to later declare:

“From the time that it was [from the beginning was The Word], I [God the Son] was there; and now the Lord God [The Father] and His Spirit [The Holy Spirit] Have sent Me [The Son].” (Isaiah 48:16).

Therefore, a Christian need not to enter into technicalities or become an archeologist or decipher codexes to find this truth, which has been interpreted a thousand times over during two millennia by saints. In today’s world you will never satisfy the standards set by scholars, since to these prophecy is viewed as unscientific, therefore untrue. Try a dialogue with them and they will argue over the historic backdrop to the prophecy while ignoring any long-term application. They will argue by asking “why didn’t God just make Himself plain”. They will insist that the Bible should say it like this:

One day there will come down from heaven God named Jesus. He will be crucified by Pontius Pilate. He is one in the Godhead of the Trinity. There is One God with three eternal distinctions. And these Three are co-equal and are One.

Although in essence this is what Scripture teaches, the sapper is never satisfied until he consumes your soul. The answer to such arguments is simple: even if God was that plain, the damned will always create controversy. The damned never got it even when they witnessed Christ raising the dead since this must be a very complex process they cannot comprehend with their mind, so what then makes us think that these will accept the word even if it is that plain? God sets up His word for only those who seek with all their heart, soul and might. God expects some homework, but He also expects we connect with His heavenly Mount Zion to reveal doctrine and proper interpretation. The ‘educated’ will always counter that God then must be a cruel God to damn people for not comprehending.


But even this accusation is etched in prophecy regarding the lazy servant: “I knew thee [Christ] that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown” (Matthew 25:24).

Again, prophecy is key. How did St. Bellarime amazingly confirm through the fathers that Satan will revive the sort of Judaizing movements we exactly witness today, that when Christ said He will not be received by Israel, but another who comes in his own name, him they will receive (John 5:43). So if Bar-Kochba came in his own name whom Israel received, Antichrist will do the same by infiltrating the Jewish people including with them the Messianic movements. Even Isaiah speaks of Christ during His second coming confronting Israel regarding this issue. St. Bellarmine quotes Jerome, Gregory, Theodoret, St. Cyril and others who forewarned of the revival of Jewish ceremonies, just as we see in these Messianic movements, restoration of the Sabbath and where Antichrist will argue he is Messiah from scripture wanting to restore sabbath, levite observances and animal sacrifice.



Yet the messianic is excited believing that prophecy is being fulfilled, when what is being fulfilled is him being set up for Antichrist. Who would have ever imagined a few decades ago that we will today have Messianic Judaism sprout as a huge movement globally claiming to “restore all Jewish ceremonies” “want the Sabbath” attack “divine sacrifices” (Eucharist) “openly assault the name of Christ and the Sacraments while introducing Jewish ceremonies” opting to follow more of Judaism instead of what was passed down by the fathers. All these prophecies are etched from as far back as the first century which one can easily look up in St. Bellarmine’s fascinating work On Antichrist.

It is here that we come to the scriptural proof that we do not need the Comma argument, the Messianic Judaizer, the scholar, or the sophist to realize; Christ combats the Antichrist during His Second Coming and addresses Israel’s denial of the Trinity and her mingling with mystery Babylon: “Hear ye these things, O house of Jacob” (Isaiah 48:1). What “things”? He reveals He is primarily addressing Israel’s rejection of the Messiah’s deity, Sonship and the Godhead being the Trinity. He later continues where Christ Himself addresses the Arian heresies from Mecca to all the other cults:

“All ye, assemble yourselves, and hear; which among them hath declared these things? The LORD hath loved him [the Messiah and His seed]: he will do his pleasure on Babylon [Arabia], and his arm [Messiah is God’s Arm, the Son] shall be on the Chaldeans [Iraq and Arabia].” (Isaiah 48:14)

Isaiah 21:9 confirms “Babylon” is “Arabia” “Babylon is fallen is fallen” (v.9) the same rendering as in Revelation 14:8 and Revelation 18:1-2 are regarding Mystery Babylon.

And right after verse 14, He proclaims His message to these heretics and points their heresy in denying the Trinity by pleading with Israel “Come ye near unto me, and hear this: I have not spoken in secret”, Christ pleads to His deniers to repent: “come near to Me”. What love rivals this? He then tells them that this (the Trinity) was no “secret” then continues proclaiming Whom He is:

“From the time that it was [from the beginning was The Word], I [God the Son] was there; and now the Lord God [The Father] and His Spirit [The Holy Spirit] Have sent Me [The Son].” (Isaiah 48:16).

The Douay Rheims renders the verse:

“I have not spoken in secret from the beginning: from the time before it was done, I was there, and now the Lord God [the Father] hath sent me [the Son], and his spirit [the Holy Spirit].”

This is even more amazing, that God sent “me” (the Son) an “his spirit” (the Holy Spirit) while the Father remained on His throne. This signifies a separation: three persons Who are one in essence. Christ before He departed promised the disciples the Paraclete (Gr. παράκλητος) the Holy Spirit.

Yet there is even more. God even shuns the types of scholars who refuse to argue using God’s standard: prophecy and it seems that the setting is in our modern times, when Christ returns, He encounters such ‘scholars’ who reject prophecy:

“Let them [these so-called scholars] come, and tell us all things that are to come [the future] … and we shall know that ye are gods … Behold, you are of nothing … he that hath chosen you is an abomination.” (from Isaiah 41)

Declaring things to come (prophecy) sets God’s standard for evidence just as Moses’ rod, the serpent, consumed all satan’s serpents.

Christ in Isaiah, Himself confronts this Trinity controversy, when He comes again addressing even the Jewish and Muslim denial. He does not mince words like the typical “we love Israel” crowd and  repudiates Israel:

“thou art stubborn, and thy neck is as an iron sinew” (v.4)

He tells that generation face to face: ‘you are stiff-necked Jews’ reprimanding them for denying the Trinity and for following the Antichrist as the context is clear, He is addressing Mystery Babylon when Israel falls to Muslim deceptions. He tells them:

“My [the Father] hand [Jehovah’s Hand is the Messiah] also hath founded the earth” (v.13)

These are God the Father and God the Son and He is telling them that these Two, both, participated in the creation. Jesus is therefore God.

The argument even continues all the way to Isaiah 53:1 where God’s “hand” becomes obvious is the Messiah:

“Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm [Messiah] of the Lord [from the Father] been revealed?”

The chapter is challenging as to Whom revealed the Messiah and His suffering death for sin. He challenges them to whom has the Messiah, the Father’s Arm been revealed but to Israel? He then declares His Passion “by his bruises we are healed” (v.5) and even proclaims His church:

“he shall see a long-lived seed, and the will of the Lord shall be prosperous in his [Messiah] hand” (Isaiah 53:10).

When did this “long-lived seed” come to pass? Christ’s seed (His church) did not suddenly sprout up when Luther or the Messianic movement came along as of late. This is “long-lived”. Christ speaks of succession and perseverance of proper theology by His seed. We have spiritual great grand fathers, beginning from the apostles onwards and they are of Mount Zion, the Heavenly Jerusalem in Hebrews 12 whom we commune with the Kingdom of Heaven above, that these Messianic movements and the so-called reformers censor from entering the very bridge between us and the Throne of God Where Christ is the only Mediator. These are the seed of the woman (Mary) in Revelation 12.



Isaiah 53 in the Great Isaiah Scroll, the best preserved of the biblical scrolls found at Qumran from the second century BC (and is mostly identical to the Masoretic version).

God does not need sophists and complex textual critics who want to discard Isaiah. These even questioned shedding so much doubt about the text claiming all sorts of madness that there were even two Isaiahs, one who wrote the history and another who later on injected prophecy after the fact.

Is it no wonder why the scholar so much focused on the Book of Isaiah aiming to destroy it specifically and then God had a simpleton Muslim shepherd from Beth Tamar, next door to us in Bethlehem, named Muhammad Dheib accidentally discover the most valuable treasure in history: the Book of Isaiah (the Dead Sea Scrolls) dated around two centuries BC?

TREVER ------ The Great Isaiah Scroll -- COURTESY: Milwaukee Public Museum

The Great Isaiah Scroll

And by this, God sets the record straight, refuting all these arguments that claimed Isaiah did not accurately predict the future since some text must have been added after the fact. But this discovery rendered countless researchers to be tossed into the garbage bin of history where they belong, damned with the devil and on their way to hell.

But we are not done arguing from Isaiah. Christ even continues to address fallen Europe in Isaiah 49 with the same message where Antichrist abolished true theology:

“Give ear, ye islands, and hearken, ye people from afar.” (Isaiah 49:1)

Similar to how He addresses Israel and Mystery Babylon, “All ye, assemble yourselves” “hear this” and here He also wants to address Europe calling them to repent. The “Isles” is Europe and the West. How do we know this? Starting in Ezekiel 39:6 God declared Asia Minor (Magog/Turkey) and the “Isles” (Europe) will both suffer calamities: 

”And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the Isles: and they shall know that I [the Trinity] am the Lord”. 

First of all, Daniel 11’s fulfillment confirms the “isles” is Europe as this was partially fulfilled when Antiochus had crossed into Europe and seized Thrace (Bulgaria). This will repeat again when Asia Minor, Turkey’s only path into Europe, will be through invading Bulgaria and Serbia (as the flood of Muslim migrants are already doing even in Armenia) and the Gallipoli Peninsula which constituted the remainder of the geographical region of Thrace. The “Isles” we know is a reference to Europe:

“After this shall he [just as Antiochus did Antichrist will do] turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many” (Daniel 11:18)

europe map

See Turkey’s Istanbul is the narrow pathway to Europe

This is some huge expedition. Amazingly the Church Fathers accurately predicted not only the near disintegration of the Church in Europe “that dwell carelessly in the Isles” but that Antichrist will arise in Asia and that the West will serve it. St. Bellarmine addresses certain crucial errors made by Protestant reformers argued five centuries ago. He cites Lactantius, (250 A.D – 325 A.D) who explains:

“The Roman name, which now rules the world (the soul shudders to say it, but I will speak on what is going to come), will be abolished from earth, and the Empire overturned in Asia, and again the East will rule and the West will serve it.” 

We have seen the history, and over a millennia after Lactantius, Rome lost the empire in the east (Asia Minor) to Islam. This definitely happened during the first beast, the Ottomans, which will rise again as the second (final) beast. How can one compare with the modern prophecy madness such amazing predictions? This would mean a resurgence in Asia, probably even Asia Minor (Turkey) over Europe.

In On Antichrist, by St. Robert Bellarmine, he argues that if the Roman Empire lost territory, indeed, it would be to the spirit of Antichrist:

the Roman See little by little lost Africa, the greater part of Asia and all of Greece; in our own times they [protestants] cry out that Antichrist is raging, yet all his affairs go so well that he [the pope supposedly being the Antichrist] has lost a great part of Germany, Sweden, Norway, all Denmark, a good part of England, France and Switzerland, Bohemia and part of the Balkans. Therefore, if things going well is a mark of Antichrist, it is not the Pope, who has lost so many provinces, but Luther, who by preaching carnal freedom has seduced so many people and for whom things go so well that from a private monk he became Prophet of the whole of Germany and just as the Pope evades it, he [Luther] rightly can be called Antichrist. Nevertheless, continue.

All this schism and disaster for simply misinterpreting II Thessalonians II. St. Bellarmine sarcastically argues that the rise of Islam and the loss and weakening of Europe, should be fairly switched to Luther as being the Antichrist, not the Pope.

Therefore, what the Roman empire loses as far as territory, or as far as churches, it loses to what is to become Antichrist. Where a falling away and dwindling of members happen, they are consumed by a schism. The dwindled therefore are the truth, while the increase, puffed through leaven, are of Antichrist. Where slander is abundant and the slandered responds little, the slanderer is towards Antichrist. This is true no matter how many psych themselves through deception to believe most of the modern works regarding Antichrist.

And besides Lactantius, St. Ambrose (340 A.D – 397 A.D), speaking on 2 Thess., says that Antichrist is going to come after the disappearance of the Roman Empire. St. Jerome, explaining the same citation of St. Paul says:

“Christ will not come unless first there will be such a dissension that all the nations which now are subject to the Roman Empire will recede from it and unless the Roman Empire will already have been made desolate and thus Antichrist precede him.” 

This “dissension” is the splitting from Rome receding from the Catholic union. These fathers predicted exactly what would happen way before Luther.

And so it will be with Turkey’s coming Antichrist. This is confirmed by other prophecies in the Bible in Ezekiel 26:15 when the center of Islam in Turkey and Mecca and the Caliphate falls, Europe will quake:

“Shall not the isles shake at the sound of thy fall, when the wounded cry, when the slaughter is made in the midst of thee?” 

This enemy is comprised of “Men of Persia [Iran], Lydia [Turkey] and Put [North Africa] served as soldiers in your army” (Ezekiel 27:10). These nations under Antichrist from his seat in Pergamum will spread fear into Europe:

“All the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished at thee, and their kings shall be sore afraid, they shall be troubled in their countenance.

Turkey, to self-fulfill Muslim prophecy “first Constantinople and then Rome” will attempt to repeat Lepanto and the Muslim invasions of Spain and Italy, yet Europe will finally defeat them:

And the galleys and the Romans shall come upon him, and he shall be struck, and shall return, and shall have indignation against the covenant of the sanctuary, and he shall succeed: and he shall return and shall devise against them that have forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary. (Daniel 11:3)

Their ambition is not only Jerusalem, but also Rome. The Ottomans have failed to conquer the Vatican and abolish “the covenant of the sanctuary” in the first rise, but will on their second rise succeed to even attack the fallen church in Europe who “forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary”. And as we see the report from Turkey at the beginning of our article, we already see the spark of this.

So now we conclude the significance of all this. St. Augustine explains:

“Such a one who merely commands, let him command, until he shall be taken from the midst; that is, abolished, and then the wicked one will be revealed, whom no one questions means Antichrist.” 

Who is this one to be “abolished”? So to conclude we must again revisit II Thessalonians II where Paul reminds:

“For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way. And then that wicked one shall be revealed…” (2 Thess 2:7-8)

The fathers unanimously interpreted that the restrainer involves the loss of the Holy Roman Empire, which restrained heresy. Rome will lose its effect, as we clearly see from Paul and Isaiah, it is partially destroyed by Muslims and revolutions from within between Nazi and saint, which we already see brewing the rise of an Alt Right in Europe. The very Roman Empire many accuse of having been the seat of Antichrist was the restraining agent until it is lost to be under the Antichrist.

The Protestant interpretations have been set in reverse of the truth. The Restrainer must be demonstrated to have been active since the time of St. Paul “he who know holdeth” (standing firm) ” do holduntil” that is throughout the Church history until the Antichrist appears, to be an effective agent ‘holding fast’ to the Apostolic Tradition, which is the sole bulwark against the final apostasy must therefore become absent, where the mainstream Church must already be either have become apostate or fallen into apostasy. Secular society too must experience unprecedented lawlessness and a revolt against all that is godly. The restrainer will be absent from his office, allowing the Rebel Antichrist to launch his rebellion forthrightly in the Church and on the earth. Lawlessness “mystery of iniquity already worketh“, in the supernatural sense, ‘the spirit of antichrist’ has been working since Christ founded the Church on Peter, making an immediate attack on Peter’s headship. No human could live long enough to cover a time period which now stretches out over two thousand years except the Papacy, which St. Peter in Galatians 1:18 uses the Grecisised Cephas (Aramaic Kepha) rather than the Greek Petros (Πέτροσ):

“Then three years later I went up to Jerusalem to become acquainted with Cephas, and stayed with him fifteen days. But I did not see any other of the apostles except James, the Lord’s brother.”

This is ‘The Rock”. He was called the “Rock” that he holds fast the Faith. II Thessalonians gives the key,  making so clear on how to “stand firm” “stand fast” and remain in the true faith to prevent oneself from falling away. This is so clear in 2 Thessalonians 2:

Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle. (2 Thess 2:15)

Is it no wonder why the word “tradition” is so hated by all who say Vatican is Antichrist, when so clearly, as clear as the sun shines, God shines His truth for all to hold fast and avoid the grand deception by holding on to Scripture and Tradition.


If the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour, then avoid his waterhole. It is that simple. Follow our Lord’s instruction:

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” (Matthew 7:15)

Therefore, the labels are meaningless; wolves always steel the name sheep just as cults steal the name ‘Jesus’. There is only one way: “You shall know them by their fruits”. Inoculation demands we not focus on how scholarly the arguments sound, how educated the teacher is, how complex the jargon used, how wealthy, how successful, or how large their ministries are. The key is to focus on the primitive (not the complex) theology, the succession of such theology, the good and solid tradition, the exposing of sin, the necessity of self-sacrifice and the obedience to every sacrament.

Nowhere does the Bible say that Bible study constitutes “good fruit” since the wicked Heretic, skeptic, even Bible translators and Bible scholars, study the Bible more than many saints, and these can produce the worst of fruits by not properly applying the scripture due to their faulty interpretation. Christian wisdom stipulates that if the Bible was the water, it matters not how many times one pours water on a Cerbera odollam tree since its known as the Suicide Tree. A cultist bears no good fruit and masters the Bible while blind to its true interpretation. God’s two edged sword only works on the type of tree that will always produce good fruit.


Ladies, don’t let these flowers dazzle your eyes into eating the fruit. Cerbera odollam is commonly known as the suicide tree, pong-pong, and othalanga. It yields a potent poison that has been used for suicide and murder.

Ask yourself, why did Christ speak as a simple farmer “Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles?” We are not to dig so deep and argue how God created the fig, but that a fig tree produces what looks and tastes like figs. A true Christian acts similar to the same Christians from Peter to the fathers of the first centuries down to St. Bellarmine … these were saints who produced great deeds and suffered, sacrificing much by giving their lives for the cause of Christ. Following the humble saints, stemming from the primitive church, are whom Christ referred as “the meek who shall inherit the earth”. These are not the famous and fancy evangelist serving their own belly.

Therefore, if you feel yourself like the kitten facing the stampeding wildebeests, all heading to the waterhole to be consumed by the lion lurking to take away souls, then just avoid the raging tide by entering into your safe abode and just pray.


This is how it feels to be Christian today

For the dogmatic who believe that mysteries cannot be explained, sniffing the spirit of Antichrist should not be that difficult. These accept the truth by recognizing the fruit. They do not spin arguments dissecting God or how He made the fig. These simply consume the figs in thanks, while the others are taken away by the stampede thinking themselves educated wise. The lost loves complex jargon, while they daily argue all sorts of formulas on systematic theology, or how the Bible came to solve our social woes, which in truth are all modern scripture twisting. Good theology has been with us for centuries. It is foolishness to reject the oldest of traditions passed down from the apostles all the way in an unbroken chain of succession. These all taught the Trinity. Yet the thief will even revise and re-interpret these as well. Therefore, just avoid them.

When Jesus our Lord and only Savior gave His message, He was simple. He said: “I do not speak in secret”. But keep in mind He also spoke in parables so that the sons of darkness don’t get it. Christ even makes this plain in Matthew 13 when “he told them many things in parables …” (v.3) “The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?” (v.10) and He answered them: “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.” (Matt. 13:11) Therefore, what they do not gain, is what belongs only to us (the Kingdom) yet they only gain what belongs to them (confusion). So render unto caesar what is caesar’s and unto God what is God’s, unto the scoffer what is the scoffer’s and unto saints what belongs to saints.

How can one then argue that all who hear the words of Jesus are able to interpret true doctrine? Therefore, there are only the chosen who were given the mission to interpret Christ where doctrine and interpretation remains the same throughout the succession of saints. So when it comes to this “Kingdom of heaven” we must understand this is the connect with heavenly Mount Zion (Hebrews 12:22-24) explained and accepted by only the apostolic succession where we connect to “an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant …”

There are always two groups in the circle we call church; the damned (tares) and the saved (wheat). The tares attempt to choke the wheat by sapping its water source (heavenly Mount Zion) while looking like real wheat. Tares are unsatisfied spirits wanting answers to everything. They love the spirit of debate. They use sophism and through complex jargon they spread just the necessary doubt to break the wheat from heaven. They are always objecting and slandering by demeaning what has been inherited throughout the ages. To these, true simple doctrine is not enough. So if God gave us the fig, they would want to re-create that same fig in a laboratory. These always end up deceiving themselves to believe that whatever they utter is truth. Deception does not have to be intentional, since scripture describes sappers as “deceiving while being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13). Self-deception is still deception, intentional or not.

Sir Isaac Newton became so analytical that he ended up denouncing the Trinity. Instead of simply consuming the fig, Newton wanted to re-invent it ending up himself to become a bad fig-Newton. He then got heavily involved into Alchemy, and occult practices while adding usual and bizarre interpretations of the apocalypse, very similar from what we see today, where date-setters are unaware that such practice comes from demons. The way demons deceive, by using fragmented logic,  Newton believed that the millennium begins in 2016. And so here we are today, and Jesus has not showed up, to be ruler of the millennium age as they so claim, making his date-setting groundless. To Newton being intelligent was to be deistic using the sophisticated philosophy and logic from the enlightenment period he lived. These did not unlock prophecy but ended up fulfilling it: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22).

The Bible is a blessing, but it is also a curse. It is a blessing when we accept saintly interpretation influenced by the Holy Spirit, and is a curse if we apply human logic by reading into it what it does not say by being influenced from evil spirits. In the last couple centuries, sappers produced volumes of theological books and today they can be recognized by the over usage of terms like “liberation theology” “community” “diversity” “social inequality”.



Anytime you read “liberation” “community” “diversity” “social inequality”, run, it’s the devil in disguise

Authors of confusion produced millions of supposed studies using complex arguments intended to create ‘controversy’. A Christian needs to avoid over debating controversies.

In today’s world we are all labels to the slave masters of souls. They view us as “educated” or “uneducated”. It is a method intended to arm-twist the simple into thinking they need to join an accepted elite. What they mean by ‘education’ is not ‘theological soundness’ but a critical revisionism in all things theology.

But the sheep needs to be wise. In church we are all one, repentant prostitutes and repentant professors have to observe the same sacramental practices. Sinners thriving to repent and serve God need to simply repent and obey. So then, while we all disapprove of abortion, why do so many refuse to beware of bad theologians infesting the higher educational system where they send their un-aborted children to the spiritual slaughterhouse? Today there are literally millions of examples written by scholars that are spiritually very deadly and are taught throughout religious institutions, colleges and universities.

Jesus gave the standard: you shall know them by their fruit. Does a modern Bible translator or a revisionist scholar sacrifice their life like a saint? Even if some do believe in the Trinity, one must ask: does the Calvinist, Messianic or any sophist debater has his goal in sacrifice, charity and mortification as the saints did during the primitive church? Such saints taught that the Eucharist was the literal Body and Blood of Christ and believed that the Eucharist is a mystery. Therefore, it is not the issue of the Bible, it is the issue of which interpretation we should believe: the false-claiming ‘saints’ or the true saints?

The same goes for the issues regarding the Trinity. One important and too readily overlooked by critics is not only the inclusion of the Comma, by the great Saint Jerome, who already knew that this verse was being repressed during his day by Arian heretics, he noted in his Prologue to the Epistles:

“Irresponsible translators left out this testimony in the Greek codices.”

Had the Comma been inverted to combat Sabellianism, it would not have been useful in combating this heresy, because the Sabellians would have agreed that the “three are one” (in person, not in essence). The Comma could easily have been distorted to support Sabellianism.

Throughout history, from the beginning in Genesis, God allows a divide in opinion in order to set the worthy (who believe God’s mystery) from the unworthy (who believe that logic needs to explain the mystery). Certain unknowns are always revealed in due time. Mysteries are only revealed in heaven. Who is man to question the things of God?

This is why today we have ‘higher criticism in sheep clothing’ crying that we need older manuscripts.  Archeology in fact had debunked critics who made false claims attempting to destroy the Book of Isaiah.

Remember, prophecy is key. God prescribed it for this reason. For example, two events in Isaiah were used by these scoffers; the taking of Babylon the Great without a battle and the magnanimous freeing of the Jews soon after – are both remarkable historical events in themselves. But what makes them even more notable is the fact that God set them prophetically in Isaiah 44:26-45:1, 13, appointing Cyrus by name 100 years before this son of Cambyses was born.


The Book of Isaiah is one of the most greatly admired and beloved books of the Bible and is why the school of higher criticism is after it for it detailed Jesus’ crucifixion 700 years before it happened and is why they argue that there were at least two “Isaiahs”, perhaps even more, ever arguing that since prophecy is ‘impossible’ they concluded that Isaiah 1-39 was a different author from the rest, since chapter 40-66 contains the necessary inoculation from them. So they claim that the language is different in the two sections. So they write very technical and scholarly sounding essays that avoids God’s style of what constitutes evidence: prophecy.

But the Septuagint and later on God surprised them with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls disproving all their work. The Septuagint was translated in the 3rd century BC, two centuries after the supposed two-Isaiahs been written with no indication to two authors. John quotes from Isaiah 53 and chapter 6 back to back, giving Isaiah credit for what was supposed to be ‘two Isaiahs’. Then the Dead Sea Scrolls, an entire copy of Isaiah was found with no separation between Chapters 1-39 and 40-66. That copy like any other copy showed the destruction of Jerusalem and the scroll was dated before such destruction.

And when it comes to the Trinity and the Comma, since the Douay Rheims is based upon the ancient Vulgate of Saint Jerome, it is properly included. Finally, if this text had been a later insertion in accord with a “developed” theology of the Church, as many of these worldly scholars claim, then one would have expected the text to read, “the Father, the SON, and the Holy Spirit,” rather than “the Father, the WORD, and the Holy Spirit.” In fact, Jesus as the Word of God is quite prominent in the Gospel written by Saint John, and is what we would expect in this Epistle, both with regards to language and theology.

But a Christian is to beware not to get carried away by a bone of contention and mind spinning arguments. The devil lurks throwing bones for the dogs to grab. It is only the dogs (not the saints) that salivate to chew, burry, exhume and continue chewing a meatless scrap getting into all the mind-spinning arguments and empty debate.

But without getting into the hair-splitting controversies, to find the truth one must ask: why so much focus on disproving the Trinity? The wise sees the deception from the question “is the Trinity true?” Such questions resemble the first prophecy: “Did God really say that you must not eat from any tree …?” The very questions are prophetic. The key is therefore prophecy and how these scoffers repeat the same patterns.

Today these insist we should use the Hebrew name of Christ as Yeshua instead of the Greek Yesus (Jesus) as if this is an essential doctrine. Today’s attacks by these are on Transubstantiation, not animal sacrifices. Muslims carry out billions of animal sacrifices and no one says anything.

The ‘unsaved’ today are well programmed already so when they see ‘Transubstantiation‘ they are instantly turned off falling prey for centuries of continual programming. To them Transubstantiation is unscientific. Therefore they refuse to uphold such theology. However, the story of Judas Iscariot is in itself a ‘prophecy’ about these heretics, for he resembles their exact story, when Christ declared that one of His disciples does not believe the Bread is literally His body (John 6:64John 13:11). He then betrays Christ with a kiss. This is the outward appearance of godliness and love while denying the power thereof (2 Tim 3:5). Today we see this in abundance, all mixed with betrayal of Christ’s true Body: His Church. Judas, even though he played a causer in Christ’s death, he in the end gets eternal death. Likewise the end of these who betrayed Christ’s Body will end up the same.


These, by their false interpretations of prophecy, regarding Antichrist, ended up fulfilling the very prophecy by Paul regarding the “deceivers” in Second Thessalonians II, where that prophecy even predicted the very subject they love most: “end times”.

This is exactly what we have seen for centuries from Calvin, Luther all the way to the Puritans down to our times with Messianic movements where Antichrists are falsely pointed by slandering public figures from Gorbachev, Kissinger, Obama, Trump and Alexis Tsipras (claiming these were the Antichrist) all the while they proclaimed that the end is at hand. Paul warned precisely to beware of these and to “avoid them”.

At expose erroneous prophecy and the slander against Catholics being Harlot. Our warnings gained us the title ‘Vatican agents’. How so, when we also have proclaimed that the Vatican itself is destined to fall into grand Apostasy at a scale never seen before? God ordained I be born in Bethlehem, and if the devil snatched me into Islam, God uses this manure later to combat Islam. I then entered Protestantism and the Messianic movement on a large scale. And if the devil partially snatched me into Luther’s heresies, God used that later on, so I can relate to these as well, better than the average Catholic. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I have also experienced and heavily witnessed the Judaizing influences where many are enamored, believing that these are closer to how the early ‘believers’ practiced the faith in the primitive church. But such a claim that we must all pray and worship in Hebrew is easily debunked by a Jesus-style question: had Christ desired we all worship in Hebrew, why then didn’t the Holy Spirit establish the New Testament in Hebrew instead of Greek? There are only two answers to this checkmate question; 1-God failed, which is a heretical response, or 2-Confess your sin of denial and rejection of the Holy Spirit Who inspired the New Testament to be written in Greek.

Many of these, according to Paul and even to John, were set to be robbed by cults like the Hebrew Roots Movement, where anti-Trinitarianism form the bulk of this movement. And now they are adding to it what we see written by St. Bellarmine and predicted by the fathers in amazing accuracy. This creates another Jesus-style question: how can any Messianic deny they are under the spirit of Antichrist, especially when they were prophesied about so accurately, by the ancient Christian prophets, in the Primitive Church predicting what we witness today with precise accuracy?


Though Messianic Jews (not the HRM) will not say they are required to keep kosher or the Sabbath but choose to do so to keep their heritage. This is still Judaizing. On top of this, the movement is being robbed by the Hebrew roots movement [HRM] who now insist everyone, not just keep the Sabbath, the Mosaic law (or portions of it), the Feast Days, but also commit the greatest of blasphemies of all: denial of the Trinity.

Dare anyone argue that these are not the spirit of Antichrist?

Who would have imagined, that Paul today, would be so attacked by many of these Judaizers calling Paul a false apostle. This is done “to abolish the gospel of Christ” just as Paul and the Fathers predicted would happen. And now these arise to destroy and reject these prophecies etched by Paul, just as St. Bellarmine exposed.


Sure, Messianic Judaism was sparked as a syncretic movement that combines Christianity—most importantly, the Christian belief that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah—with elements of Judaism and Jewish tradition. But it also proves that schismatics will always evolve into other sub-schisms, where all these will be led by none other than The Antichrist. Can the reader see how this astonishing deception works?

This, in itself is incredible. St. Bellarmine confirmed this phenomenon from quoting Ambrose and others:

Ambrose, in 2 Thess. II, asserts that he [Antichrist] will be circumcised; Jerome teaches in his commentary on Daniel XI that he is going to be born from the Jewish people; St. Martin teaches that Antichrist is going to command that all be circumcised according to the law, and St. Cyril asserts that he will be exceedingly zealous for the temple of Jerusalem to show himself to be from the progeny of DavidAt length, even Gregory says that Antichrist is going to keep the Sabbath and all the other ceremonies of the Jews

Isn’t this what we see today that never was before? It is also confirmed by Irenaeus, Theodoret, Cyril and Ambrose: “He will argue from the Scriptures that he is Christ.”  “he will deceive the Jews who await him.” 

Satan “will argue from Scriptures”.  And if using Scripture is an argument of sainthood, was the devil a saint when He used scripture to argue with Christ?

Indeed, the religious Israeli Jews, as well as the Messianic movement, which evolved with majority denying the Trinity, will be briefly deceived to follow Antichrist. Both will rejoice of having finally joined their two sticks, since this false christ is unitarian. Israel will see this fulfillment that the light has shined to the gentiles, which was prophesied by Isaiah, ignoring that this was already fulfilled in the church. The Messianic will fall since they believe that the Catholic church is ‘pagan’.

Yet whatever remnant from that great slaughter afterwards survives, these will repent in the end as described in Isaiah 48-49 as well as in Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14.

These predictions by the fathers, during the primitive church, collected by St. Bellarmine were etched way before Islam and Messianism, which Islam supports a seven years peace treaty brokered by a son of Aaron (a Jew).

A Messianic reading what I am writing here will be flabbergasted denying that he will follow Antichrist, yet he will, unless he repents. These need to think. Muslims are already declaring that Imam Mahdi will have Christ, the Messiah, claiming He will eventually pray behind the Mahdi. Do they want to awake only then to realize they were tricked by denying Church and Trinity?


Iranian government already depicting Christ praying behind the Mahdi

After all, Satan, who is also disguised as Allah in the Quran calls himself Khayrul-Makireen “the greatest of all deceivers”.


Satan does not have to produce an Al-Baghdadi’s ISIS style Muslim to lead the world, he is extremely cunning. The next phase of Islam will be Sufi Islam, all with its ‘peaceful’ facade. These would already approve a unitarian ‘Jesus’ pleasing to both Jews and Muslims, who will support the Temple, including even the sacrifices and including a Hebrew Jewish Messiah. Erdogan is more enraged with Vatican than any other institution. We still have time for all this to evolve.

I have witnessed hundreds who get angry at me for simply exposing Jonathan Cahn. They even claim he is a prophet just because he is Jewish. Therefore, while Muslims develop their Mahdi, there could be another, claiming to be Christ. This ‘other’ would be the one to deceive Israel and the schismatics prior, during and after the great falling away, while Mahdi prepares to rule. Scripture after all speaks of “three frogs” that go out to deceive the earth all working as a unit in this Antichrist deception.

Antichrist will use Scripture to deceive. Here I will shock many to see how millions are already deceived, even by using the Bible to practice Antichrist’s satanism. Yes, satanism. Hard to believe? I will show by example. This is simple to explain. Antichrist, scripture teaches, comes with false signs and lying wonders (2 Thess 2:9). Satan uses any verse out of context to pursue his demonic agendas through visions, experiences and strange tongues …

True tongues or experiences comes directly from God without our solicitation to gain the experience. It is sin to pray for such gifts. The experience happens completely without any effort from the faithful and is initiated by God from above and not from below. Nowhere in scripture do we find God telling His followers to seek ‘signs and wonders’. On the contrary, the ones who seek signs, Christ condemns as “wicked adulterous generation”. In fact, Christ’s very admonition is in itself a prophecy (yes the whole of scripture is prophetic):

“A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign!”  (Matthew 16:4, Matthew 12:39).

When people seek miracles and “asks for a sign” they simply open up the portal of the demonic realm. We are not Moses.

How this happens today is simple. I will give only one example out of thousands and show you how millions have already been deceived. For example, in Daniel 10:9 it says:

“Yet I heard the sound of his words; and while I heard the sound of his words I was in a deep sleep on my face, with my face to the ground.”
Satan through his agents then takes advantage of this one verse to promote an old satanic Hindu practice: Soaking in the Spirit.
And if you think this is far-fetched, here is a top Messianic TV ministry, the Jewish Messianic teacher Sid Roth. Behind him is a miniature replica of the Wailing Wall (they desire to rebuild a temple just as the fathers said). But what Sid Roth teaches is pure hinduism:

Soaking in the Spirit, they claim:

“does quieten the flesh and allows our spirit to ascend. As this happens, we become conscious that we are a spirit that lives inside a body. As our spirit starts to rise up in adoration and communion with the Lord, we can get to the place where our body is totally at rest, but our spirit is awake and receiving from the Lord.”

Satan deceives by ignoring the context. Always remember, these use scripture like a demon would, in a fragmented method. Daniel 10 was God sending Gabriel to visit Daniel and not Daniel ascending upwards to visit God. Such practice therefore becomes Hindu Kundalini enlightenment. This is true regardless how many times these belabor the name of Jesus for these will come to Him saying “‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name [Jesus] …” and Jesus replies “depart from me, I never knew you, you that work iniquity” (Matthew 7:22-23).

But such phenomenon is not only spread amongst the Messianic. Here is another top outreach evangelist in the U.S, Pat Robertson:

Hindu soaking (meditation)

Hindu meditation (soaking)

Christian soaking (meditation)

Messianic Sid Roth’s soaking

Both Messianic and Evangelicals are perfectly setup for Antichrist.

Satan uses any means, even the Bible. Even invoking Christ’s name by workers of iniquity, has been prophesied by Christ Himself in Matthew, for one can go contrary to His instruction and invoke a demon. Indeed, people can worship a demon disguised with the name ‘Jesus’ just as the Jews worshipped a demon by proclaiming a golden calf as ‘Yahweh’. In the case of Soaking in the Spirit, one can worship Pranayama under the name Jesus.

We only covered one out of thousands of Lucifer’s strategies. Even lucifer used the Bible during the temptation of Christ by misquoting and fragmenting Psalm 91:11 as explained in Matthew 4:6:

“If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written [in Psalm 119]: “‘He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’”

The devil here was into miracles invoking Christ to show signs and lying wonders. By using Scripture itself he wanted Christ to unintentionally commit suicide by adding what was not in the text “throw yourself down”. Proverbs 8:32-36 warns: “all they that hate me love death”.

Therefore, Satan is a biblical gymnast. He can fragment verses or articulate systematic theology to confuse and downplay God’s simple recipe for salvation. His followers see themselves as superior to the simple Christian who in their view is less biblically and prophetically ‘educated’. Therefore, the issue is not the Bible, but the study of a set of false interpretations that has been brewing throughout the centuries.

Therefore, the growth of these anti-Trinitarian movements, including spiritism, always seek signs and lying wonders and fake speaking in tongues … this is obviously a symptom of an Antichrist spirit paving the way to be consumed by the Antichrist himself.

Therefore, beware not to allow your soul and mind be taken away into the spin and the stampede, attempting to deal with all the controversies (works of iniquity) that are brewing out there.

Slanderers can easily be identified. They always blame the Catholic Church for everything under the sun, from inventing a pagan Trinity, that the Eucharist is worship of the Egyptian sun disk, that we worship Christmas trees for simply using these as decorations … they do all this while not realizing they themselves worship lucifer in the name of ‘Jesus’: “we healed in your name [Jesus]”. Being of the spirit of Antichrist they prepare to worship Antichrist instead of Christ.

The deception is immense. Again, deception could either be intentional or unintentional, yet it matters not, since both are identified as deceivers according to scripture.

They argue ‘why should we use real wine’. But always remember: simple signs are a clue to greater signs of apostasy. Cain’s simple rejection of God’s recipe damned him while Abel’s obedience to that simple recipe saved him. Therefore, watch out when someone says they do not need wine, priest, church, ancient liturgy … proclaiming they only need a Bible. No, we need the wine, the church, the fathers, the liturgy and the Bible. Your enemy does not have to destroy your entire house to render it unlivable. He can destroy its foundation or just the structure or even simply poison the well. Any of these destroys the entire purpose of a home. Being as wise as devils is not simple, while working out your sins through continual confession and repentance, should be a continual practice. Continue purging yourselves to become as innocent as doves.

Therefore, God forewarns, that no matter what books or sophists argue, denying the Father and the Son is the spirit of Antichrist (1 John 2:22). Denying the Trinity will encompass Muslims, Hebrews, Messianic, Temple rebuilding advocates, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons … and all sorts of unitarians and weak Christians who do not understand the nature of the devil.

Again, scripture says “Let no man deceive you by any means: for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”.

Therefore, the reformers announcements of Antichrist as the Pope, reveals these whom Paul warned about as “deceivers” “let no man deceive you”.  This is why St. Bellarmine concluded that all who announced during the reformation that the Pope was “Antichrist” are heretics:

All the heretics of this time teach similar things: Firstly, Luther in his computation or the seasons, as well as in his Assertion, article 28 and 36, and often in other places. Likewise the Lutheran Centuriators in all of their Centuries; Illyricus in his book on the Primacy; David Chytraeus in his work on the Apocalypse (the ninth and thirteenth chapters); Wolfgang Musculus in his work de Ecclesia, in common citations; Theodore Beza; Theodore Bibliander; Heinrich Pantaleon in his Chronologia; Henry Bullinger in his preface to his homilies on the Apocalypse and above all John Wycliff who is among those condemned in article 30 of the Council of Constance. All of these pronounced that the Pontiff is the Antichrist.

Also Calvin declared:

“Rome, indeed, was once the mother of all the churches, but since she began to be the seat of Antichrist she ceased to be what she was.” ( [Institutes] IV, 7:24)

First notice, Calvin admits that Rome was “the mother of all [true] churches” but then gives the break when according to his own self-induced deception in applying his prejudiced interpretation of II Thessalonians 2, she stopped being such, as he announced at his time she became Antichrist.

This is how the devil twists one chapter which can send the drinker to hell. Therefore, do not be enamored with their complexities, or with their systematic theology, which is meant to impress and deceive.

How could Rome have fallen at Calvin’s time? Just this alone debunks Calvin as a ‘deceiver’ (let no man deceive you). This is true no matter what he wrote on systematic theology, which in reality is a complication of simple theology. In other words, one way to recognize a deceiver, is to view all who claim that the church has fallen prematurely. These, scripture insists, are heretic ‘deceivers’ since Paul foreknew deceivers will announce Antichrist prematurely. So all who prematurely concluded the Antichrist before the great apostasy were heretics according to Paul.

This would include Calvin, Luther, Wolfgang Musculus, Theodore Beza, Theodore Bibliander,  Heinrich Pantaleon, Henry Bullinger, John Ridley, Hugh Latimer, John Knox, John Bunyan, John Wesley, Dwight L. Moody, Charles H. Spurgeon, Dr. F.B.Meyer, Dr. Hudson Taylor, Dr. H.Grattan Guinness, Dr. Drinsdale Young, George Jeffreys and many others and above all John Wycliff whom many proclaim ‘martyr’.

These heretics are the foundation for all the works we see used today amongst protestants.

And it matters not how many books or theological essays these wrote, these caused a major shift that opened the door for Islamic invasions weakening Europe to a magnificent degree. Such poor interpretation would mean that Antichrist was reigning for five some centuries. And if in doubt on the type of slander and historic revisionism some of these caused, examine Drinking The Blood Of Saints.

The first thing Antichrist does, is the abolishments of the sacraments, which happens just before or even at the beginning of the last 3.5 years. Today we still have sacraments. Therefore, Calvin and the rest are false prophets. To understand the biblical prophecies on this issue would requite another ten thousand words which we etched in: Bible Prophecy, The New Testament And The Oldest Church Records Reveal The Catholic Eucharist Will Eventually Convert All Protestants To Catholicism. Scripture is as clear as the sun on how to recognize the realm of Antichrist:

“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly (selfish desires); and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”  Romans 16:17-18

Even this is prophetic. Prophecy is key. Therefore, it takes no doctorate degree in theology to recognize from Paul’s time up until now, whomever split from the original church, to serve their own power, deceiving the simpletons, are all deceivers, therefore, as scripture says “avoid them“. There is no need for all the sophisticated jargon.

Therefore brethren, do not be deceived. It matters not how many times a deceiver invokes the name of Jesus. It matters nothing how sincere these are. It mattered not how Cain’s heart intended to please God. His recipe was not what God designed. One could jump up and down all they want. They could argue scriptural gymnastics all they want. They could shout, scream and holler as loud as they want. God will never listen to anyone who denies that He can turn the bread into His Body. It is impossible. This is why this rule was etched in the beginning (Abel’s acceptable sacrifice) and it was etched in the end by Daniel and Matthew; Antichrist will stop the sacrifice and the offering. This is the Holy Eucharist. He is the God of order and not the God of disorder. Every man that creates his own church government is a renegade, a defector, an outcast and a heretic. Jesus said “you shall know them by their fruit”. St. Bellarmine exposes:

“Irenaeus, Jerome, Theodoret, Hippolytus the martyr and Primasius all express the same thing, that Antichrist is going to forbid all divine worship which is now exercised in the Churches of Christians, especially the most holy sacrifice of the Eucharist. That this sign has not yet been fulfilled is evident from experienceFrom that we can gather three things. 1) Antichrist has not yet come, since the continual sacrifice is still in force. 2) The Roman Pontiff is not the antichrist, rather he is quite contrary to him since the Pope carefully honors and guards the sacrifice which Antichrist is going to take away. 3) The heretics of this time, apart from all other things, are precursors of Antichrist since no one more ardently desires to altogether abolish the sacrifice of the Eucharist than they

Hippolytus the martyr says that the character of Antichrist will be that men are compelled to say: “I deny Baptism; I deny the sign othe Cross,” and similar things. Augustine asks whether men are going to be baptized at all while Antichrist rages. At length, he answers: “Certainly they will be strong, both parents to baptize their children, and these who shall then first believe, that they shall conquer that strong one, even though he has been unbound.” Here St. Augustine presupposes that Antichrist is not going to permit them to be baptized, and still some pious parents would rather suffer than that their sons should be unbaptized.

Isn’t this what we hear today? That Baptism, confession, church, communion is not necessary? For years I listened to sermons on the book of Acts skipping over the Catholic history right into the reformation. Even as a Muslim we studied Charlamagne and all the wars by the popes with Islam. The pre high-school history we studied, even the mathematics, of my time in Bethlehem, I found was more advanced from when I enrolled in college in the U.S. But by the time I joined these ill advised churches, these didn’t just lack the study of church history, but they completely obliterated it. This should always be a ground of concern that heresy lurks in these buildings. Christian history, I found, supersedes anything I found in Islam. Therefore, choose your buildings, your hymnals, your churches, your bibles, and choose them wisely.