There Is A Major Global Conspiracy Being Planned Out To Convert Millions Of Americans To The Religion Of The Antichrist, To A New Form Of Islam And To The One World Order Of Satan


By Walid Shoebat (A Shoebat Sunday Special)

There is a new Islam brewing. It has been set in motion in the U.S. and is now growing to unite all religion, regardless if they be under a liberal or a conservative government; be they Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist … it matters not for it appeals to American liberalism and it even has a facade of conservatism. This New Islam which will merge with the Ottoman strand of Sufi Islam is perfectly designed to bring east closer to west. It is so subtle, so potent, so deceptive, that it is rarely if ever noticed or even caught by the casual Christian. This is the ideal religion designed to deceive the very elect. It is unifying all religions by using seven very lethal ingredients. It has perfectly mutated, the “virus of viruses,” that is infiltrating the media which sprang it forth in the U.S converting millions of adherents already by introducing its unholy seven sacraments. With these main seven ingredients, it plans to usher in the very religion of the Antichrist. What we disclose here is not some hypothetical jargon or fiction as you read the data we acquired.


As Trump will soon take office of the U.S. presidency, he is most likely to make a great president. But Trump has inherited a world that is about to face major implosions. He inherited from Obama a Middle East that is in utter chaos. He will have to deal with a fracturing E.U. while facing a social makeup that is decaying and crumbling. With what the Muslim and liberal locusts have eaten, now Trump is seen as the cure by disenfranchised Christians. But Trump’s task will not be an easy one with the enemy of Islam still lurking to destroy U.S. society, religion and culture.

And while Trump rules, there is still an evil brewing globally by the masters of deception. We still have Islam. And then we have liberal socialism, which is being responded to by another arising phenomenon: populism. These are all three recipes which spell out World War III.

So many ask regarding this election; were are we heading and what does the prophetic future hold now that Trump is elected president? There are two key questions: 1-Will President elect Donald Trump confront Islam and destroy ISIS? Or 2-Will he lead the U.S. into populism and isolationism as the liberal claims catapulting Islam even further overseas.

The answer to both questions is that both are true to a certain degree. Today’s Christian is unable to sift for he mistrusts the press where the right accuses the left and vise versa and where dishonest journalism ran the media amuck. The key for the wise is not to hide in a cubbyhole, where they mistrust everything the media says on the other side of the fence, while only trusting what tickles their ears. The best way to view the American media and its political structure is that we have two sides, two crooks if you will, and both  are exposing each other. A Christian is to be cunning wise sifting through what they read by taking a kernel here and a kernel there. The left stretches certain facts, yes, by lumping Trump with extreme populism. And while the accusations fly, the question remains; what mistakes will Trump make? Trump will face a time where deceptive powers are at large: neo-Ottomanism and an arising extreme Alt-Right movement in Europe that is an elevated hybrid from the ‘moderate’ hidden Alt-Right in the U.S. These will be taken advantage of by a new arising religion that will combine all under one.

To sort all this out, I prepared to expose these seven ingredients that makes the recipe of recipes, the virus of viruses: the ultimate anti-Christ religion, a religion that dwarfs anything we have ever seen in the recent past. I call it the new Islam.

So I put the essay as if a letter was leaked from Satan himself, detailing this grand apocalyptical plan for a  new brand of Islam attempting to infect the United States. It will eventually fail in the U.S., but it will succeed in Europe leaps and bounds. Once Americans understand the satanic mindset, something will click. This will be the lightbulb of lightbulbs. He who reads till the end, will never be the same again or be fooled again. Guaranteed. It follows the instruction by Christ to “be as wise as the devil”. That is, understand satan’s cunning methods, how satan manipulates the media and governments to make history repeat itself while uniting all evil religions in one.

This “Letter From Satan to St. Thomas” is not some hypothetical jargon or fiction, for it details from history and current reality what Trump will truly be facing and what will happen (we estimate) by 2018 where the major players in both East and West will be set on the chessboard with king and bishops including all the pieces necessary to catapult mankind on a catastrophic move into global unrest. While I believe that Donald Trump will do well being overwhelmed to heal a crippled system, he will not deal with the spiritual obstacles, even repeating some of Reagan’s errors, that, including a moral and spiritual decay from liberalism’s infiltrations cloaked will ‘conservatism’ will put us further into global unrest.

It is difficult to tell Americans anything right after an election hangover. Christians slumber and since they expect the new president to be like god believing that he will solve all their woes, they go into hibernation just as when Christ left His disciples at the Garden of Gethsemane. With republicans, when their god Reagan told the Russian god, Gorbachev “tear down that wall” they all clapped. And now their new god (Trump) tells the Mayan god “we will build a wall and you will pay for it” and they all clapped.

I avoid opinions from the jeering crowd that loves to clap after every sentence their god proclaims. They clapped during Reagan, when a wall was torn down that was meant to keep Nazism locked up and they will clap when another wall is erected.

Mesmerized crowds are not a good source of wisdom.

Trump will intend well. No doubt. But will he fully comprehend the real cunningness of the enemy?

Here is a simple challenge to the jeering crowds. Americans clapped when their idol, Ronald Reagan, sent weapons to Muslims in Afghanistan to fight the very Russian communists whom they rightly hated. But at the time they did not comprehend the cunning religion of Islam which we warned about will arise as a result. They were void of any wisdom. So they armed the Islamists to fight the Russians and now we have as a result, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS and an Islamist revolution in the Middle East. Was Reagan “smart’? Yes, but obviously he was naive when it came to facing the devil of Islam.

Trump now says: “I am a really smart guy” and “I will destroy ISIS”. Okay, but to combat the devil, one has to be as wise as Daniel, not just “smart” as Reagan was and as Trump is. This unwisdom will not cease in this new presidency as you will see Trump cozy up to Erdogan. Take Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a vice chair of the Trump transition running for a top national security post. Some on the left accuses him of being an Islamophobe. This is false. Flynn runs a consulting firm that is lobbying for Turkish interests. The Daily Sabah, which is an Erdogan mouthpiece denies such allegations. Why? Because they love Flynn’s love of the Turks. So which media do you want to believe; the conservative, the liberal or the Islamist Turks? It is here were wisdom is needed.

An article written by Flynn himself reveals the typical pro-Turkey view that caused the same mess we dealt with in the past during Reagan’s era. Flynn writes:

We must begin with understanding that Turkey is vital to U.S. interests. Turkey is really our strongest ally against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as well as a source of stability in the region. It provides badly needed cooperation with U.S. military operations. But the Obama administration is keeping Erdoğan’s government at arm’s length — an unwise policy that threatens our long-standing alliance.

Flynn’s argument begs the question: if Islamism is the obstacle to peace, Erdogan is a global Islamist. And if Obama was the “obstacle” to the world’s greatest Islamist, this would mean that we should praise Obama for “keeping Erdoğan’s government at arm’s length”. This senseless thinking will not change under Trump when it comes to Turkey. I remind, it was Mike Pence’s hypocrisy that sold out the Christian Armenian Genocide to please Turkey.

Exposing this under Obama was fine, but now, with Trump, it will only gains us a “pro-Obama” label. Under Trump, the slander from the jeering untrustworthy crowds will not minimize and in fact will increase. These were the same crowds who said that Reagan was smart in 1983. I believe that he was a great president like Trump will become, but Reagan made serious errors. May I remind the jeering crowd, that when Muslim Hezbollah blew up the marine barracks in Lebanon on October 23rd 1983, where nearly 300 of their best and finest marines were slaughtered; did Reagan dare arise to confront Islam? No. Their favorite idol simply tucked-tail, pulled out the troops from Lebanon and ran. Yet they still clapped because exactly two days later, Reagan diverted attention by invading Grenada. Reagan did not want to mess with Islam. Hezbollah got away. And now we hope, pray and clap, that our new idol, Trump, says he will kill some prostitute goddess named ISIS? He will give the mission to Turkey. Guaranteed.

May I remind, today, as a result of their other dead god, Reagan, with his war on Russia, we still have the Taliban, and the jeering crowd still worshiped the dead idol Reagan and they still clap while they hang any critique for blasphemy.

Trump is aware of this and is now mending with Russia. This, as many hate it, will be a good decision by President Trump.

I, many times, said on Radio and in my speeches “do not touch Iraq” and the jeering crowd looked at us Middle Eastern Christians with scorn. Trump (whom we predicted will win when he only had 4% approval) was right on this one and he had the sense to denounce it at the time. Americans at the time worshipped Bush, the Father, who invaded Iraq and then they worshipped Bush the Son who completely destroyed Iraq while the jeering crowd clapped with shouts of hip-hip-hurray.

As it turned out, it was all based on a manufactured lie about some chemical weapons that the Babylonian god, Saddam, supposedly stockpiled so that someday this god rains fire and brimstone on the U.S. It took decades for the clapping mesmerized crowd to wake up and smell the coffee while they all cursed us, the ones who correctly predicted the outcome of things to come.

Then a strange Cushite African god, Obama, (who mesmerized the same foolish crowd), this one springboard from the Bushes catastrophe in Iraq, he moved on the same path of destruction towards Libya and Syria while causing havoc in Tunisia and all the way to Egypt. It sent an Islamist shockwave devastating the entire Middle East where Islam re-arose by the neo-Ottoman Turks, exactly as we predicted will happen in our books. The Cushite god was hated, along with the two burning Bushes, but  Reagan was the god who got away to be praised and worshipped till Kingdom comes and reveal he too was a false god.

So here is my honest to goodness detailed opinion in an essay on what will happen during the era of this new god while this new cunning religion arises upon the earth: the new Islam.

The findings will shock you to a place of no return. It will reveal the true reality at hand and what Trump will face. You will finally understand what cunning is like from an x-cunning devil who was himself a wolf in sheep clothing. Decades from now you will re-read this to realize it will all happen just as we projected. As you read, you will run into arguments saying “so what” and “this is no major deal”, but continue, the devil wins when he succeeds in planting a kernel of leaven which Christ warned will “spoil the whole batch”.


Dear St. Thomas,

You had challenged me, the Devil, a century ago, saying that I will not be able to convert America and Europe to Islam. I am happy to disclose to you My detailed plan to convert, not just America, but the whole world to My new religion, where My global genocide of all the saints will commence soon.

My new Islam will spark from the U.S. since the U.S. is the main driver of the world, since whatever America does, the rest of the world will follow suit emulating this nation.

In order to control the U.S., I simply renamed Islam and gave it a different face. My new religion, in fact, has been brewing for a while in the U.S. and most Americans unaware have been converted already. My new Islam spread in Europe, were the cradle of Christianity once was, but in order to kickoff the Apocalypse, it must be emulated and sparked from the U.S., where the green light is given by the most powerful nation on earth.

The U.S., after all, is the policeman of the world. So, I, the devil had to enter, but first I had to bind the strongman. They have elected a strong president, I know, but it will not matter.

There were two obstacles in my Apocalypse dream. The first obstacle was the Apocalypse itself. Yes, “The book of the Apocalypse,” which your friend, St. John eloquently convinced We The People of the United States, to believe that as we approach the end of days, that things will become worse not better. So after (and against My will) I yielded to God’s plan to appoint a Republican president named Donald Trump. That newly elected god said that he will “make America great again”. By this alone, the masses completely forgot the Apocalypse believing that progress is industrial and financial even though the U.S. will digress into more decay spiritually and morally.

The other snag I had were not the Democrats, these, my demons easily possessed, but they get ousted every eight years and the Republicans would call the exorcists every time they suspected a major demonic possession of any republican politician. So they always called their exorcists and the ghost busters would cast out my evil spirits into the abyss. I can’t seem to possess Donald Trump, but with some Republicans who have already converted to my new religion, I will enter your White House.

How My new Islam got introduced was simple. I first started a republican movement to combat Islam. My smallest particle of leaven was introduced when My so-called conservative counter Jihad sycophants censored many things about Islam, especially that Islam believes in theistic evolution and pseudoscience. They censored everything about Islam supporting abortion (before the gestation period). They censored everything about Islam being pro-homosexuality. They never told anyone, that while Islam gives lip service in prohibiting homosexuality, Islam however permitted and even legalized the effeminate. In other words, all the homosexuals had to do was to pluck off their bodily hair, become effeminate, and it became just as halal in the Muslim world as it has became kosher in the U.S. It was all a play on labels. The only difference is that in the U.S. the sodomite can be hairy or hairless, while in the Muslim world, they had to be hairless calling these Mukhannathun.


See how the Muslim crowds watch, admire, lust and accept hairless homosexuals in the most Muslim fundamentalist society in the world, Pakistan, while like in the U.S., they cry that they are ‘persecuted’?

I then had them pump all this misinformation, that Islam wants to kill these gays (when in fact Islam supports them), that Islam wants to stop abortion, when in fact Islam allows it, and that Islam will stop all our freedoms, especially the belief in evolution, when in fact the Quran speaks on theistic evolution.

This simple plan worked perfectly. It was not the greatest achievement, but wait till you see what a spec of leaven can do.

I then pumped my most lethal unholy seven sacraments into the U.SThese were the same exact unholy seven sacraments I gave to the Ottomans, which were used to carry out the Armenian Genocide where your saints were butchered by the millions. The Ottoman, Darwinian Muslim Young Turks slaughtered your Armenian brethren using exactly the same unholy seven sacraments (S.S). The Nazis used the same seven when they slaughtered the Polish saints as well as the Jews. The Americans, while they focus on Nazism, only a handful remember the history when the U.S. manufactured Eugenics and then exported it to Germany and also to Turkey. History clearly records what so few pay attention to:

Racism and pseudo-scientific racist thinking known as eugenics were becoming increasingly influential among educated American and Europeans throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Eugenic ideals exerted a powerful influence over individuals as well as public policy in the United States and Europe and in the ways leaders in those countries related to people from across the world. Some Ottoman and Armenian scholars suggest that the ideology of Turkism was another expression of that pernicious form of racist thinking. To learn more about the influence of scientific racism in the American and European context, refer to Facing History and Ourselves: Race and Membership in American History.

My work and demonic influences in the U.S. gave the green light for that apocalypse. And while you think ‘this is history’ think again, the democrats for the last couple decades observed the same exact seven sacraments the neo-Ottomans observed. These were:

1-Evolution, 2-Eugenics, 3-Homosexuality, 4-False Religion (Atheism/Paganism/Occultism), 5-Pseudoscience, 6-Abortion and 7-Racism (Multiculturalism with hatred angled towards whites).

And being the brightest fallen star, I finally devised the best of schemes to create a new movement to replace the old-conservative right-wing Republicans, with the same exact unholy seven sacraments:

 1-Evolution, 2-Eugenics, 3-Homosexuality, 4-False Religion (Atheism/Paganism/Occultism), 5-Pseudoscience, 6-Abortion and 7-Racism (anti-Multiculturalism with emphasis on the white race regaining power from the anti-white multicultural infusion by liberals).

This will partially succeed in the U.S. Republicans are a tough nut to crack, especially that Trump will be president, but with slight populism, it will catapult a much different virulent strand in Europe. Why I have evolution as the first sacrament and racism as the last sacrament is simple. I, Satan, work in reverse. I devised three lethal sixes (666). We give the first six sacraments to Muslims, to the second (liberals) we gave the same exact six sacraments, and to the new republicans we gave the same exact six sacraments.

The hidden seventh sacrament always kicks in automatically. In order to get to number seven (racism) I pushed My other first six agendas.

And so I devised Black Lives Matter, which upset whites as if their lives did not matter. I then brought in heaps of immigrants. During Obama, I had U.S. liberal policy push for bringing in Syrian refugee immigrants. Americans panicked as a deer caught in the headlights. This got their emotions propelled to ignore a key verse that unites all western Christians “there is neither Jew nor Greek”. And by ignoring just this one verse alone, I am beginning to accomplish my takeover, not just of these damned  democrats (whom I already have possessed) but also these damned new Republicans.

By this, I will convert everyone to be my dogs, salivating with a meatless bone of contention, where the Jew is to be blamed by the Greek, and where the Greek is to be blamed by the Jew, and where the white is to be blamed by the black, and where the black is to be blamed by the white.

With democrats, I had the black wanting to subdue the white and with the republicans I had the white wanting to regain their position and respect in society. And knowing that blacks will fail, this will cause the whites, the big elephant in the room, having had enough, to rise up responding to subdue all pigments, be they the color latte, mocha-latte or dark brown chocolate. It was the sleeping giant, the white population whom I knew will send the needed spark that will light up the helium blimp. I realize that this plan will not succeed in the U.S., but read on.

Americans, I found out, are the most color-blind. They fail to see that what they call “white” are in reality “pink” and what they call “non-white” are in reality different shades of brown.


The one on the right is light pink but you do not see since you are “color blind”


So I founded Black Lives Matter knowing it will produce a reaction that White Lives Matter. So by this simple plan, what will soon arise is a small movement, White Lives are the Master Race. I set up cliches, people then follow the lie and I herd them, while they are unaware, they are carrying out my most sinister of plans: to kill the saints.

While I will not succeed to convert America to become ‘racist’, Americans are resilient to racism, but this does not matter, since American moderate populism will give the spark for European populism, which is a much different brand of ultra-nationalism. Through My unholy Seven Sacraments (S.S), I already opened the bottomless pit. The Ottoman Turks, adhered to the same exact seven unholy sacraments, which was their religion and Islam was interpreted to fit this mold. And now, behold my new religion: The New Islam which will eventually unite all seven sacrament peoples to kill the saints.

Welcome to My Unholy Seven Sacraments, which now produced the alt-Reich, where Evolution, Eugenics, Homosexuality, False Religion (Atheism/Paganism/Occultism), Pseudoscience and Abortion are its raison d’etre.

But what I will write next, will make you instantly want to click out. Good. This was my plan in the first place, to program everyone to have eyes yet they do not see and yet they have ears they do not hear. It was I Who programmed puny little brains to read five hundred page fictions and to cringe at reading ten pages on how I robbed, not just their nation, but the bulk majority of their souls from democrat to republican.

Did you listen to this New Islam founding father? He said that the Alt Reich “rejects the dogma that all races are equal”. This means that the Jew is no longer equal with the Greek.

Mission accomplished. This is all I needed. The rest will soon become history. The Alt-Right believes in eugenics. And while most believe that this movement is small, think again, just as it is with Muslims, the Alt-Right media will pump the misinformation Muslims did where for decades we heard of the “moderate Muslim” and today we have the “moderate Alt-Reich” whom they argue is different from the “extremist alt Reich”. Breitbart says that these are simply attracted to them just as mosques were blamed for attracting terrorists:

Anything associated as closely with racism and bigotry as the alternative right will inevitably attract real racists and bigots. Calmer members [moderate alt-righters] of the alternative right refer darkly to these people as the “1488ers”

The Pontius Pilates will always wash their hands while I divide and conquer. For years you have heard that there were “moderate Muslims” and “extremist Muslims,” when all the difference was, that the so-called ‘moderates’ were political enablers and the “extremists” where grassroots recruiting locusts who bluntly told what they plan to do. The Alt Reich are no different from the Muslims whom they claim to fight while  both their ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’ strands awaited a political victory. The Muslim ‘moderates’ insist; only the Caliph can make all the killing Halal/Kosher and so does the alt Reich await their Fuhrer.

And just like the moderate Muslims, who condemn terrorism, the moderate alt-Reich will condemn the “racism” of the extremist Nazis.

And so if Breitbart was so innocent, as they claim, what is Milo Yiannopoulos doing there boosting awareness of the pseudoscientific racism termed Human Bio Diversity (HBD) coined by Steve Sailer in the mid-90s? This is the same “scientific racism” of the Ottomans and it has become a political movement claiming it has to “fight for its right to exist.” They will argue that being anti-HBD is “Race Denial,” that “Racism” is not to be equated with HDB. This is just as you have witnessed Muslims argue that equating ‘Islam’ with ‘violence’ is a false dichotomy.

Pseudoscience and Evolution (be it theistic evolution or atheistic evolution) are homosexuality’s favorite tool to promote superiority. Keep in mind, that there are no differences whatsoever in all SS (seven sacrament) adherents, be they neo-Ottoman Muslim or Democrat or these neo-Republicans. These will soon become the same exact religion because they all adhere to the same unholy seven sacraments.

Got it?

Only the seventh, unholy sacrament, is so hidden and so fitted to look different, when in reality it is exactly the same: racism. The unholy seventh sacrament always ends up killing the saints. It is key. It is pure racism:

1–With the Muslim, it is Multiculturalism with hatred angled towards Israel and the Christians.

2–With the liberal Democrats, its exactly the same. It focuses on Multiculturalism with hatred angled towards Israel and Christians who in the U.S. majority are white Christians.

3–With the neo-Republican, it aims to repel all this Multicultural racism, so that everyone evolves into white supremacy. While this will have some root in the U.S., its spark from the home base, will be the green light to Europe’s and Turkey’s populists movements. And by 2018, you will begin to see the fruits, the thistles of My labor just as it was in the past where in Turkey and in Europe the Ottomans and the Nazis slaughtered millions of Jews and Christians.

In the end, it is all aimed at your saints.

Got it?

Now the whole world is deceived. It is I, the Master of deception, Who devised the Myth of Racism. While ethnicities will fight each other, they will always eventually unite on ideology. It is ideology and not color, that unites My evil Empire. Your church has forgotten what your master said about My kingdom, that:

“if Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself” (Matthew 12:26).

“if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand” (Mark 3:24)

Therefore, I will unite all. Black Lives Matter hated Republican blacks and Hitler did not mind uniting with genetically ‘impure’ Japanese Buddhists, Muslim Turks, Muslim Albanians, and Muslim Bosnians and Muslim Afghans, during his expedition to kill your saints. By this plan, even many Christians will be deceived believing that they currently fighting Islam, when in reality, they are promoting the new strand to later on even partner with the same old Islam.

It is I Who deceive even the very elect. My unholy seven sacraments would not mind killing Jews or even Muslims so long the Christians convert or drink the blood of the saints. Millions upon millions believe in my new Reich as being exclusively for the white-man. This is false. In reality, it encompasses all. Soon the new Islam in parts of Europe will unite with the old Islam in all new-Ottoman nations (Albanians, Bosnians, Indonesians, the C.I.S) and with Europe partially converted by finding common denominators with the neo-Ottomans, I will drink My cup with the blood of saints from the Middle East, to Europe to what was once the Muslim southern republics of Russia and the saints will find no place to hide. Soon, you will see the martyrs who will be beheaded in the name of your Jesus.



Destruction is much easier than building. Remember, for my apocalypse to kill the saints, my unholy sacraments must take root in the U.S. So during this last decade, I spewed a flood out of my dragon mouth sending Republicans and Democrats united to destroy the Middle East. I then sent a flood of Muslim immigrants who fled the destruction into the cradle of Christianity, Europe, by using My seventh unholy sacrament, racism, which will automatically spark to respond to multiculturalism.

Everything is on auto-pilot.

Will your Trump fix “the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim 3:15)? No. And just to show you O little meek doubting St. Thomas, how much I am in control of your people’s destiny. I even introduced the most seriously grotesque and demonic practices into the churches. I first made Americans have scorn for their elders. I set everything in reverse, where the elders played bingo, and the youth took the helm and drove the ship into the abyss. The church today, instead of carefully following your sacred scripture:

 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their childrenTo be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

None of this now matters and people will scorn anyone for simply quoting these verses rushing quickly to re-interpret them regardless that they are so plainly written in the New, not Old Testament. I succeeded by appointing blasphemers of the word of God, amateur youth, so-called Christian pastors, who easily sold their souls to Me, for the god of their bellies: money. I then polished them to eloquently preach on ‘love’. Who after all would object on the right to preach love?

In fact, through ‘love’ everyone today keeps silent, regardless that god said “I will not keep silent”.

Here, let me explain. My version of love is to trumpet new hymnals ‘sinners come as you are‘. It all sounded good. Millions upon millions of sinners came like pilgrims to Mecca to gain instantaneous forgiveness. In Islam, you go to Mecca once, and roam roundabout My idol seven times, and all of your sins since birth, so they believe, are forgiven.


So they came to My American meccas, stadiums filled with the same temple where masses sat roundabout. They listened and sang my tunes and ran roundabout My altars with their feet. I had the sheep repeat this for six days ‘come as you are‘ while on the seventh, I had them sing my favorite unholy hymnal: ‘All Sin is Equal’.

Then they passed the plate for money, just like Mecca offering their sacrifices, and have their idol pastors  ‘reap the harvest’ in order to pay for lavish planes, SUVs and buildings. Making all sin equal, propped up my greatest temples, all dedicated to Sodom.


This one is even circular, just like My Mecca where they all hover around my idol that now could speak. They all worship it in obedience. “Behold, the Assyrian (The Antichrist, Satan in the Flesh) … The waters made him great, the deep [bottomless pit] set him up on high with her rivers [people, hordes] running round about his plants [altars], and sent out her little rivers unto all the trees [demons] of the field.” (Ezekiel 31)

With ‘all sin is equal’ sodomy became like any other sin, since a man’s penis caught in another man’s rectum, is now equivalent to a child’s hand caught in a cookie jar. It is as if cookies now are the same as backside hershey needed for My unholy communion which the multitudes so gladly lined up to consume.

Hard to imagine? Just come to church and watch. Look at them over here! They are all filled with joy since ‘salvation is done’. Now look over there! They are celebrating in decorative disco-tech dance hauls. I even had them sell the crucifix for a 12 ounce mocha latte. Talk about Esau selling his birth right for a bowl of soup. And when they go out, frappuccino is served, as ushers veer the herd to take a sharp left towards the newly devised ‘Bible study’ centers. There, look! You can still find them singing my favorite hymnals: ‘All sin is sin‘ and ‘I sin no more‘ and when the gas runs out during the week and all their fire is gone, they come back to my service stations and sing ‘Lord Light the Fire again‘.

I can make them worship anything. Holy crap! Holy mackerel! Holy frogs! Holy Beans! They gladly drink my ground coffee bean soup during the day and then the forgiven sinners dare not expose all the fudge packing during the night. Confession to me, after all, will be secret, ‘in the closet’, since they think I am ‘Jesus’ and that I have already forgiven all their sins, regardless how many times they keep repeating them and as Luther said “sin and sin boldly”.


I mean, why not? I Am the devil after all!

So now, after all this, when it comes to non-conformists, true conservative dissenters, including die-hard saints, who object to my unholy seven sacraments, my hymnals, my mocha-Lattes, all the fudge packing, the Alt-Reich mutants, all I do is nothing, since I have already destroyed the First Amendment.

With my New Alt-Reich, it became extremely difficult for the left to attack my new religion, since both are in reality birds of exactly the same feather. What will the left say; that The New Reich just like the left, supports evolution, abortion, homosexuality and racism?

The whole media is in disarray where one side completely distrusts the other and each is calling to avoid reading anything the other side writes. Each group stays in its own compartment to become completely isolated and brainwashed. The Internet age being an age of dialogue and information is simply a myth. Internet media isolates. As you have seen in the video, the ‘moderate’ Alt Reich already controls many so-called ‘conservative’ blogs, which are multiplying throughout, well-funded by elitists. It owns all the ‘counter Jihad movement’ and even the T-Party. Even the saintly conservative right, cannot attack my new cult, since after all, the Alt Reich advocates to fulfill exactly what the conservatives want, their main pet agenda: combatting illegal immigration and multiculturalism. Before, it was easy for the right to attack Obama, but with this mutant strand, even the of the world, will be completely ignored. Dare these now expose ‘conservatives’ without being shamed by ‘conservatives’?

You see St. Thomas, the system is fool-proof, it automatically kicks in by itself and takes care of the dissenters fairly quickly. Leftists will not give voice to help the poor dissenters, since these already view the saints as ‘anti-Muslim homophobes’. The fury of all iniquity is upon your saints from everyone, be it Muslim or be it Liberal or be it my Alt-Reich. I, after all, own all Seven Sacrament bloggers, all Seven Sacrament commenters, all Seven Sacrament donors, all the modern pastors … all these are my infantry. They will automatically shame all dissenters, where hordes march with cavalry and horsemen to stomp these little saints like grass. They write and comment at your saints shouting “you must be pro-Muslim” and “You pro-immigration outcasts” “death to traitors” “long live the fags” and “God bless our Frog”.


The alt-right is responsible for getting the Pepe the Frog meme

They will repeat the same demonic sounds like a chicken “Cuck Cuck Cuck Buc-Cuuuuck”. Anyone who disagrees will be labeled “Cuckservative”. This is a favorite code word among my alt-Reich (in reality its the new Muslim) followers, Cuck simply means “conservative who reject white supremacy” it is exactly the same as if one rejects “Muslim supremacy” is called Islamophobe.

My “white supremacy” myth has millions of loyal adherents to my fifth sacrament pseudoscience, just like the Alt-Reich homosexuals, where conservatives and even Christians worship the gay Milo Yiannopoulos as god who says that “Gays have a superior gene”. I destroyed anti-homosexuality by pumping minds with a high dose of pseudoscience, which these swallow hook-line-and-sinker. And now, the Christians also believe in pseudo-religion, where Sodom has now become Jerusalem.

Eventually, I will make a false peace treaty, where this new Reich, is united with Islam to rule the world. Take a look, here, my mutant, the new creation Christian/Muslim, completely possessed by demons. He, just like the Muslim terrorist, he will kill everyone, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Greek … everyone even themselves. One cannot even tell any difference between this Alt-Reichist and the Muslim fundamentalist. This is the final product after it has entered the seven stages of My assembly line:

Your saints or the media can’t expose much. My demons will yell “Lügenpresse”—the lying press. The same term popularized by the Nazis, they all repeat aware and unaware. The people are being told, that unless they read only the unholy seven sacraments websites, that all others have every single article rigged, that every single media is rigged. You see St. Thomas, if I want to rig something, I will tell them that everything (except the unholy seven sacraments church) is rigged, rigged, rigged.

They both (liberal and Alt-Reich) have the same unholy sacraments and just like Islam, just like white supremacists, just like Black Lives Matters … they are all united in racism. In reality, there will be no parties while all religions will have a cloak of holiness and the dynamos are all the same.

The masses, on their own, and in the name of the First Amendment, vanquished the first amendment without Me doing a thing. The First Amendment has become nothing more than a paper.

Everyone is drunk and has no balance.

Trump has picked some great helpers. He will definitely do well. But he will err on some. In the U.S, the winning party always ends up worshiping the victor as god. At least for a year or two and sometimes (like Reagan) forever. They still believe that Ronald Reagan was sinless, regardless that that god committed unpardonable sins in obedience to Me. He brought down the wall in Germany and all his worshippers clapped. Germany is ready now, united. It is filled with the Alt-Reich Afd.

The grinning face of the late Fuhrer was beamed on to the outside of a block of offices in the city where he killed himself 76 years ago

This is in Germany. The grinning face of the late Fuhrer was beamed on to the outside of a block of offices in the city where he killed himself 76 years ago and the police did not stop it

The Muslim immigrants did not just barge into Europe, they were encouraged and allowed in by European elites, in a conspiracy with the neo-Ottoman Muslim, Erdogan of Turkey. The very so-called enemy is hidden from the public who make-believe that they are warring with only Islamists. This is completely false. They, in fact, are in bed with it, while your poor souls, like sheep are sent to the slaughter. Both Ottomans and many parts of Europe now believe in My same unholy seven sacraments, which now will cause just enough chaos in the European continent to provoke the masses to accept totalitarianism as the solution.

With the rise of Islamic violence, comes the intensification of racial division in the society, and with this, people become prone to racialist theories, and thus comes the upsurge of Nazi politicians in Germany. The governmental officials responsible for allowing in the Muslim hordes, knew very well what consequences would come about by allowing people from Islamic countries in. It was all part of a plan: bring in waves of Muslims, knowing that some will cause violence, stir the people’s emotions to accepting tyranny.

Now we have the rise of the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD), which consists of politicians in favor of My sacraments, Social Darwinism and eugenics becoming the third largest party in Germany increasing in popularity, while the two establishment parties — the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party of Germany — continue to decline. While the AfD grows, it is receiving substantial support from the same unholy seven sacraments “conservative” groups and organizations in the United States. And just like in the US, Germany has been dominated by two parties: the Christian Democratic Union  (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (CDP). They are referred to as “Volksparteien,” or “people’s parties,” and between each other they divided up to 80% of the vote. But thanks to My Dragon mouth, the inundation of refugees into Germany, this is now changing. With collective hatred for Merkel intensifying (just as it was in the U.S. for Hillary Clinton), the racialist political party, AfD (Alternative for Germany Party), is filling in the vacuum that was formed on account of angry conservatives dissenting from the traditional establishment of the CDU. As one German report states:

“Because Merkel has abandoned those on the right wing of the CDU, the AfD has filled the void and has been boosted by the refugee crisis. That, in turn, could spell the end to the CDU’s firm grip on the conservative half of Germany’s political spectrum.”

It was not until 2013, at the beginning of the refugee crises in Germany, that the AfD arose and that a party like it received nationwide attention. Now the AfD is the third largest party in Germany, and it is growing in popularity as both the CDP and the CDU are quickly losing support.

A major member of the AfD, Bjorn Hocke, has been very active teaching My Social-Darwinist ideology. He was invited to the Philip Rushton Community Center to give a lecture on ‘Race, Evolution and Behavior’.  He is heavily influenced by the British-Canadian Social-Darwinist, J, Philippe Rushton. Rushton was very vocal and outspoken about his support for eugenics, and even went so far as to blame Holocaust survivors for making the study of eugenics taboo. Rushton affirms in his book that he is following the legacy of Francis Galton, the nephew of Charles Darwin and the founder of eugenic studies, and his publication is littered with Galton’s name. He writes in his book:

“Many nineteenth-century scientists including Broca, Darwin, Galton, Lombroso, and Morton concluded that there were racial differences in brain size” (p. 238)

Francis Galton defined eugenics as:

“the science which deals with all influences that improve the inborn qualities of a race; also with those that develop them to the utmost advantage.” 

Galton was of course continuing the teaching of his uncle, Charles Darwin, who wrote:

“With savages, the weak in body and mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed and the sick; we institute poor laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of everyone to the last moment. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands who, from a weak constitution, would formerly have succumbed to smallpox. Thus, the weak members of civilized society propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man. It is surprising how soon a want of care, or care wrongly directed, leads to the degeneration of a domestic race; but, excepting in the case of man himself, hardly anyone is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.” (Darwin, The Descent of Man, 2nd ed., pp. 133-134, 1887)

While the liberal says “do not throw the baby with the bathwater” as in “yes, Darwin was racist, his racism was the bathwater, but that his eugenics was science”. This time around, the Alt Reich, much worse than the liberal, will uphold the bathwater: eliminating whom they consider inferior.

The numerous members of the AfD belong to an obscure fraternity called Burschenschaft. Similar to Hitler’s obscure, cult-like group, these wear old fashioned colored hats and conduct evening processions in which their members hold torches. Hocke is a very prominent figure within the fraternity and even said in a meeting that only people with German ancestors should be allowed to be members of the Deutschen Burschenschaft, that a German passport is not sufficient, and that they would need “proof of Aryan descent”.

The fact that you have a high ranking German politician emphasizing on the importance of “German descent,” the Aryan race, and that this is being pushed by the third largest party in Germany, should signify that the nation is reverting back, very quickly, to the genocidal roots of its former generation. 



Their evening procession is reminiscent with the night marches of recently formed Nazi organization, Die Unsterblichen, or the Immortals. Their marches can be seen online, and it is obvious that they have a substantial following.

The Fourth Reich is not a far-fetched idea shelved in the hauls of ‘conspiracy theories’ since no one in the right mind would fall for Nazism again, right? Wrong. Today, My Alt Reich can be seen on the streets of Germany filled with My Pride. Behold My Neo-Muslims:

Why they wear the same mask is simple: a cookie cut populist society can be easily controlled.

The rise of gay men as the new heroes of the right was a major transformation in Europe and in the U.S. which is now set in motion. This alone, made what we see today where it has become a fact that all “counter-jihadists” in the US and in Europe accept homosexuality.

The German AfD party, just as when Nazism sparked, was ran by homosexuals. AfD leader, Mirko Welsch, who heads the homosexual branch of the party, in the interview, the sodomite said:

“It is a typical stereotype that all homosexuals have to choose green, left or liberal. Indeed there are many homosexuals who think conservative. In a reader survey of “Men” magazine – a magazine that is aimed at homosexuals – the AFD has landed in third place. The AFD is not homophobic, even if they are always blamed as so.”

Mirko Welsch

Mirko Welsch, the eyes are the window to the soul which tells everything you need to know

And in France, a survey by the polling firm Ifop showed that in Paris, 26% of homosexual males supported the National Front, compared with just 16% of heterosexual males. Le Pen’s party now has nine gay ministers/advisors. Matthieu Chartraire is the Milo Yianoppolous of France. The masses will overlook the trend that has been accelerating over the last decade.


Again, sick eyes say everything

So in Germany you have a Mirko, in France you have a Chartraire and in the United Stated you have a Milo Yiannopoulos. The trash bin of society now play in the large scheme of things.


And again, the eyes say everything

Americans are not and never will be as cunning as the Germans. While there are many good Germans, we have to focus on the Nazi-revivalist plotters. American republicans after an election victory have such a hangover. They just got rid of Huma Abedin, an obvious Muslim agent, to now have the open plotters: Milo’s closest friend, the major Breitbart contributor Steve Bannon. Point him out and gain the scorn of the right saying he is a “moderate Alt Right”. This makes him solidly immune from any conservative critique being the chief executive of Trump’s campaign and now the “chief strategist and senior counselor” to the most powerful seat on earth: the U.S. President. Bannon has already set his plans to visit Europe to embolden the Alt-Reich Alternative for Germany (AfD), a Eurosceptic populist political party.


Whoever says this was just for votes believes and promotes that “the end justifies the means”

My Europe mission is almost accomplished. In the Alt Reich world, there are no ‘moderates’ there are only sleeper cells, just like the Muslims, always lurking to enter the hauls of power, like Salome who for a lap dance got the head of the Baptist. And next to Germany is Austria. Bannon’s Breitbart  just today announced “(FPÖ) presidential candidate Norbert Hofer is receiving huge support from Austria’s disaffected working class” painting Hofer as another ‘Donald Trump’.

What ‘conservative’ Breitbart censors is that this man “Hofer” is a real wizard. Hofer is into “neurolinguistic programming,” which has been discredited as a pseudoscience by the scientific community. It is one of a top 10 most discredited interventions according to a published research survey by Norcross et al. (2006). It is popularized in New Age and popular psychology channels. In the field of the sociology of religion it is considered to be an alternative to Scientology, and as a human development concern, it tends to be used in combination with other mind-body-spirit developments such as remote viewingpsychic healing and qior energy therapies. It is sold as self improvement, psychotherapy, and a communication method, though it is regularly applied to commercial motivational seminars, seduction seminars, and psychic/occult matters.


Breitbart censors all this, and if one exposed Hillary with such practices, the ‘conservative’ crowds will make it go viral. In this era, one can forget Info Wars exposing Hillary. The truth will be accused as the Info War’s ‘conspiracy theory’. The era and the trend of upside-downiness is in motion and dare anyone object where the normal is viewed as ‘mad’ and the ‘mad’ is viewed normal. Since Breitbart equates Hofer to Trump and one says “this is mad”, the crowds will yell back at the exposer with “Lügenpresse” “the lying press” and “there is nothing to worry about”.

No one can say anything anymore. Before, there was only one thing I couldn’t tell Americans: that ‘sports are stupid’. They will kill you. Now I rigged everything where they will shame you for saying anything because Trump, like Reagan, can make no mistakes.

But history proves that it takes decades to find the leaven that made the booze, the booze that made the drunkards, and only then, after the hangover, do they visit graves of dead prophets who brought the masses out of their slumber. By then, the prophets are but long forgotten.

While “family values” are touted and boasted of, the degradation of the family will be growing, even under Trump and all the populists in Europe to do another repeat of the Nazis. As historian Gerhard Rempel wrote that we should beware of homosexuals, in Nazi Germany:

Homosexuality, meanwhile, continued on into the war years when Hitler Jugend boys frequently  became victims of molestations at the hands of their SS [homosexual] tutors; Himmler consistently took a hard line against it publicly but was quite willing to mitigate his penalties privately and keep every incident as secret as possible.” (Rempel: 51f) 

In the U.S. we only love to expose Islamic terrorism and their pedophilia (while we promote that Islam persecutes homosexuals), but when it comes to the homosexual crime in the U.S. (causing an epidemic of rape at an epic proportion in U.S. Military), they are completely silent since only the ‘Muslim terrorist’ can do all the evils, while the Turk is an “ally”. This is what Flynn says. History is simply repeating itself and homosexuality is one of the major, not minor leavens. In the immediate years after WW1 and the socialist revolution in 1918, thousands of veteran soldiers of the German army joined quasi-military units called Freikorps (Free Corps). It was this group that would eventually help give birth to national socialism in Germany. A great many of their leaders were, unsurprisingly, homosexual, as historian G.S. Graber writes:

“Many… [Freikorps] leaders were homosexual; indeed homosexuality appears to have been widespread in several volunteer units. Gerhard Rossbach… was an open homosexual. On his staff was Lieutenant Edmund Heines who was late to become the lover of Ernst Roehm” (Graber:33). 

Will Trump rid the military of the homosexual abuses? I think not. What I am evolving is no different from the Islamic world, where women are viewed for breeding while men and boys are taken for My demonic and deranged pleasure. It was Edmund Heines, a homosexual and boy lover who killed boys and is who helped put Hitler in power. Historian Frank Rector wrote:

“He liked to shoot his victims in the face with his 7.65 Walter automatic or beat them to death with a club.” (Rector:89)

Alt-Right acolytes, Steve Bannon’s Milo Yiannapolous of says that “gay men are smarter: we test higher for IQ than our heterosexual counterparts”, and conservatives in both America and Europe are fawning over the backside hershey as some hero.

It is My collective penchant towards political movements in which fanatic nationalism and homosexuality are conjoined into a hybrid ideology: My unholy seven sacraments.

Show Me a single line, O doubting St. Thomas, of anyone rejecting what has become the social order in the U.S? All mouths salivate over the backside pitch from My homosexual “conservatives”. They have all slurped the vulgar and the profane:, Pamela Geller, Jihad Watch, Frontpage Magazine, American Renaissance, and David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, and the entire mainstream counter-jihad movement showing exactly the same indifference from when Nazi SA division:

“[Roehm] projected a social order in which homosexuality would be regarded as a human behavior pattern of high repute … [just like Milo] he flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted that his cronies do the same. What was needed, Roehm believed, was a proud and arrogant lot who could brawl, carouse, smash windows, kill and slaughter for the hell of it. Straights, in his eyes, were not adept in such behavior as practicing homosexuals” (historian Louis Snyder:55).

It is all headed for your saints. I will just give one example, Anne Marie Waters. While making herself out to be some bold speaker against Islam, she has described the Catholic Church as being:

cruel, oppressive, and highly dangerous to gay individuals. … When the Vatican had political power in the world, it treated homosexuals just as Islamist states do today. In medieval Europe, which was dominated by political Catholicism, homosexual sex was punished by burning at the stake.

While she markets herself as being “against Islam,” and promotes homosexuality, she as well is pushing for victory for the Nazi AfD party:


“Open warfare on the streets” they will get war, and it will be very ugly. All of the U.S. “counter jihadists” while they never stop talking about Israel, Hitler and Nazism of the past, they are completely deaf when it comes to the current Nazis arising in present day Germany, France and Austria. It is always the case with the coward who takes pride in speaking out against the dead Nazis, while they are completely silent in regards to the living Nazis

Saints are known to speak out during the era of the living, not dead Nazis. Even Pamela Geller, who praised Bush for invading Iraq, praises the Nazi AfD:

“The party [AfD] is just three years old, but their stunning success is a rebuke to the islamization of Germany and the Muslim invasion of Europe.”

Robert Spencer also praised the nazi AfD:

“The Alternative for Germany party wants to keep Muslims from immigrating so that jihadis won’t kill Germans. Those two stances couldn’t be less equivalent.” 

Spencer even works publicly with homosexual atheist, Douglas Murray, from whom we hear the sprinkles of the word ‘conservative.’ 


Spencer would not dare expose Douglas who once boasted about how he argued for “the conservative case for gay marriage,” he also goes against, as he writes:

“the opinions of certain homophobes who claim that gays are dangerous precisely because they are somehow going to ‘gay up’ wider society.”

And so what is the difference in all these phobia labels? Islamophobe or Homophobe, these are deceptive labels. Douglas also chided Christians in Africa, saying that they have “a backward attitude towards homosexuality”. Unless men accept being penetrated in the backside, they are completely “backwards” according to the social darwinists of the “counter jihad movement.”

History always repeats. Nero wanted to burn Rome and blame it on the Christians. Political parties, and other ideological groups, will use any situation in which a threat actually exists, make themselves to be the solution to it, and through this manipulate the emotions of the people and use them to advance their own tyrannical agenda.

So how is it that we see so many Jews in counter-jihad, while silent on the growing Nazism? Remember, history repeats. While Jews during Nazi Germany knew something about Kristallnacht, the attacks against German Jewish homes, businesses, schools and synagogues in November 1938. But, when it came to the common enemy, the Russians, many didn’t for one second consider disobeying the very Nazis whom they espoused to fight against.

Jews fighting for Hitler

Today Geller, Horowitz, PJMedia, Daniel Pipes … all these fundraising and fund-loving Jews, just as the Russians were an enemy then, they will unite now to prove their patriotism and their loyalty to this hidden-Nazi god who no longer has clothes. They praise the AfD and their acolytes uniting to supposedly fight the Islamic problem, which grew by aid from the West’s destruction of the Middle East and the West’s antagonist view towards the same Russians whom the Nazis were also against.

Talk about deception. I am the master of deception. I am khayrul makireen, “the greatest of all deceivers” in My Unholy Quran.

Even the Swedish millionaire Evangelical, Alan Ayling, of the Swedish Democrats party. Ayling supports figures such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Jay Smith and others, saying:

We have got people out there who can win these arguments, people like Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Brigitte Gabriel.

How many experts do you want? There’s Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Bill Warner, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Brigitte Gabriel, Geert Wilders is an expert, fantastic, he can argue any of these, Pamela Geller, Jay Smith.

Even Jim Dawson, the founder of the counter-jihad organization, Britain First — who witnessed the takeover of the movement, which he founded as a Christian organization — uncovered a major plot to cause a violent civil war in Great Britain, being devised by Alan Ayling, EDL founder, Tommy Robinson, alongside anti-Catholic activist Anne Marie Waters, and major British elites, Malcom Pearson, former leader of UKIP, and the baroness, Caroline Cox, who is a strong advocate for Christian Zionism and a member of the House of Lords.
Malcom Pearson

Malcom Pearson

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson

Baroness Cox

Baroness Cox

Alan Ayling

Alan Ayling

Jim Dawson recounted the meeting. Counter-jihadism is being used by eugenist elitists as a front to cover up their own motives of race war, mass slaughter and tyranny.

I weave the trap and the concoction and  anyone who goes against it will be accused of supporting Islam. This is exactly what happened to, when David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller, declared war saying that Shoebat “joined the Jihad” for simply exposing Briebart’s Milo Yiannopoulos’ sodomite supremacist agenda within the counter-jihad.

The immigration crises in Germany is not an invasion, it is an invitation for societal manipulation, to push the country to accept My despotism. Political elites wanted the refugees, to cause enough chaos to push the people to be in favor for totalitarianism. When Merkel became chancellor of Germany, she had always played the anti-multiculturalism card, affirming that German multiculturalism has “utterly failed.” All of a sudden, she became for multiculturalism, being in support for the absorption of a million or so Muslim refugees, to the words of  “wir shaffen das” (“we will manage”).

Once Germany had enough of its quota of refugees necessary — in accordance to the agreement with Neo-Ottoman Turkey — for the second phase of transforming the country, then she trumpeted against the immigration plan knowing what was going to happen: create the problem and then make themselves to be the final solution.

This is part of My conspiracy, done between Germany and Turkey. The Germans made an agreement with Turkey to take in the refugees, under the guise of humanitarian effort, knowing full well that it would change the political conditions of their nation, in order to pave the way to a totalitarian fourth reich, and for a future nazi alliance with a revived Ottoman Empire.  

It is not really against Islam that these people have their fight, but rather, it is Christendom. Advancing disorder will finally annihilate the Faith that made Europe beautiful.

I, Satan, can only do this by taking the West to pre-Christian times, where homosexuality, violence and sadism, paganism are an intricate part of society.

Soon the AfD, or whatever it evolves to, will take power over Germany, they will make alliances with the very people whom they claim to be against — the Muslims, specifically the Ottomans, and Eastern European Muslims like the Albanians (as they did against the Serbs in the 90s) — and they will make war with the very people they claim to defend: Christians. This can easily be done through a peace treaty after much Syrian style turmoil in Europe by saying that that Turkic are “white Muslims”.

It is ideology that unites and not color.

Again, Hitler did this with the Japanese; while seeing them as inferior, the Nazis nonetheless called them “honorary Aryans”. They also did this with the Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, with whom they made the Muslim SS Handjar Division. The Germans did this before, when they trained Muslim Albanians and Bosnians for their SS divisions, why would they not do this again?

Like the Nazis before them, the AfD is already expressing hatred against Catholic and Orthodox, Southern Europeans. The AfD’s federal spokesman and co-leader, Joerg Meuthen, said:

“We [Germany] can have a common currency with the Netherlands, Austria, Finland or Baltic states. They have similar cultures of stability like ours, but the French have a different one, not to mention the Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks. They don’t want austerity at all.”

Was this all about combatting Islam?

Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, Obama … sent the Middle East to a turmoil of no return.

Yet it took the clapping crowds decades to realize they were worshipping false gods and now they switched to believe that now we have the right solution.

And this is why they will never listen you O St. Thomas. Had anyone said anything about Iraq, when they were worshipping these burning-Bushes, they would not receive the message with favor. Tell them that Trump made an error, getting this demon named Bannon as the main ‘advisor and consultant’ they will send torrents against you. All systems now are completely rigged by make-believe that the other side is completely rigged.

No. Bannon is a great guy. After all, Bannon’s ascension into heaven, is the clearest sign that Trump will maintain his ties to the populist white nationalism, that helped propel him to the White House against overwhelming opposition from party leaders and traditional media. This is the similar populism that erected Erdogan as god in Turkey. So no matter how one slices and dices My plan, it is what it is: my minions, the devil’s minions, and they are converting by the droves. I rigged all systems and there is nothing any saint can do since I, the devil, can deceive your very elect.

So welcome to my old-recreated new cult, the unholy seven sacramentalists where Evolution, Eugenics, Homosexuality, False Religion (Atheism/Paganism/Occultism), Pseudoscience and Abortion are its raison d’etre. And by this new cult, I have encompassed both, a new mutant, conservative-liberals, even Muslims who are the new republicrats.


Hell, it was tough for the saints under Obama, where conservative bloggers would expose all my evils, and blaming Obama worked well for conservatives. But now, with my new SS (seven sacraments), anyone who says anything, I will have my Mutants drive them off the side of the blogosphere.

Behold, My global plan, finally. I am not a bit concerned about Whites and Muslims who adhere to the same religion, they get along or they kill each other. Who cares. I do not even care if they unite since Muslims already believe in theistic evolution, pedophilia … Hindus and Buddhist … Japanese Samurai revivalists … fudge-packers … all who believe in My seven unholy sacraments … it doesn’t matter. They all bow down and worship Me, even in your churches. It is I, Who stole the rainbow. It is I Who sent out the three frogs.


Solomon the wise didn’t just say that “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), he said:

History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

I simply re-invented history. I started the American eugenics movement campaign, for ethnic cleansing in the U.S. and therefore will spark it again, also from the U.S.

It did not originate with Hitler in Germany; the idea, just like this plan, was created in the United States. After all, to sell my evil into Europe, I must use my favorite Al-Qaeda (Al-Qaeda means The Base), the U.S. Eugenics was planted and I carefully cultivated it in California, decades before Hitler came to power. Remember what I said before? To destroy and kill the saints, it must all start in the most powerful nation on earth?

I use brilliant strategists just like Bannon. It was in California that I set the epicenter of the American eugenics movement. We had Army venereal disease specialist, Dr. Paul Popenoe, citrus magnate Paul Gosney, Sacramento banker Charles Goethe, as well as members of the California state Board of Charities and Corrections and the University of California Board of Regents; all pushed for my unholy seven sacraments within the U.S. government.

This was back in 1918. Here is My hundred year old promise. I introduced the same exact plan from the U.S. where the masses trust scientists not saints and how a hundred years later in 2018, I will fulfill it.

They were worried about Global Warming. Yet a hundred years ago, I started Eugenics and it was extensively financed by U.S. corporate philanthropies, specifically the Carnegie Institutionthe Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune. They were all in league with some of America’s most respected scientists from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Princeton. These academicians espoused pseudoscience; the race theory and race science, and then faked and twisted the data to serve eugenics’ racist aims. And just as I twisted Global Warming, they now worship Bannon who completely believes in eugenics.

‘Conservatives’ would not dare say anything. They are already programmed that if they speak, they would be labeled as ‘anti Trump’ even though that Trump might have nothing to do with it. Bannon believes in the same exact principles of Eugenics, that my other pet child, Adolf Hitler and his henchmen believed in as well.

(from Eugenics and the Nazis — the California connection)

In 1909, California became the third state to adopt such laws sterilizing 60,000, mainly African Americans, and barred the marriage of thousands, while forcibly segregated thousands in “colonies”. Before World War II, nearly half of coercive sterilizations were done in California, and even after the war, the state accounted for a third of all such surgeries.


Anyone can research “Blood of a Nation,” by Stanford President David Starr Jordan and the Carnegie Institution which established a laboratory complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island that stockpiled millions of index cards on ordinary Americans, as researchers carefully plotted the removal of families, bloodlines and whole peoples. How about even local charities such as the New York Bureau of Industries and Immigration, to seek out Jewish, Italian and other immigrants in New York and other crowded cities and subject them to deportation, confinement or forced sterilization.

The Rockefeller Foundation then helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.

And these were not void of religion. Much of the spiritual guidance and political agitation for the American eugenics movement came from California’s quasi-autonomous eugenic societies, such as Pasadena’s Human Betterment Foundation and the California branch of the American Eugenics Society, which coordinated much of their activity with the Eugenics Research Society in Long Island. These organizations — which functioned as part of a closely-knit network — published racist eugenic newsletters and pseudoscientific journals, such as Eugenical News

Eugenics was born in the Victorian age. In 1863, Sir Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, theorized that if talented people married only other talented people, the result would be measurably better offspring. At the turn of the last century, Galton’s ideas were imported to the United States just as Gregor Mendel‘s principles of heredity were rediscovered. American eugenics advocates believed with religious fervor that the same Mendelian concepts determining the color and size of peas, corn and cattle also governed the social and intellectual character of man.

In the United States where it was and is now today repeating; demographically reeling from immigration upheaval and torn by post-Reconstruction chaos, race conflict was everywhere in the early 20th century.

This is exactly what we see today with the Ult-Reich. A people thinking themselves to be wise, never stops re-fiddling with suicidal ideas. And just like today, elitists, utopians and so-called progressives fused their smoldering race fears and class bias with their desire to make a better world. They reinvented Galton’s eugenics into a repressive and racist ideology. The intent: Populate the Earth with vastly more of their own socioeconomic and biological kind — and less or none of everyone else.

Today anyone can access the “Preliminary Report of the Committee of the Eugenic Section of the American Breeder’s Association to Study and to Report on the Best Practical Means for Cutting Off the Defective Germ-Plasm in the Human Population.” Point No. 8 was euthanasia.

Anyone can read the details on “lethal chambers” and the floodgates for thousands to be coercively sterilized or otherwise persecuted as subhuman.

It was all “made the U.S.A“.

I, the devil, know, that first I must bound the strongman.

In “Mein Kampf,” published in 1924, my pet child, Hitler quoted American eugenic ideology and openly displayed a thorough knowledge of American eugenics. “There is today one state,” wrote Hitler, “in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception (of immigration) are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.”

It all sparks from the U.S.

Hitler proudly told his comrades just how closely he followed the progress of the American eugenics movement. “I have studied with great interest,” he told a fellow Nazi, “the laws of several American states concerning prevention of reproduction by people whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock.”

Hitler even wrote a fan letter to American eugenics leader Madison Grant, calling his race-based eugenics book, “The Passing of the Great Race,” his “bible.”

It was all planned and made in the U.S.A. The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute’s complex of eugenics institutions was the Institute for Brain Research. Since 1915, it had operated out of a single room. Everything changed when Rockefeller money arrived in 1929. A grant of $317,000 allowed the institute to construct a major building and take center stage in German race biology. The institute received additional grants from the Rockefeller Foundation during the next several years. Leading the institute, once again, was Hitler’s medical henchman Ernst Rüdin. Rüdin’s organization became a prime director and recipient of the murderous experimentation and research conducted on Jews, Gypsies and others.

Beginning in 1940, thousands of Germans taken from old age homes, mental institutions and other custodial facilities were systematically gassed. Between 50,000 and 100,000 were eventually killed.

Leon Whitney, executive secretary of the American Eugenics Society, declared of Nazism, “While we were pussy-footing around … the Germans were calling a spade a spade.”

And its the same now where so many believe that the Alt-Right in the U.S., are “pussy-footing around” while in Europe, its exploding.

A special recipient of Rockefeller funding was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics in Berlin. For decades,

American eugenicists had craved twins to advance their research into heredity.

At the time of Rockefeller’s endowment, Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, a hero in American eugenics circles, functioned as a head of the Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics. Rockefeller funding of that institute continued both directly and through other research conduits during Verschuer’s early tenure. In 1935, Verschuer left the institute to form a rival eugenics facility in Frankfurt that was much heralded in the American eugenics press. Research on twins in the Third Reich exploded, backed by government decrees. Verschuer wrote in Der Erbarzt, a eugenics doctor’s journal he edited, that Germany’s war would yield a “total solution to the Jewish problem.”

Verschuer had a longtime assistant. His name was Josef Mengele.

On May 30, 1943, Mengele arrived at Auschwitz. Verschuer notified the German Research Society:

“My assistant, Dr. Josef Mengele (M.D., Ph.D.) joined me in this branch of research. He is presently employed as Hauptsturmführer (captain) and camp physician in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Anthropological testing of the most diverse racial groups in this concentration camp is being carried out with permission of the SS Reichsführer (Himmler).”

Mengele began searching the boxcar arrivals for twins. When he found them, he performed beastly experiments, scrupulously wrote up the reports and sent the paperwork back to Verschuer’s institute for evaluation. Often, cadavers, eyes and other body parts were also dispatched to Berlin’s eugenic institutes.

Rockefeller executives never knew of Mengele. With few exceptions, the foundation had ceased all eugenics studies in Nazi-occupied Europe before the war erupted in 1939. But by that time the die had been cast. The talented men Rockefeller and Carnegie financed, the great institutions they helped found, and the science they helped create took on a scientific momentum of their own.

It was only after the war, when it was too late that eugenics was declared a crime against humanity — an act of genocide. Germans were tried and they cited the California statutes in their defense — to no avail. They were found guilty.

However, Mengele’s boss Verschuer escaped prosecution. Verschuer re-established his connections with California eugenicists who had gone underground and renamed their crusade “human genetics.” Typical was an exchange July 25, 1946, when Popenoe wrote Verschuer:

“It was indeed a pleasure to hear from you again. I have been very anxious about my colleagues in Germany . . . I suppose sterilization has been discontinued in Germany?” Popenoe offered tidbits about various American eugenics luminaries and then sent various eugenics publications. In a separate package, Popenoe sent some cocoa, coffee and other goodies. Verschuer wrote back, “Your very friendly letter of 7/25 gave me a great deal of pleasure and you have my heartfelt thanks for it. The letter builds another bridge between your and my scientific work; I hope that this bridge will never again collapse but rather make possible valuable mutual enrichment and stimulation.”

Soon, Verschuer again became a respected scientist in Germany and around the world. In 1949, he became a corresponding member of the newly formed American Society of Human Genetics, organized by American eugenicists and geneticists.

In the fall of 1950, the University of Münster offered Verschuer a position at its new Institute of Human Genetics, where he later became a dean. In the early and mid-1950s, Verschuer became an honorary member of numerous prestigious societies, including the Italian Society of Genetics, the Anthropological Society of Vienna, and the Japanese Society for Human Genetics.

Human genetics’ genocidal roots in eugenics were ignored by a victorious generation that refused to link itself to the crimes of Nazism and by succeeding generations that never knew the truth of the years leading up to war. Now governors of five states, including California, have issued public apologies to their citizens, past and present, for sterilization and other abuses spawned by the eugenics movement.

Human genetics became an enlightened endeavor in the late 20th century. Hard-working, devoted scientists finally cracked the human code through the Human Genome Project. Now, every individual can be biologically identified and classified by trait and ancestry. Yet even now, some leading voices in the genetic world are calling for a cleansing of the unwanted among us, and even a master human species.

There is understandable wariness about more ordinary forms of abuse, for example, in denying insurance or employment based on genetic tests. On Oct. 14, 2003 the United States’ first genetic anti-discrimination legislation passed the Senate by unanimous vote. Yet because genetics research is global, no single nation’s law can stop the threats.

Eugenics also helped pass the Johnson Act of 1924, which established national origin immigration quotas of 2 percent of the number of foreign-born already in America as determined by the census of 1890. This greatly reduced the flow of immigrants from non-traditional sources, a policy that remained essentially unchanged until 1965.

Such immigration acts will re-arise under president Trump.

The chairman of the congressional committee tasked with drafting the legislation invited Harry Laughlin, head of the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) to serve as his “expert advisor”:
“Eugenics Record Office Superintendent Harry Laughlin became the anti-immigration movement’s most persuasive lobbyist… [He was appointed by the chairman of the committee writing the law] expert eugenics agent.” By deceptive data and reasoning Laughlin fed Congress what it wanted to hear, that new immigrants were polluting America’s bloodline with “feeblemindedness, insanity, criminality, and dependency.” The resulting bill “did everything eugenicists had hoped for… it restricted immigration from southern and eastern Europe countries to only 9% of the total. Northern and western European countries got 86% of the quota, even though they made up the minority of immigrants in 1923.”

In the late 1930s there were last-ditch attempts to waive some of the restrictions in the 1924 Immigration Act in order to grant asylum to a few eventual victims of the Holocaust. These efforts were vigorously opposed by eugenicists, especially by Harry Hamilton Laughlin, who submitted a new report, Immigration and Conquest, reiterating the biological warnings against the “human dross” that would produce a “breakdown in race purity of the…superior stocks.”

While almost one thousand German Jews seeking to immigrate waited hopefully in a ship off the coast of Florida, Laughlin’s report singled them out as a group “slow to assimilate to the American pattern of life,” and he recommended a 60 percent reduction in quotas, together with procedures to denationalize and deport some immigrants who had already attained citizenship. For the eugenicists, Nordic purity was as important in the United States as it was in Germany. The ship was sent back to Germany. (from In Satan’s Footsteps by Theodore Shoebat)

But how many Jewish refugees were accepted by the U.S. during World War II? David S. Wyman writes in The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945, that during the WWII the United States admitted only 21,000 Jewish refugees, and describes how Britain did all it could to prevent Jews fleeing the Holocaust from settling in Palestine [ISRAEL].(Ibid) Margret Sanger also advocated that Congress set up a special ‘Department of Population’ with 7 goals as its objective, one of which was: “to keep the doors of immigration closed to the entrance of certain aliens whose condition is known to be detrimental to the stamina of the race, such as feebleminded, idiots, morons, insane, syphilitic, epileptic, criminal, professional prostitutes, and others in this class barred by immigration laws of 1924.” –Margaret Sanger(10-29)

All this will be revived.

By the late 1930s about half the states in the U.S. had eugenics laws, with the law in California being used as a model for eugenics laws in Nazi Germany.(10-30)

A book titled Civic Biology from 1930’s written by G. W. Hunter, describes popular opinion during that time which sound just as we see today:

“Hundreds of families… exist today, spreading disease, immorality and crime to all parts of this country. The cost to society of such families is very severe. Just as certain animals or plants become parasitic on other plants or animals, these families have become parasitic on society. They not only do harm to others by corrupting, stealing or spreading disease, but they are actually protected and cared for by the state out of public money. Largely for them the poorhouse and the asylum exist. They are true parasites. If such people were lower animals, we would probably kill them off to prevent them spreading. Humanity will not allow this, but we do have the remedy of separating the sexes in asylums or other places and in various ways preventing intermarriage and the possibilities of perpetrating such a low and degenerate race.” (Theodore Shoebat In Satan’s Footsteps)

This may relate with what Anton LaVey said:

“if he’s an amoral parasite, he should be dealt with quickly and cruelly.”

There is nothing new under the sun, I simply regurgitate and spew out from My mouth, the same principles and cellophane wrap them with a colorful outward appearance. In Bethlehem, the cradle of Jesus, I had to possess King Herod, the most powerful Arab-Jew in Israel. I then sent my minions to find the baby Jesus to kill Him right in His cradle. The mission was not a complete failure as many claim. Besides killing all the babies from Bethlehem to Ramah, I hired a great looking prostitute named Salome and for giving the king a lap dance, I had Jesus’s cousin, the Baptist’s head on a silver platter.

And just in case, O doubting St. Thomas, you wonder why I shared My grand apocalypse plan with you not fearing that you will send out as an epistle?

Go ahead, no one will believe you.

A reply from St. Thomas,

Nothing from heaven will be revealed to you what has not already been revealed. What your dragon mouth regurgitated will only refine the saints for God will allow your evil plot to be useful in sifting His elect:

You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that he might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people. (Genesis 50:20)

When you inspired the crowd to crucify our Lord, you thought you won. He won. We won. Heaven won. While the victory in the beginning seems to be yours, in the end, it is always the Lord’s.

Damn you and damn your minions to hell.

I, St. Thomas, I only doubted once