Major American Christian Leader Calls Out America’s ‘Sins’ Yet Fails To Mention How America Loves What God Hates

Recently the National Day of Prayer was held, and Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of famed Protestant Evangelist Billy Graham concluded with a prayer for 12 of “America’s national sins.”:

Anne Graham Lotz, a renowned evangelist and Billy Graham’s daughter, concluded the 2017 National Day of Prayer by leading those gathered for the observance at the United States Capitol Thursday night and those watching at home in a repentance of “national sins.

Hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order on “religious liberty” and a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer, the 68-year-old Lotz, who chaired the National Day of Prayer Task Force, gave the keynote message at the annual National Day of Prayer observance on Capitol Hill.

“Our nation is in trouble and we had some wonderful things [happen] today,” Lotz said early in her remarks, adding that she was in attendance at the White House when the president signed the executive order. “I praise God for the liberty that we have. In fact, I was telling Sammy Rodriguez before this that it’s almost mind blowing that America has to have an executive order to guarantee religious liberty in America, which shows how far we have fallen from our foundation of faith in the living God.”

Lotz continued by asserting that the United States has fallen so far from grace and warned that “if we forsake Him, He will forsake us.”

“I believe we are going through a time in our nation that I would describe a spiritual drought,” Lotz said. “If this is so and if the problems in our nation are coming because God is missing, then issuing an executive order will not fix that, and politics will not fix that, and immigration reform, and health reform, and some of these other things will not fix that.”

“The only thing that will fix that is if God’s people, who are called by God’s name, will humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways.”

Toward the end of the observance, the evangelist provided time for people in the audience to pray and repent for their own personal sins. Following the time for personal repentance, she led a time of “national repentance.”

Included in the observance program was a list of 12 “national sins.”

“I thought maybe we would read this together. We will just read it together. I read it and you can read along,” Lotz told the audience gathered in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall. “But if you are not sure you want to do that because you are not sure what it is going to say, I understand that. I will just go ahead and read it anyway.”

Lotz, followed by the audience, stated:

“We confess our foolishness of denying You as the one true living God, our Creator to whom we are accountable, living as though our lives are a cosmic accident with no eternal significance, purpose or meaning.

We confess we no longer fear You, and thus we have not even the beginning of wisdom with which to handle the vast knowledge we possess.

We confess to believing that the prosperity of our nation is because we are great, while refusing to acknowledge that all blessings come from your hands.

We confess that we depend upon our military might and our weapons systems to defend us from harm and danger while denying, defying and ignoring You.

We confess that we have succumbed to the pressure of pluralism and our desire to be inclusive so that we honor other gods as though You are just one of many.

We confess that we have allowed the material blessings You have given us to deceive us into thinking we don’t need You.

We confess that we feel entitled to what someone else has earned instead of taking responsibility for ourselves and our families as we trust in You.

We confess that we live as though material wealth and prosperity will bring happiness.

We confess our greed that has run up trillions of dollars of national debt. We confess our arrogance and pride that has led us to think we are sufficient in ourselves.

We confess national addiction to sex, to money, to pleasure, to entertainment, to pornorgraphy, to technology, to drugs, to alcohol, to food, to television, to popularity, to ourselves.

We confess that we have marginalized truth and mainstreamed lies.

We confess that we have become one nation under many gods divided and polarized, with license to sin and justice that often does not follow the rules of law.”

Following the confession of national sins, Lotz gave the audience a couple minutes to pray in groups for God to forgive the country and for others in America to turn toward God.

Followed by the intercessory prayer time, former Southern Baptist Convention president and pastor of Cross Church in Northwestern Arkansas, Ronnie Floyd, offered an invocation in which he listed a couple more sins of the nation — racism and abortion.

“Lord, when we look across our country, we think about things that still breaks our heart. And forgive us of the deplorable, the wicked sin of killing the unborn and justifying it and rationalizing it,” Floyd prayed. “Oh God, in Jesus name, please forgive us. A generation has been lost that You created and man has destroyed. God, please forgive us. Change our ways. Change our mindset in this nation.”

“We pray tonight against the injustice toward people, against the wicked sin of racism, that is completely opposite of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” he continued. “We stand against it and we proclaim, Oh God, would You raise up the Church to model racial unity, racial reconciliation and racial love.”

What a joke– and I do not say that condescendingly. I say that because it is a comical farce, as these twelve sins which she lists are minor and comparison to the many more and much larger sins that America loves and promotes but will not address because she does not want to repent.

Cain murdering Abel by Daniele Crespi. This is where the phrase “sins which cry out to Heaven for vengeance” comes from, as in Genesis 4:10 the blood of Abel cried out to the Lord from the Earth.

While there are many sins, I would like to focus on four which the Bible speaks of with particular seriousness and which the Catechism of the Catholic Church takes note of. These are the four sins which “cry out to heaven for vengeance” in the Bible. They are:

-Willful murder (Genesis 4:10)
-Homosexuality (Genesis 18:20 and 19:13)
-Depriving the widow and orphan (Exodus 3:7-10, 20:20-22)
-Depriving a laborer of just wages (Deuteronomy 24:14-15)

A good way to start by looking at these sins, all of which America is madly in love with, is to start with a little history surrounding the eugenics movement in America, as it has it philosophical roots in Protestant ideas that came with the settlers and deeply embedded itself into the culture from the nation’s earliest days.

No, this photo is not a joke. It comes from Topeka, KS and you can read the back history here. Eugenics and America have a long and passionate love affair with each other, and the history of American cannot be told without a detailed history of the eugenics movement.

American history as understood through the arrival of the English settlers has a long history with eugenics. It might be more accurately described as a love affair just like how we have a love affair with fantasies of being invaded by foreign enemies and with the idea of radical individualism whereby one man singlehandedly conquers the unconquerable.

John Harvey Kellogg, Seventh-Day Adventist “Christian,” founder of Kellogg’s Cereal. In addition to creating Corn Flakes cereal, he was also a major proponent of eugenics who believed that “inferior” races and people should be exterminated just like animals on a farm or at least “prevent from breeding.” He used his wealth to found the “Race Betterment Foundation” to propagate his ideas.

Eugenics has existed in various forms in every culture, as the ideas for it are simply the leftovers from the sin of Eden that will only meet their final and necessary death when Christ returns. But as far as modern history is concerned, some trace the modern day American Eugenics movement to the Englishman Sir Francis Galton, who in the 1880’s declared that the reason for the difference in the attitudes and social structures of the upper versus lower classes in the UK was because of their superior genetic makeup. Thus by taking Darwinian models of philosophy as applies to human biomechanics, the natural conclusion of this was that it one wants to create the idea society, all that one has to do is kill off the ‘weak humans’ just like how one may cull weak animals on a farm. Others will trace it, as I just alluded to, the Darwinian models of “evolution” as a means of philosophy instead of as solely a biomechanical speculation. Some will trace it even earlier to the animosity of the English hatred of non-Englishmen (specifically non-Protestant Englishmen), with their enslavement of both Irishmen and Africans, which even continued in America through major Protestant Christians such as J. H. Kellogg of the Seventh Day Adventists, who advocated for the biological destruction of inferior peoples and the “purification” of the “Germanic” races.

However, the reality is that as far at the West is concerned, the philosophical groundwork for modern eugenics was laid with the Protestant Revolution and Martin Luther. As we have pointed out extensively on, the Protestant Revolution was not so much about religion and faith as it was about politics and power in which various men, whose lust for power was insatiable and their greed unquenchable, saw the Catholic Church as the major obstacle to their ends. At the same time, as we and others have pointed out such as Peter Wiener in his groundbreaking work, Martin Luther: Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor, that National Socialism can trace its beginnings to the nationalism which pervades Martin Luther’s philosophy and religious ideas, as he wanted a theology that allowed for creating a ‘German god for a German people’ in order to justify ideas about Germanic ‘greatness’ over and to the derogation of non-Germanic peoples, namely the Slavs.

Hitler was not really that unique. He was just the logical conclusion of Martin Luther’s heresies.

Luther’s Revolutionary ideas about nationalism and religion naturally pervaded all of the Protestant movement and took various forms not the same as but at their root connected to the same origins. In the case of the revolution in England, Wales, and Scotland, this manifested in the brutal and systematic persecutions of all people connected to the Catholic Church to the point that Catholicism was, save for a few crypto-Catholics and immigrants from Ireland, wiped out from Albion through forced conversion, expulsions, or extermination. This attitude did not die with one generation, but traveled to America and simply perpetuated itself through the descendants of the settlers that manifested through mainstream religious sects (such as the Episcopalians and later, Baptists) and cults (like the Puritans, Shakers, Mormons, and many more). Just like with the Protestant Revolution on the continent, the ideas which came from Europe to America simply re-manifested the old evil under new forms, one of which was in the form of the anti-immigrant laws.

Make no mistake, I am not saying that as is discussed today, that “illegal immigration”- the intentional violation of legitimate immigration laws for selfish gain- is morally licit or socially tolerable.  However, from the earliest days of American history as marked by the English settlements of the original 13 colonies, immigration from various nations has always been used as a tool by the government and its controllers in business, finance, and industry as a pressure point to leverage social change. This change happens by two forms of pressure applied at the same time- one which advocates for massive, almost unrestricted immigration from a particular group or groups, which is then at the same times counterbalanced by a radical “nativist” opposition to said immigration. What makes this immigration particular notable is that for most of America’s history, the majority of these immigrants even through today have come from Catholic nations, which given the Protestant background of American society, provides and additional leverage to use along with the immigration.

While the politics of immigration is complicated, the simplest way to summarize it without going into details is that immigration provides a source of cheap labor for business and industry because since many immigrants come from nations which are poorer and with more difficult social climates, those who come to the USA are happy with lower wages and less favorable conditions than the “average American” would be. This is also exacerbated by the fact that, owing to the ethno-nationalist heresies inherent to Protestantism whose philosophical fruits are the heresies that God favors certain races over others because they are “superior” to other races, a Protestant will be inclined by his religious and philosophical conclusions to see wealth and luxury as things that are signs of God’s favor over other men, which in turn feeds the idea that the “lesser” men have to “serve” them. This works until these same people realize that those who they view as “inferior” due to their financial or social status are in greater number than they are, at which point they begin to see them as a threat to their power base. However, they also do not want to get rid of these people because they benefit from them economically because they are too lazy to work and many times, too selfish to reproduce, preferring to indulge luxury and sloth while cursing the fruits that come from embracing these sins and blaming them on the very people they encouraged or even brought in at their own hands for their personal gain. I emphasize that not all Protestants think this way, but that such thoughts are the one of the natural fruits of Protestant philosophy and theology when taken to its logical conclusions.

This is not a new or unique pattern, but it is a consistent pattern throughout American history. The first slaves of Anglo-American society were the Irish, who were looked at as inferior because of ethnic as well as religious differences. Even during the Irish migrations beginning during the late 18th century and particularly after the infamous Potato Famine of the 1840s- which was a genocide that was caused by the English intentionally expropriating food from the Irish during a nationwide blight which hit the Irish Lumper potato crop because they wanted a way to wipe them out due to the fact they saw them as inferior- they were viewed by their national and religious differences to be biologically inferior to the “pure Albion stock” of many other Americans.

The African slaves are an obvious example of this. Now it is interesting to note that while slavery in the Civil War was a tangential issue used for the most part as a sociopolitical lever by both the Union and the Confederacy, nobody can deny that among many people, it was a real issue (for an excellent study of this, see Paul Finkelman’s Defending Slavery) especially in areas which benefitted economically from slavery, the most significant of which was the state of South Carolina, which was not only the state where the Civil War began but was also the only state which placed the institution of slavery as its reason for secession higher than that of personal freedom from the government, which was the overriding reason for the secession of the rest of the states of the confederacy.

There are several maps like this online, but all of them show the same concentrations. Take particular notices of South Carolina. While the economic benefits which slave owners derived was certainly a motivating factors, it was not the primary motivator for the rebellion of the states of the Confederacy except for South Carolina.

South Carolina at the time of the Civil War was not only a majority slaveholder state, but the majority of its residents- approximately 60%- were enslaved people of African descent. The slaves actually outnumbered the primarily English and Scot-Irish Protestant peoples who made up the wealthy and ruling classes who in addition to many times their refusal to have more than 1 to 2 children literally caused them to become minorities in their own state. They wanted others to do their work for them while at the same time refusing to work themselves, yet then complained when the people they had do their work began to replace them.

Slaves on a South Carolina plantation prior to the Civil War. While the slave owners of South Carolina were concerned about their becoming minorities in their own state, the fact is that the European peoples were not having children but the slaves were. This is just like with Europe today and the Muslim populations. The reason for the rise is not merely invasion, but that the Muslims are being invited in and are having children while the Europeans refuse to and yet then complain about the consequences of their actions.

A few months ago, we did a story here on about illegal immigration from Mexico and the agricultural industry. As we noted, citing multiple documentaries, the American agricultural sector could not exist without illegal immigrant labor because given the nature of the work and the prices paid for labor against the reality of what the market will pay for food commodities in combination with the scale of the work that must be done, the only people who are willing to do this are almost entirely immigrants from central America. This is not an insult to anybody, but the statement of a simple fact that farm owners, farm lobbyists, government, industry, illegal immigrants, and even many Americans themselves know but will not admit publicly.

A video that Ted did in February 2017 about illegal immigration. As he pointed out, it is only true to call it “illegal immigration” in part because the reality is that people are being allowed and encouraged to cross into America illegally to do work that would otherwise not get done. It is an open secret that nobody wants to discuss because it would force our society to re-evaluate how we look at ourselves and the world as value as people and our economic structures.

It is not so much that there are just “HORDES OF ILLEGALS RUNNING OVER THE BORDER” and the government is “powerless” to stop them, but that people are allowed to cross over in large numbers because it benefits the “native” (and by this I refer to persons born in American society) population by providing cheap food prices that benefits the masses while the industrialists and the government benefit from a limitless supply of low-cost, expendable labor for a hard and difficult job. If food prices were adjusted to what they would be without the cheap labor that the illegals provide, then it would crush not just the agricultural industry, but it would destroy the American restaurant industry and force the majority of the population not only to spend more money on food but also to spend what money they have available on cheaper foods because of the price increases.

A Mexican farm worker. He’s probably here illegally, but if it weren’t for him food prices of popular commodities such as tomatoes, berries, and other fruits and vegetables would be so expensive they would not be affordable for most people.

But this is not just limited to food. Whether it is the garment industry (such as the sweatshops in major cities), the trucking industry (where wages have significantly decreased even while the need for truckers has rapidly increased as there currently is a nationwide trucker shortage), or the hordes of people from the Indian subcontinent and east Asia who get office jobs after being sponsored in mass by major American businesses on H1B visas (even as the need for office work declines), or even with shopping at Wal-Mart or another major American retail chain (where the cheap labor is foreign as opposed to domestic), the fact is that America benefits a lot from cheap labor to the point that we are addicted to it.

At the same time, as I alluded to above, there is also the issue of the quality of the American worker. Now I am NOT saying that Americans are “just lazy,” or that people should simply settle for a low-paying job and not seek to better themselves in any way- both are untrue, as there are many Americans who do work hard and if one is offered or can find a better paying job for less work, unless there was a exceptional reason (such as moral issues or one just really likes his job), then to refuse to accept it would be stupid or insane. Likewise, I understand that American life is expensive, and that one needs to earn enough money to care for ones needs and even wants (emphasis on needs, not wants). What I am saying is that at the same time there are many people who come from foreign nations who are willing to work hard for success there are at the same time a lot of people in America who do not want to work difficult labor because they are lazy, selfish, or just do not care, and those Americans who do work in general require- demand- much higher wages and benefits than most foreigners, who are just happy to have a job.

Nobody who honestly looks at this debate is going to deny there are a lot of illegal immigrants who are criminals. For as much as the above photo of men are criminals and must be dealt with accordingly, they are looked at as proverbial “collateral damage”- a small price to pay for a larger economic benefit that American society relies on in order to maintain its current lifestyle. Just like the slaveowners of South Carolina, we are upset by problems such as above but do not want to address the conditions that allowed them to arise.

I say these things not to “put down” Americans or to ignore the realities of illegal immigration. There are a lot of good, honest, hard-working Americans who are being viciously exploited by the system because of the current trends. There are many immigrants who come solely for benefits and do exploit the system, even going so far as to commit vicious crimes and tear down the very society who allowed them entrance. There is a problem with illegal immigration, labors laws, and the exploitation of workers. These are realities which, like the above points, hold equal importance and must also be included because to ignore them would be as imbalanced and unjust as it would be to focus on them alone while ignoring the other realities above.

What has grown up around this one issue- the manipulation and exploitation of the common man’s labor as a social and political lever by a group of people who view themselves as inherently superior either by class, genetics, or both for privatized gain at socialized losses, which is one of four sins in the Bible that ‘cry out to Heaven for vengeance’- is an entire social worldview that is deeply embedded into American culture. It is a sin that is socially acceptable because a majority of people deem it not to be a sin by social consensus which uses religion as a means to justify their sins instead of against which to measure the value of their actions or not, following in the tradition of many of the Protestant Revolutionaries who wanted to create a “national church” suited to magnify their own greatness while suppressing or justifying their sins. While the same problems manifest in Catholic societies, because the deposit of faith and the revealed dogma contained within Her comes from God and not from men, no matter how evil men become they can only at worst attempt to give the impression that divinely revealed truth has changed because it cannot, thus making it far easier to identify and uproot these same issues when they arise.

People coming to Europe. These people are being brought in intentionally for political reasons.

This one particular sin is not uniquely American- it just appears different ways in different cultures. A case in point today is in Germany. As we have documented extensively here on, Middle Eastern and African people are literally being shipped to Western Europe and Germany by the boatful in a 24-hour-a-day operation that has been going on since at least 2015. These people are then given immediate welfare and veritable license to commit any and all crimes without any fear of legal prosecution, and within a short period have rapidly drained Germany’s national treasury and turned large parts of it into the same third-world cesspools from which these people emerged. However, the reason for this taking place is because as we have been incessantly talking about is the same reason that America allows for Mexicans, Guatemalans, and other central American peoples to cross the border by the truckful- for political and social manipulation.

Don’t be deceived, Germany and Turkey are friends. They are working together and just as they did beginning with the fall of the Byzantine Empire when a Hungarian engineer of German extraction named Orban sold cannons to the Ottomans to destroy Constantinople, so does the alliance between the Teuton and the Turk continue. The alliances of the First and Second World Wars are drawing together again as the clouds of a Third World War gather in what may become the greatest slaughter of Christians ever seen.

In the case of Germany, the reason for bringing in people who are unable to be assimilated, employed, or inculturated into German society is to cause a social rift which will then be blamed on the “European Union”- the other states of Europe, and in particular the Latins and the Slavs- after which the “solution” will be proposed (as it is already being outright promoted now) that the problem is a racial issue and that it is only by Germany returning to its imperial past and “GETTING RID OF THESE (expletive) IMMIGRANTS” that she will be able to “save herself.” Germany is being “invaded” by Muslims and other non-European foreigners the sense that foreign peoples are being allowed to replace the parent culture with their way of life, but it is more accurate to say that she is being intentionally destroyed by her leadership so these same people can then present the “solution” of bringing back National Socialism, at which they will do to “THOSE IMMIGRANTS” what they did to the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. The philosophy which Germany used to justify its revitalization of National Socialism is, as I mentioned earlier, tied to the philosophy rooted in Luther’s heresy that has persisted to this day.

So returning to the earlier issue with America, we have a national sin- the sin of eugenics- deeply embedded into our culture that manifests itself through our labor practices, which exploit both citizens and foreigners, undermining the stability of the law and society for private gains for a few at the loss of many.

Notice how I did not even bother to bring up the issue of abortion in the discussion about eugenics.

I did not mention abortion because abortion is outright eugenics. The entire movement is well-known for its evil roots, and there are many people who talk about it and who have done much good work to show how the wicked fruits which it has born in society. One such person in modern times in David Daleiden, a Catholic who did a series of investigative research in which he proved through voluntary admission as part of its leadership that not only is abortion the main business of Planned Parenthood, but that they are involved in an elaborate, international human body part trafficking scheme in which major businesses, universities, hospitals, and people are promoting women to murder their own babies so they can sell the parts for a limitless number of for profit applications. What he exposed was a massive, billion dollar network and a RICO-statue case that would ideally be the dream of any ambitious prosecutor looking to make a career name for himself.

David Daleiden’s groundbreaking investigative research exposing how Planned Parenthood is itself a business trafficking in murdered babies.

Look what has happened to David Daleiden. Instead of getting the necessary accolaid he deserves for his groudnbreaking work, he has been thrown in jail, charged with numerous felonies, and persecuted by both the government and private industries. When he notes that he followed all the laws of both the federal and state governments where he operated, the judges overseeing his case literally ignored them and have been incessantly harassing him to such a point that even if by some miracle he does avoid jail time he will likely never be able to get a job that pays more than a minimum wage or even be able to show his face in most parts of society. His life in the USA is over in terms of his ability to lead even a semblance of a normal life here.

One might be tempted to believe that David Daleiden’s case is an isolated example, but it really is not. What is happening to him right now is simply American society showing what they really think about the evils they have exposed, and the fact is that it shows how as I mentioned with regard to our exploitation of the laboring man, that American society loves both willful murder and the oppression of women and children (as abortion affects both the mother and her unborn child)- the first and third of the four sins that the Bible states “cry out to Heaven for vengeance.”

Then there is the issue of homosexuality.

The photo says it all

We at have been zealous in our discussion of the vile sin of Sodom, a sin which the Bible states in both the Old and New Testament is “worthy of death” and which brought down the wrath of God upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where the Lord rained down fire from Heaven upon them as a sign for all times to all peoples who fear the Lord. God has made it clear and the Church has repeated throughout the centuries that homosexuality is a horrible evil which must be purged from society because of its very nature, and that the fruit of homosexuality is found in the fact that homosexuals are disproportionately involved in the most horrible of other crimes including pedophilia, rape, cannibalism, satanism, human sacrifice, blood drinking, and bestiality. We have tirelessly exposed the hypocrisy of the homosexuals, for while they cry out “tolerance” and “justice” they are nothing less than perverts with an inability to control their passions by which they abase their dignity to that of wild animals and hide their sickness through a veneer of social respectability.

Stefano Brizzi. We did a whole story about how this man, who is an open homosexual, crystal meth addict, and satanist met up with another homosexual for a ‘dirty, sleazy sex session’ during which he murdered the man and ate his flesh with chopsticks before dissolving the remains in acid. Heinous crimes such as these often times have an element of homosexuality it in them, and we have documented this for years now.

Yet the louder we speak about homosexuality and the more evidence we present to show how our points are actually not our own but that of orthodox Christian teaching throughout the centuries, the more we are confronted with opposition. Indeed, to oppose homosexuality today in greater society will put anybody at the very least into a minority, and most of the times it will make a person into a social pariah that may cause him to lose friend, social connections, his job, and even may result in him being subjected to legal prosecution over “hate speech.”
While Americans fuss about the Ten Commandments and prayer having even a mere presence in public life, we are as a people at large- Christian and non-Christian alike- comfortable with allowing homosexuals to flaunt their perversity and oppose those who say otherwise.

As a reminder, homosexuality is the second sin on the list of sins which cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

Anybody with eyes can see American society and read the Bible can conclude that America is absolutely in love with not just many sins, but the four sins which the Bible says cry out to Heaven for vengeance. We love those four sins so much that we are willing not just to indulge them, but to aggressively fight against and destroy without mercy anybody who would tell us that we are wrong for indulging them. We will not even given them even a mere consideration that ‘they might me right and I might be wrong’- it is complete, vocal opposition meant to choke out even a whisper of what conscience we have left that may try to speak to us as a people.

So returning to Anne Graham Lotz’s speech about “America’s national sins,” I find the speech to be a complete, sick joke that is an exercise in Protestant nationalist narcissism masquerading as “Biblical Christianity.” These “sins,” while they have merit in so far as they are sins, are very minor in comparison to the huge issue that are so ingrained into society now they have come to define our culture. Her speech is akin to arguing with a waiter about the cleanliness of the silverware at her table spot while the restaurant is on fire and her table is almost engulfed in flames. Really, there are bigger sins to worry about.

But the refusal to address these sins is also not a surprise either, for as I mentioned earlier that Luther’s Revolution was about redefining Christianity to justify the cultural tendencies of a people for reasons of concentrating power among the rulers of a society so they can use them against the ruled. If Luther’s idea of “a German god for a German people” held true in his age and that same philosophy persists today, then what Anne Graham Lotz is expressing is “an American god for and American people,” and has been addressed by many popes as the heresy of “Americanism.”

At least the Baptist pastor from the article had the sense to mention abortion.

America is a nation who is love with her sins. I do not say this as a matter of pride but as a matter of grave concern, because while God is very patient and merciful, because God is Love, He is also perfectly just, and if we do not accept His mercy and amend our lives, He will dispense His justice which, just as perfect as His mercy, is perfect and final. I have already discussed how right now the world stands on the edge of a Third World War, and how at the same time that America is spreading her many sins across the globe and in particular the sodomite filth that cause God to rain down fire and brimstone from Heaven upon Sodom and Gomorrah so are there major Catholic prophecies about our times that speak of God causing fire to fall from Heaven that will wipe out a great part of the human race. Again, I do not say this to scare people- I say this because there seems to be a parallel here that is at the very least worth looking into because of the seriousness of the matter.

The three children of Fatima after being shown a terrible vision of hell. Everybody has their sins and problems, but right now it is only a matter of time before something major and terrible happens.

So keep your lanterns full and have an extra flask of oil on hand. The darkness is rolling towards us on the horizon, and if America does not turn from her wickedness quickly, then when the time of mercy ends there will follow a time of justice…

Be a wise virgin. Don’t be a fool.