America Is An Ass Kissing Nation. Donald Trump Just Went Back On His Word And Will Not Be Working To Put Hillary Clinton In Prison. Instead This Nation Will Join Antichrist And Persecute The Saints


By Walid Shoebat

Will the ass-kissing now end now that President-elect Donald Trump will not pursue further investigations into Hillary Clinton? Former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani said, “He made the choice to unite the nation”:

“Look, there’s tradition in American politics that after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. If that’s the decision he reached, that’s perfectly consistent with sort of the historical pattern of things come up, you say a lot of things, even some bad things might happen, and then you sort of put it behind you in order to unite the nation. So if he made that decision, I would be supportive. I’d also be supportive of continuing the investigation. I think the president-elect had a tough choice there. He made the choice to unite the nation. I think all those people who did vote against him maybe can take another look at him.”

Funny to watch the comments at Breitbart:

Yeah, I thought Trump was running on the “rule of law” and that it must be upheld, and that everyone had to obey all laws equally.

But but but…..

Red hats with slogans!

Drain the swamp!

Crooked Hillary!

Lyin’ Ted!

The champion of ass-kissers was Alex Jones:

America is very simple to explain, the people ass kiss politicians asses for four years. The politician ass kiss our asses for one year to get our votes. We The People ass kiss their asses four times more than they ass kiss our asses since they only have to ass kiss our asses only once in four years. But there is only one caveat: while they ass kiss our asses once in 4 years, the people ass kiss their ass back even during that year if the candidate who is ass kissing our asses also tickles our ears. Elections are always an ass kissing ear tickling fest.

This sums up not just American politics, but all who follow the populous media like Alex Jones, Breitbart …

I just hope that Trump took a shower, there are millions of ass kissers out there.

When Romney ran for president, we criticized Romney’s Mormonism and we got flak for it. Hundreds upon hundreds said to us: “I’ll kick your ass”. When ass-kissing Glenn Beck was at the hight of worship, we wrote a ton of articles why Beck was not what the worshippers thought of the man. Countless prominent Evangelicals, so-called “Born Again Christian” ass-kissing pastors, they all lined up like prostitutes to ass-kiss a Mormon because he was promoting the ass-kissing Romney.


Everyone threatened to kick our asses for simply defending to protect their brown lips from all the disease. We just couldn’t pry their lips off the sewage pipe until it emptied out to simply find them switching to another sewage outlet.

The other day we exposed Pence for his ass-kissing of the Muslim Turks. A few years ago, Pence refused to pass a bill to recognize the Armenian genocide. We said that Pence was an ass-kissing devil and nothing more. Boy, the ass-kickers (who are simply unworthy harmless ass-kissers) instantly showed up with the usual “I’ll kick your ass”.


Nasty people of all sorts. These are the type of commenters who say “kill all the Muslims” as if all the sudden they dream of some populous revolt where French Revolution style guillotines supposedly chop off Muslim heads. They dream that Trump will line up buses for millions of Muslims and Mexicans to be hurled out of the border.

Such dummies do not realizing the powers at play. The end results will always turn on Christians.

Here, let me explain. Ronald Reagan once recognized the Armenian Genocide. After the tenure of Ronald Reagan, Turkey began its efforts to twist U.S. arm and it succeeded. Since then, the United States Presidents have refused to name the events as “Armenian Genocide” because of concerns over alienating Muslim Turkey.

That bill Pence was supposed to sign was to AFFIRM U.S. position. But the question is a question of justice, not just recognition. What justice has been done for three millions Christian Armenians butchered at the hand of Islam?

Answer: Nothing.

Officially, we still refuse to face Turkey and force them to admit it. Instead, Pence calls Turkey a “great ally” and refuses to sign the bill as Trump will do later when the issue comes up.

I just hope that Erdogan takes a shower when his ass gets kissed by a U.S. president while I remind all you wishful thinkers.

After HR 106, the support for the bill from both Democrats and Republicans eroded after the White House warned against the possibility of Turkey restricting airspace as Inkirlic. Antichrist Turkey then began its arm twisting to respond to the House Foreign Affairs Committee‘s decision on the bill by ordering their ambassador to the United States to return to Turkey and the Turkish lobby worked intensely to block the bill’s passage.

The Armenians simply wanted the U.S. to continue blasting Turkey until Turkey recognizes its genocide and to pay for justice.

Pence, like all other politicians, showed us what hypocrisy is all about. Its the same type of hypocrisy we see from Trump when it came to Hillary. My hope too (as the ass-kissing crowds wants) is for Trump to get out of this strategic partner, but I seriously doubt it.

You will not find in American history but this type of coziness towards the Muslim Turks. Even John Adams, cozied up to the Ottomans, to even declare in the Treaty of Tripoli clause in Article 11 stating that:

“the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

The issue here is simple. Had it been Obama who did this, many of these ass-kissers would be jumping up and down, but because its Pence, populous idol worshippers would tend to defend their false gods. This is why I am neither Jew nor Greek, neither Republican or Democrat, neither for the people or against the people … this is why I prefer to be free in Christ.

Therefore, all who write comments like “kill all Muslims” and “throw out all the Muslims” are simply evil themselves. These reject Christian militancy, the idea of Christian nations (not populous madness) to launch justified wars against evil. The “kill all the Muslims crowd” simply love the idea of having  massacres of Muslims. But if their wishful thinking happens, Turkey will retaliate, and when they do, they will kill millions more Christians and your government will simply appease them as usual.

This is exactly what will happen when faithless Europe begins its civil unrest to “throw all the Muslims out”. This will eventually cause them to coddle up to Turkey.

The French Revolution, Communism, Nazism … all these populous movements, while these cloak as “for the people,” they all end up killing God’s people. Why? Its because the initiators of such plans and movements have an ultimate agenda where they become king. Alex Jones who vowed never to support the establishment is now part of the establishment. He pumps their narrative: the usual sewage while he complains about the ‘evil media’.

Only Christ will crush the head of the snake. The lazy servant replies with: “Then we will wait for Jesus and He will accomplish it”.

These are also evil. They ignore what Christ said “for I was hungry and you clothed Me” speaking of all the Christian suffering and of the people who did nothing. People like Pence. He tells these “depart from Me” no matter how much ass-kissing they do to be saved.

So many do not learn or even understand what is coming in the pipeline. They always get angry at the messengers. I spoke to my wife Maria about this. What she said makes sense:

“They do not understand that God will continue to sift and refine. He first gets rid of the hypocrites. Then he gets rid of the schismatics. Then after they betray one another He even refines the rest. So He will allow them to be beheaded and threatened to show who is willing to face death and who is willing to deny Him until only the Joshua and Caleb types make it through to the promised land [heaven].”

Words from a wise woman. Refinement is not easy. So few will make it and is why He calls it a “narrow gate”. The next years will be a time of sifting. Much sifting, where we will get betrayed even further. The hypocrite will always look for the “bad word” instead of the content. “Walid said the word ‘ass'” while they ignore the message.

Theodore my son was kinder and gentler than I in his video about Pence. Here is my message to all these ass kissers who were upset posting comments on my facebook:

There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled. (Ezekiel 23:20-21)

How could anyone call themselves Christian and be silent on Christian suffering unless they are prostituting and copulating with satan? Here is my interpretation, a parallel, which fits all these ass-kissers and American politicians:

America lusted after her lovers, the Turks, whose genitals were like that of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. So you longed for the lewdness of your youth when in Turkey your bosom was caressed and your young breast fondled.

Your Flynn, your Pence, your Bush … all hypocrite scum buckets, full of the devil and on their way to hell unless they repent.

It is easy to see how politicians will sell out on the saints. This will continue and the crowd will stand with the politician, no question about this, since everyone like herds are geared to label dissenters to their evil ways as “Muslim”. I had to delete a ton of comments on my facebook accusing us (not the politician) of being sellouts. This is a nation with nothing more special than ancient Israel who killed their prophets.

As we move towards the future, the numbers supporting our efforts will dwindle as we plan to get rid of many and keep only the ones who lap the water of life (Christ’s Communion) like dogs (Gentiles who take communion by the tongue).

Europe is becoming set for populism. While many will defend it, they are unaware of the master plan. This history is being repeated just as I stated in my essay and I wrote it warning whom I can see will be taken by the tide. To the tide you go. God will keep Whom He chooses to keep and give up whom He wants to give up. The enemy will “ware out the saints”.

The end of the world is similar to the flood where Noah was right and the whole earth was filled with drowning dead ass-kissers.