The New Mutant Christians Are Arising And Are Being Produced By The Millions, All “MADE IN THE USA” And They Reject “Making America Great Again”


By Walid Shoebat

You can’t carry a Crucifix upside down, twist theology inside out, then expect God to “make America great again”. It is not “We will make America Great Again,” it is “God Will Make America Great Again”. It is “In God We Trust” and not “In Us We Trust”.

To make America Great Again, we must repent and return to at least where this nation’s fathers set certain standards.

Christianity is simple. I read the Bible to see what God loves and what God hates and whom God loved and whom God hated. I promote, what, and who, God loves, while I denounce what, and who, God hated.

If I miss only one of the items God hated, then my whole personal life, faith, witness, belief, societal structure … everything crumbles down to the ground.

Nothing will ever work unless we all follow this simple rule.

For example, when God said there is neither Jew nor Greek, by this, God ended racism and announced that He hates it. Sell out on any of these birthrights and you will end up like Esau whom God said “For Jacob I loved and Esau I hated”. This is a verse so well etched in the New (Roman 9:13) and not just in the Old Testament.

When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and then later on converted the Roman Empire to Christianity, He ended the gladiators and the arenas, and with it, all the Roman debauchery.

God, by this, prohibited a multitude of sin.

Yet we have a new brand of Christians, mutants, and these are being produced in an assembly line, using western technology called the internet. They complain about how crooked is the media, yet they suck up their slimy theology from the very crooked internet and from the very same media that accuses all other medias of being corrupt.

Their Jerusalem is Sodom. They are racist, to the core. They are sort of like the zombies and they are everywhere and they plague everything.

I repel them and see them comment everywhere. I had one enter my abode, on my comment section the other day.

“Breitbart is very trustworthy. In fact it’s a daily must read” said this lady who goes by Pigg Pie on my comment section.

I already knew that I would be throwing my pearls to a ‘Pigg’, but I wanted to show and prove a point: this infection is everywhere.

“How about Milo Yiannopoulos, the fag, is he ‘trustworthy’?” I asked.

I can even predict the reply:

“You’re showing your muslim side here Walid? Yes Milo is doing great works in attacking the left’s younger snowflakes” Pigg replied.

So if you hate homosexuality, you are now instantly branded as “Muslim”. Breitabrt has been pushing a false narrative that is “Palestinian” and pro Islam.


And by this, the mutant, is unaware how truly Muslim they and Breitbart are.

Here, let me explain. These believe, and through thousands of articles, void of an inch-worth of historic truth, said that Islam is “anti-homosexual”.

And its not only Breitbart. The entire untrustworthy counter-Jihad media, by avoiding this part of history, has been pumping, day in, and day out, this fabricated very short narrative.

They made “Islam” all of the sudden “anti-homosexual”.

Islam’s homosexuality, in fact, was imported to the West by reprobates of western history who loved Islam. These were the Aleister Crowley types. They imported from the Muslim orient; boy love, pedophilia, debauchery, and a multitude of all things demonic. Taking all this out, now, and all of the sudden, Islam becomes “anti-gay”. Islam, in fact, is the religion of homosexuality and pedophilia. 

By the very act of this one fabrication alone, the very western counter jihadists, themselves, and knowingly,  gave Islam a shower, they cleaned it up to match their very liberal narrative and promoted the very Islamic narrative that “homosexuality is now okay”.

By this one fabrication, this little leaven, the very counter-jihadists, knowingly, ended up destroying the whole batch, converting masses to a new Islam and switched what the Bible condemned to what the very Quran and Hadith condoned.

By this one act alone, they ended up converting millions of these poor western souls to a liberal hidden-Islam, while they ‘make believe’ that they are combatting Islam, all the while they slandered anyone who opposes their evil narrative.

“Sorry your highness, but can you show me a single line where I supported Islam? Just one. An itty bitty line” I replied to Pigg. “As far as Milo, do you think that one man who shoves his penis in another man’s backside is a good thing?”

“Oh my gosh” replied Pigg, she was alarmed adding:

“the debauchery that the Arabs and easterns commit including the same act [homosexuality] you’re referencing pales in comparison to anything I’d feel comfortable thinking about. But you know that and conveniently ignore. Christianity is not considered an eastern religion but many evil ones are chiefly that arab nonsense called islam.”

These realize the lies. They even know that homosexuality came from the Muslim world. They also know that it was Islam which the western orientalist imported to western Christendom, yet they do not mind it.

To Pigg, it was “okay” for someone to promote the very acts they thought was “abhorrent,” yet as long as they “attack the left’s younger snowflakes” its “okay”. Homosexuality then became okay to be practice, but only in the West and under the new laws of the land which their fathers completely reject.

Failing to provide a single line where I supported Islam, Ms. Pigg, does not even realize, besides her being of Sodom, she is also a slanderer, pushing Breitbart’s false narratives and misinformation, and in essence supports what the Islam teaches about homosexuality.

To these, “Christianity is not considered an eastern religion”. It mattered nothing to this mutant, that God in the Bible said “Blessed be Shem” and that “Japheth will dwell in the house of Shem”. To these, God was wrong to say “there is neither Jew or Greek”. No verse would penetrate her racist mind, not even “Jesus was born in the EAST”.

To prove my point that these in essence are Muslim, this mutant replied:

“your anti gay stance is as strong as we see in the islamist world. Christians hate the sin not the sinner“.

The new mutant-Christian, does not even notice the contradictions they spew out. She condemned the debauchery of the Muslim world to only approve of it in the Western world. They are like a frog with a long tongue that instantly snatches a blood sucking mosquito and swallow it whole. Being “gay”, to these mutants, is no sin at all, while they know without a doubt, that it is sin; all the while they state that we ought to “hate the sin and not the sinner”.

But being pro “gay” is being pro sin. In reality what they say is “we love the sinner including his sin” so long the sinner says that he is “attacking Islam”.

They are unable to do any simple research: “When I look up what is considered Eastern Religions no site list Christianity” says this mutant-Christian. All the internet, and all of the sudden, became “trustworthy”. Christianity is what they learn from Milo and from Breitbart who has become their prophets telling them daily not to trust any other media, except them. I replied:

“And since we ought to “hate the debauchery” (sin) and not the sinner as you stated, this means that we ought to then love ISIS terrorists and not their sin. After all, you ought to hate the sin and not the sinner as you stated. Do you love the ISIS terrorists, Ms. Pigg?”

Yet Pigg hates ISIS terrorists and loves Milo’s debauchery.


Milo could swim in Pigg’s own blood and she would not mind selling her soul to the devil. Its all done in fun after all.

You can’t take a single piece out from God’s puzzle or else everything fails.

God must have been a liberal for me to be born in Bethlehem and for moving to the United States. Jesus having been born in Bethlehem, He too, would no room in their ‘Western Inn’.

These do not only throw Jesus out, completely, by their racism, but they love Sodom and Gomorrah as much as Islam does. What these will do eventually is not make America great again, but with such infection, which permeates the so-called conservative west, especially in Europe, such movement will re-create not just the French Revolution, with all its gallows, but a global populist revolution that will infect the entire world.

When the Christian world loses its saltness (Christianity) the whole world will become the very Apocalypse that they espouse to prevent.

I replied:

“Lot’s wife, just for looking at Sodom, God killed her. Are you looking at Sodom, Pigg?”

The whole nation is looking up, not towards God, but towards Sodom, and they expect God to make them “great again” when God simply sent fire and brimstone and destroyed all of Sodom and all of Gomorrah.

God will send the fire, it will refine the saints through all the bloodshed and war these mutants will cause and eventually God is the Victor.

A wicked and adulterous generation the seeks signs and wonders. Repent first and put on your sackcloth, pour ashes on your heads and thrust Sodom where it belongs. Nowhere in the U.S. did the laws of your fathers approved of sodomy. Nowhere. But you will not repent. Your hearts are sealed. Seeing you will not see and hearing you will not hear. Indeed, you are nothing and he who chooses you is an abomination.